Are you looking for the best product on the market? If, yes, then youre in the right place in this video, i will share every bit of information with you so that you can pick the best product. According to your need, we have made a lease by investing a healthy amount of time and effort. The link in the description demonstrates the product list with a pretty reasonable value, so lets get started if you didnt subscribe to our channel yet then subscribe now and hit the bell icon for our latest videos: number one: alcatel wp 5 rugged cell phone, the alco wp5 Smartphone has a rugged case. This means that it is waterproof, shockproof and dustproof. The smartphone also has a 5.5 inch display, helio, a 22 processor 3gb of ram and 32gb of internal memory, an 8 000mah battery and a triple camera. The price of apple wp5 is only 99. alcatel. Wp5 is a budget smartphone. So you should not expect anything special from the box and configuration inside the box. You will find a user manual, a smartphone with a factory film on the screen, a 10 w power supply. An otg, cable and a usb type c – cable, yes, otg cable is a useful accessory. You can use it to connect a usb drive, computer keyboard or mouse and any other device. Alcatel wp5 is a rugged smartphone, so it has an appropriate design. As you know, rugged smartphones are rather cumbersome because their cases are covered with rubber to avoid any damage.

The new apital smartphone also has a rubber back panel and side faces. The usb port and micro sd slot have rubber plugs to prevent water. From entering the case, you must close the plugs before immersing your smartphone in water, on the back of the apple wp 5 is a triple camera flash and a fingerprint scanner. If you like this product, please check out the amazon link in the description below number two samsung galaxy x cover pro samsungs line of galaxy handsets hardly needs an introduction. By now even casual smartphone shoppers are familiar with the galaxy brand, which spans top of the line. Flagships, like the galaxy note, 20 and galaxy s20, two much more affordable options like the galaxy and galaxy 5g and of course there is the innovative galaxy z fold 2, but one galaxy handset you may not have heard of before is the galaxy x cover pro. So what exactly is it? The galaxy x cover pro is a bit of a different beast in the galaxy family designed specifically for working environments and job sites, including healthcare settings, manufacturing facilities, retail shops and so forth. Thats to say the galaxy x cover pro is not intended for the typical home consumer, who already has an assortment of galaxy smartphones to choose from at various price points. This also means the galaxy x cover pro brings with it. A different set of features and priorities than your typical smartphone to start with the galaxy x cover pro is not a handset that is going to duke it out with a flagship phone in benchmarks.

That does not mean it is an uninspired phone, nor is it unsightly. In fact, it mostly resembles a regular smartphone in many ways, but with a more rugged exterior. However, even though it is durable, samsung manages to keep the bulk to a minimum. At first glance, you could even mistake: the galaxy x cover pro for a typical galaxy phone housed in a relatively sleek case. If you like this product, please check out the amazon link in the description below number three unihertz titan 6gb, plus 128 gb smartphones with full physical keyboards, are really hard to find these days. Blackberry was one of the last companies to manufacture such smartphones and, unfortunately, the company is out of business at this point that left people who really want physical keyboards, with almost no options in the market well, unihers decided to cater to such consumers. In comes the unihertz titan, this is one of the most interesting smartphones ive used this year. This handset not only comes with a full physical keyboard, but its also rugged, at the same time, on top of that its rather a heft, and all of that is quite an odd combination. I havent used phones with physical keyboards for quite some time now so getting used to it was a challenge im glad to say that the experience with the device was really good in most areas. At least there are some issues, of course, which well talk about in this review.

You may be pleasantly surprised with it, however, especially if you consider the price tag of this handset, that being said, lets get into it. Shall we, if you like this product, please check out the amazon link in the description below number four black ubv 9900 pro blackq is one of the more consistent rugged smartphone vendors on the market and has delivered some of the best mobiles in a vertical that has Become more and more crowded over the years, even samsung, with its x cover range has tested the waters. The manufacturer usually brings two flagship devices to the market every year and now is the time to test the first one of 2020., the bv9900 pro its main selling point is the fleur infrared camera sensor, which was introduced in the bv9 thousand eight hundred pro at a Surprisingly, low price tag at just under five hundred dollars, the bv 9900 pro keeps the price tag, but significantly changes whats inside read on to find out what else changed. The bv9 thousand nine hundred pro goes back to a simpler design, still influenced by what we called the four plus four model: four short corners and four long edges and losing the roundedness of the bv 9800 pro. It feels more compact, more solid and more utilitarian than its predecessor. As with the previous iteration. It adheres to ip68 ip69k and milsdd810g certifications. Blackvue hasnt confirmed whether theyve been actually tested to these ratings or if they carry the relevant specifications, it has a smaller volume, 78.

3 x, 156.5 x 14.2 mm and weighs less than the former black you flagship, 264 gvs 322g, while using the same material metal frame for Sturdiness polycarbonate and tpu for improved grip, as well as giving it a tidier, more professional, finish: Music. If you like this product, please check out the amazon link in the description below number five wulaphone armor 9.. We have followed the rise of oolaphone as one of the most prominent rugged smartphone vendors, alongside black you and doogie over the past four years, while the armor 8 has yet to land, it will be a 5g rugged. Handset rulophone introduced us to its latest rugged smartphone. The armor 9., the unique selling point of the latter, is an endoscope feature that can prove mightily, useful for die years, tradespersons field operators and more oh and theres, also a thermal fleur camera, which is essentially a leptin 2.5 heat sensing. Module. No big surprise when it comes to the design philosophy adopted by armor 9.. This is a classic example of a rugged smartphone, combining plastic, tpu and polycarbonate, and metal with glass. The resulting product is a behemoth. This is a relatively bulky smartphone at 168.2 x, 82 x 15 mm for a weight of 320 g. That is partly due to the extra electronics used for the fleur camera, the endoscope connector, the bigger battery and the extra padding and protection that comes with an ip68 slash, ip69k rated mil sdd810g certified outdoor smartphone, a 3.

5 mm audio connector is hidden behind a flap can Be found on the top edge of armor 9. at the opposite. End is a type c connector again hidden behind a flat on one side of the phone are a rocker volume, a customizable button and a proprietary connector for the endoscope, while the other houses, the power button, the fingerprint sensor and a nano sim, slash micro, sd card Tray, please comment on which product you like the most. Let us know your opinion on the topic for our next video. We are done for today, see you again next week.