As now, ive been lucky enough to have been using the dji om5 for the last couple of weeks and ive actually really enjoyed it um the reason ive gone down this route is because i want to start taking some more of my content out on the road And instead of having it all shaky like being held in my hands id much rather have something stable and to be able to provide you guys with much better content. Now before i even start this video im gon na say now that i am not a videography expert, i just like literally record the raw video do a bit of editing and add little things in like this before that was a fart and um thats about it. So, im sure there are many many experts out there that can probably give you a more in depth review on it, but im gon na give you my honest review of it. So whether there are things i like or dont like about it ill make it very clear and obvious at the end, but yeah there are some good things in there, some not so great things about it as with all things. But if you do like this video and do want to see more of it, dont forget to like and subscribe to the channel and dont forget to hit the little bell. So you know every time i post a new video. I stream regularly here on youtube, and i also stream over on twitch as well.

So you find me over there, but in the meantime, lets go back to that day where i opened the box and had a look at the dji om5 for the first time, Music and im starting recording now, okay, so heres the box for the dji om5. Its called a smartphone stabilizer, not a gimbal, but i understand that other people call it that um, it looks like you have to download an app to use it properly, which is interesting, shot guides. This will be interesting to find out its foldable and portable. Its got a magnetic design, a three axis stabilization im telling you now im, not a video tech, whiz, already im hoping its going to help stop this happening. Um youve got active track 4.0, not too sure what that means a built in extension rod. So that is what we can see here, i believe on the front of the box, but yeah. It looks alright got some happy people here, although that picture is really unfortunate. It looks like hes got like a a big towel with a unicorn horn sticking out of his head there, but yeah. It also says here that the box contains the dji om5, a storage, pouch, a grip tripod, a wrist strap a power cable. I thought this was battery powered but well find out now a magnetic phone clamp and a manual were definitely going to need that, and, like i said here, looks like were going to be needing to use some apps to make it work properly.

I saw that struggle. I just noticed that theres a little arrow here, if i do that, the box opens up doesnt it nice and perfectly there dont, okay, so were gon na hide the evidence and pretend i didnt just butcher this box. Okay lets pretend ive just taken this tab off here and opened it up, and it would look something similar, probably a lot more tidier than this. So theres, your manual master every shot. Okay, theres the stabilizer that has the instructions with it, looks like a qr code to tell you how to uh download the app to control it theres the device itself, and here we have the magnetic grip that i understand clips onto the stabilizer. This, i believe, is a tripod stand that screws into the bottom of this which well go through in a bit, but i believe it just you know just opens up like that. Thats cool this looks like its going to be the protected pouch, yeah nice size and then weve got the wrist, strap and the charge cable here. Okay, ive actually destroyed this box. So well do a quick sweep and you can see exactly whats in it. Magnetic clip charger, wrist, strap the gimbal itself and the carry case now im a firm believer in reading the manual which you cant really see on this camera, but it says, make every shot count. So, first of all, it tells me to download the dgi mi memo app.

I will video or screen record what i do here were heading into the apple app store now searching for dji mimo dji memo there. We are its one of the first couple that turns up download it and we just wait for it to download. Oh okay, its not memo. Memo is my moment. Mimo, okay, thats, easy pronunciation issue. Well open it up, and we are straight in. You have to agree to the terms of use uh, you agreed to the product improvement program um. I dont think i wanted to allow it to use my location so dont allow. It would like to send me notifications im, not a massive fan of notifications, and it would like to find and connect a device on my local network so ill, allow that, because i believe it uses bluetooth to uh connect to the gimbal, so press ok would like Access to my photos, i will allow access to old photos, um ill, ask the app not to track, and after all of that, we are now at a situation where were actually able to look at the app. So ive got tap to the top left. To add a device? Okay, oh no! This is just a instruction okay device enable bluetooth on your mobile device. My bluetooth is now on so now im going to look back at the instructions, whilst it searches for the device. So this guide actually says i need to set the stabilizer up and attach my phone to it, using the magnetic, like lock for uh, trying to connect to it, which was good so ill, stop searching now across.

