Are you looking for the best product on the market? If, yes, then youre in the right place in this video, i will share every bit of information with you so that you can pick the best product. According to your need, we have made a lease by investing a healthy amount of time and effort. The link in the description demonstrates the product list with a pretty reasonable value, so lets get started if you didnt subscribe to our channel yet then subscribe now and hit the bell icon for our latest videos. Number one google pixel 4a unlocked android phone, gives you the flexibility to change carriers and choose your own data plan works with verizon t mobile sprint, t, google, phi and other major carriers capture great photos using your cell phone on the 12 mp dual pixel rear camera. With features like live, hdr plus night sight and portrait mode share photos directly from the viewfinder of your pixel camera to google and popular third party apps, the adaptive battery lasts up to 24 hours, one as it learns your favorite apps and reduces power to the ones You rarely use hdr plus makes your photos look better by automatically adjusting for color and lighting nightsight lets you capture, rich detail and color. Even in the dark portrait mode, helps you take beautiful, portraits with a dslr quality. Look the custom made titan m security chip, helps secure the operating system and protect sensitive data like passwords automatically receive the latest os and security updates on your cell phone for at least three years with googles, personal safety app.

If the mobile phone senses that youve been in a car accident, car crash detection can help reach 911 for you, beautiful, bezel, less design, with a 5.8 inch full hd plus oled display that goes from edge to edge. So you can immerse yourself in your videos and apps with call screen. Google assistant helps you automatically filter out robocalls on your cell phone before it ever rings. If you like this product, please check out the amazon link in the description below number two moto g power. 4 64 gb 2021 unlocked for the freedom to choose your carrier compatible with adnt, sprint t mobile and verizon networks. Sim card, not included. Customers may need to contact sprint for activation on sprints network to use this device on verizon. First provision your sim through verizon wireless log, into your account on verizon wireless devices, activate or switch devices activate for years. Motorolas g series handsets topped our list of the best affordable phones, but its 2021 lineup fell short of expectations, while competing models from samsung and tcl caught up the first entry in the companys 2022 lineup. The moto g power sets motorola back on track. The fast and affordable moto g power easily lasts for two days between charges and sport to display, with a 90 hc refresh rate starting at dollar 199.99. That said, if you can stretch your budget a bit more, the dollar 279.99 samsung galaxy, a 32 5g is a more future proof alternative that offers 5g connectivity and will get more software updates.

The moto g power is a handful at 6.6 by 3.0 by 0.4 inches hwd and 7.2 ounces. It distributes its weight well across its plastic chassis. However, additionally, the phones, textured matte black back feels good in the hand, helps with grip and doesnt, show off fingerprints or scratches a flat 6.5 inch. Lcd offers the same 1600 by 720 resolution 269 ppi as the 2021 moto g power, albeit with a faster 90 hc refresh rate. If you like this product, please check out the amazon link in the description below number three xiaomi poco x3. After using the phone for a year now i got mine on 17 december 2020, im still satisfied with the purchase. So far i havent noticed any significant lags. The phones performance is still very much up to desirable standards. The camera is good, i wont say great, because ive seen better but its okay for everyday life. The picture quality is clear and you can still capture good pictures or videos at events, its not good. If youre trying to show off to someone ill be honest that i thought that the battery timing would decay after a years worth of use, but fortunately for me it hasnt and still gives a good time and charges quickly. If anything, i dont like that. The charging doesnt automatically stop like in newer phones, but other than that i can play games and use the phone heavily and i still have 50 battery by night time.

Many people have complained about a heating issue on the phone, but so far, ive never encountered it even after playing games like kenshin impact or wild rift for hours. Overall, the phones good its not exactly flagship material but is, at the very least, keep up with those phones and delivers a good decent performance for the amount of money it costs over the years ive seen many ambassadors complain about various problems regarding the phone comparing it To flagship pieces, but these are merely the complaints of an uneducated poor class that can afford flagships and even with a decent device in their hands, still keep their eyes fixated on flagship models, comparing everything to something they cant afford. If you like this product, please check out the amazon link in the description below number four samsung galaxy. A 52 5g with the galaxy a52 5g samsung found an appealing balance between price features and making smart compromises. Its the latest goods sub dollar 500 5g phone and joins the nearly half a dozen phones from motorola oneplus and tcl, the galaxy a52, 5g cost dollar 500 or ps ‘9. It isnt sold in australia, but that converts to 0.740 thats at the higher end of whats considered an affordable phone. The 5g also straddles the line between being a good, affordable, 5g phone and a fantastic one. The only other sub dollar 500 phones that do that are the iphone se, which doesnt have 5g and the google pixel 4 a5g, which is now almost a year old.

The a52 5g has a high refresh rate display years of os and security support, a good main camera and good battery life. It is features that the more expensive galaxy, s21 and s21 ultra lack like a headphone jack, expandable storage and the inclusion of a wall charger in the box as with any phone, even a good one. Not everything is roses and sunshine. The in screen, fingerprint reader is so annoying to use that i prefer to enter my pian to unlock the phone. The mediocre macro camera seems like a frivolous add on that is only there to boost the total number of cameras on the phone. More is definitely not better if you like this product, please check out the amazon link in the description below number five xiaomi my10t. The xiaomi my10t series is a great option for those looking to get affordable flagships. Unlike the my9t lineup that consisted of rehashed redmi phones, the my 10t phones are more premium and in line with the my 10 devices, of course, they are a year old now and will soon be followed up by the my 11t series. That said, the my10t lineup still offers a lot to be desired, including reduced prices. There are three my 10t phones up for grabs and all of them bring 5g connectivity and flagship grade hardware, albeit at more affordable prices than xiaomis. My 10 phones and currently raining my 11 flagships. The phones do make some compromises, but also bring some nifty features to the table that you wont find on the my 10 series: phones, heres everything you need to know about the xyomi my10t series, the affordable, high end flagship series from xyomi, which was announced on september 30 2020 consists of the my 10 tea light, the standard my 10 t and the my 10 t pro as expected.

The light model is the most affordable, while the pro model nets the highest configuration amongst the three overall, the trio is designed to offer premium flagship. Specs at prices that dont burn a hole in your pocket. Please comment on which product you like the most. Let us know your opinion on the topic for our next video. We are done for today, see you again next week.