So attaching your phone to the to the stabilizer or gimbal, so weve got this little magnetic clip. So it looks like it stretches a little bit, which is good im using an iphone 12. So here we go im just going to stick this over the back and see if it stretches its also got a case on it, which means its slightly wider than normal. As you can see here, ive got the dgi mimo app there, its ready and it seems pretty tight and on there. Then. What i need to do is fully extend the stabilizer, so lets figure this out. Shall we okay yeah? I was just being a bit of a bit of a wimp when it came to opening it, so that clicks well, it doesnt click. It so youll see it its like. It wants to open to that position its like a hinge. So hopefully you saw that without the green screen, trying to cut itself out and then thats that really, i guess um this section here is where the magnet, i believe, sits that whoa that was a powerful magnet and that wasnt me sure enough wow so yeah it Will connect from this distance very grippy, but i need to make sure that it lines up with this thing so yeah on the magnet there theres like a little tab there. That looks like it lines up with this bit here, so we just got ta make sure that lines up.

I imagine done okay, so it now. The phone is now sat on the unit not doing anything at the moment, because its not turned on back to the manual and i dont know how ive managed this, but actually it matters which orientation you have the um, the magnetic gripper bit and the stabilizer part. We need to add a device: okay, so im now going to turn it on so im going to hold the button down, theres some lights on the front that i think will light up. Okay, its powered up oh and its flipped, my phone up, okay and then it says i can connect the omi five, whatever it is on my app, which im guessing is this connect bluetooth, pair and request pair device activation authorize, yeah authorize would like access the camera? Okay, ive got access to my microphone. Okay, Music. I dont want to go for a questionnaire just yet: okay, okay! Now what do i do device? I guess welcome to dji on five. Please make sure your phone is properly installed. The gimbal below are several standard. Tutorials. First, try and move the gimbal back and forth or left and right. So if i do that Music thats cool, oh wow, okay, it also, it has also told me that theres, a new firmware available uh lets just lets just carry on with this sort of stuff. First, so lets tap the record button. Hello theres me recording the video, so i dont really know what this does tap the record button again to stop recording so pressing the button now thats that its making so many cool little like noises.

You have now learned how to okay push the joystick right or up okay, pushing glass, oh the phones, turning okay and then, if i do that, okay, so if i do that and push it to the left and if i double press the trigger it should recenter It oh thats, cool, okay, thats cool four out of seven. This lets try active track, select a subject to track. Okay, select me: okay, youve learned how to track subjects. If i do that, oh it follows me: okay, press the m button to switch to photo mode, which is the button on the side. Great you are now in photo mode. Um m must be mode then, and seven out of seven tap the shutter button to take a photo. Okay, um im quite happy with that. It keeps it nice and stable, really new, firmware available tap to update so im going to tap that, and i can choose to install the firmware, which is here 54. Oh, its just turned off how strange so what well do now is well have a look at this tripod mount that comes with it, so that looks like it screws in here. This tiny, like thread and im, getting this just folds out like that. Personally, i think that looks quite nice im sure itd be good for panoramics and time lapses, which is cool. In addition, it also has this funk. Oh, we had a little bing, which is telling me that the update was a success.

Awesome phone not mounted so its telling me that the phone is not mounted, which is quite cool. So if i go on here it should pick up that the phone is mounted now. Uh, double click. Oh there we go so ebola account. So i can go from manual to portrait by tapping the switch button twice so whoa thats cool and then thats portrait again thats funky um. One of the benefits of this is where i understand is that somewhere were able to extend this jesus. Ive got a big old selfie. Stick there im, sorry that the green screens cutting out but yeah. If i get my tape measure dont ask why ive got a tape measure. It actually allows you to extend it 21 centimeters or about eight and a half inches from its original position. Obviously, if you wanted to hold it further down again, youve got this like extra bit on the bottom here, where the tripod lives. Okay, so im going to put this back down, i dont know whether or not i should be doing this off or not. Um ive got this, but this little thing on the side here: im gon na press and see what it does. Oh, its a zoom. Oh wow, so you can control the zoom um yeah, with this little switch on the side. Im gon na put the wrist strap on now, which is used by putting it through these little holes here. What i do like as well is that you can fold this down and youre ready to go like.

Even if you didnt have the carry bag, it would fit in most bags okay and were now going to talk about charging it. It comes with a charge: cable um looks like a usb c type and it plugs into the this port here on the side. Okay, so its now on charge and as you can probably see, theres some little lights. Lighting up on the front here, im not 100 sure what these lights mean is its not in the instruction manual but im pretty sure in the app it does show you the battery percentage of the stabilizer stroke, gimbal. Okay, so now ive been using the dji om5 for a couple of like videos and test shoots with my son or my wife and weve been out doing some family things and to be fair, it has been a good product. But yes, im going to go through the great and the not so great of this product. So the advantages are that theres, not many things that youre going to need once youve got out of the box, except for maybe a power plug, because all you get is a usb c to usb a cable um. So yeah, if you dont, have one of those you aint going to be able to charge up unless you plug it into your pc or something like that, your laptop but yeah. It comes with things like a tripod mount that you can stick on the bottom.

So youre able to hold hold it and be able to place it down to do like panoramics and time lapses, which is great instead of having to stand there like that or holding it for ages and like your arm falling off, which is great. Well, not your arm falling off, obviously but um yeah, so theres that the magnet is really strong on it. So i didnt feel like at any time my phone was gon na just fall off and smash on the floor, because that would just be absolutely devastating. So thats great another advantage is the selfie like stick or extender arm. If you dont want to use it for selfies um, that is really cool, you can get eight and a half inches worth of extension on it. Yes, you heard me right: you can get an extra eight and a half inches with this. Oh, yes, um! It even has like idiot guide on how to like plug it in so, as you can see in the video theres like a little dot that has to line up with a dot on the gimbal, which is really cool, all of the gimbal and its relevant accessories. All fit in thats bag you get and even if you didnt have the bag itd be quite easy to pack down and put away in a bag somewhere. So once youve signed in and got the app up and running, there are some quick guides on how to use it, which i find really useful.

As you can see in this video. So it tells you how to like, stabilize it and turn it and do active tracking as well. So you can follow your subjects with it, which is awesome in addition to that, they do have a feature where it actually helps. You build your own videos. I havent used that yet because i i sort of make my videos myself, i dont try and use templates but im sure that could be great for newer content creators out there, who just need like a bit of inspiration to take different shots from different angles. You know, and that could be really useful for you guys, but yeah theres, not much more. I can say about it, really it bleeps. It tells you when its happy with things. It tells you when things arent right um. It gives you those little notifications, while youre using the app saying things like i dont know your phones not attached to it, for instance its like no phone detected, which is awesome again so theyre, not so great about this product. The first one, i would have to say, is probably going to be the selfie mode. Now, if you use the selfie extender, and you want to use it as a selfie stick, the only real way you can use this properly. I found is that you have to use the actual selfie camera on your phone, which sort of defeats the point of having a really sexy phone unless your camera on your selfie part of your phone or the front facing camera on your phone, is, is of decent Quality, the other one is, it is kind of plasticky.

It is mostly made of plastic, so you dont get that sort of like metal like durability like confidence in it, but i, like i said, im not planning on throwing this thing around. This is going to be quite well looked after and not going to be out on rugged terrain or anything im sure there are more expensive ones that you can get. That would stand up a bit more punishment, but ideally this is a piece of camera equipment, not a sports piece of equipment that youre going to be beating the living daylights out of but yeah the dji om5. Gimbal is a great product for those of us that are just starting out in our sort of video stabilization story. It gives you ideas for new shots to try and take so i might try it because ive never used a gimbal before until now. So it might give me new ideas of how to get new angles and new perspectives on things. So you might see that in some more videos coming up, the tripod is great. The accessories it comes with leaves you not really wanting for much else. Apart from a plug and uh yeah, i would suggest if you are interested, that is definitely a product worth looking at now. If you did like this video – and you want to see more – like it, dont forget to like and subscribe to, the channel and dont forget to hit the little bell.

So you know every time i post a new video. I also stream regularly here on youtube and on twitch, so find me on both of those and if you have any questions about the product, maybe ill be able to give you an answer. Maybe i wont remember, like i said at the start of the video: there are people with much more experience in this sort of camera field than myself. So please feel free to check out those videos but jump in the chat. Ask me any questions or even just hang out and tell me how to open boxes, because i definitely did not figure that out until it was too late for this, but yeah in the meantime, youll take care and ill see.