The other day, apparently 87 of us teens, have an iphone. They surveyed exactly 10 000 teens in 44 u.s states with an average income of 68 000. Now 10 000 isnt. Like a massive number, so you can take that 87. However, you want, but to me that still shows how strong the apple brand is amongst the next generation ive been using the iphone 13 pro on and off, since it came out so thats like what three to four months ago. During that time, ive also tested both of samsungs latest foldable phones and the new pixels from google. Just keep it real im more of an android kind of girl, but i cant deny just how solid the iphone is and completely understand why so many people love it its such a well built phone and you notice it the moment you pick it up. It might not be as exciting as a foldable from samsung or as unique as the pixel 6 pro, but i really love how this phone looks its very similar to last years model and thats. Okay, because this throwback flat edge design, is one of my favorites of all time. It looks premium almost like a piece of jewelry but isnt over the top as weve come to expect from apple. Is it perfect? No, of course not theres little things? I dont love about it, but it lives in a case, so not a big deal on the front. They shrunk, the notch ever so slightly.

The notch is a little intrusive, but it stands out and is essentially part of the iphones identity. At this point, when you see that forehead, you know its an iphone one of the biggest reasons to go for the pro models is the addition of pro motion, which is apples, fancy way of saying that it has a variable refresh rate of up to 120 hertz. Basically, it leads to smoother scrolling when youre, interacting with a phone and better battery savings when youre not once you get used to a phone with a higher refresh rate, going back to a 60hz phone can be a little tough on the eyes. So i always tell people its a nice feature to have, but its not life changing or anything. Overall. This is a really good display, thats plenty bright with super accurate, colors yeah. I just love how apple calibrates their screens. The speakers are also great. I actually mentioned this in a previous video, but between these three phones, the iphone 13 pro just i mean theyre, all really close, but the iphone speakers have amazing clarity and just sound more full when it comes to biometrics. Face id is my second favorite option behind the side mounted fingerprint scanner that samsung is using on their foldables now were in the middle of a pandemic right now, so anyone using a newer iphone understands just how inconvenient it is to not have a second biometric option. Apple, come on hook us up with a fingerprint scanner.

I will admit im not using my phone as much as i used to you, know your girls trying to cut back for that mental health, while everyones out here bragging about being on their phones for, like eight to ten hours a day im trying to limit myself To like four hours or less, this is easily a full day battery. But if you dont use it that much, you can probably stretch it to a second day coming from other android flagship phones where the iphone stands out is how little the battery drains, when not in use this phone drains like one to two percent overnight compared to The six to eight percent, i lose on my z, full three or three to four percent nightly on the pixel 6 pro Music im not going to dwell on the cameras too long, because lets be real its hard to find a flagship that isnt taking nice pictures. Nowadays, the 13 pro takes amazing pictures and i think most will be more than happy with the camera upgrades this year. With that being said, personally, i dont like what the iphone does with my skin tone when taking pictures indoors. It just looks really weird to me: ive also always found iphone pics to be a little too warm for my taste. So i really appreciate that theyve added this new photographic styles feature it lets you select from different presets that will automatically apply to any pictures. You take the cool setting, helps to counterbalance that.

Overly warm look now apple focused a lot on the cinematic video mode which simulates natural bokeh from professional cameras. I think its a lot of fun, but honestly i dont really use it. Marketing for every phone needs a wow feature, and i guess this is it now that weve got my general thoughts of the phone itself. Out of the way i wanted to talk about my experience from an android perspective, if you like, all your products working together in a seamless ecosystem yeah, i dont think anyone does it better than apple from macbook ipad, iphone to apple watch and airpods. That product ecosystem makes it so appealing to go all in on apple products. A common question i get is: how do i switch between phones all the time, isnt it annoying truthfully? It is if i wasnt reviewing phones. I would probably only upgrade every two to three years: the trick to making the process less painful is to not use an app or service that is only available on a certain device or platform. Once you do that, youre pretty much sucked into the ecosystem and lets be real once people get used to something they tend to stick with it. For example, i dont use the built in password manager on any phone. I use bit warden, which is available on every platform, so when i switch between ios or android, i can still access all my passwords. The counter arguments is that im not using the device to its full potential, which is true but im.

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I dont really get it its, not really a draw for me, my family or friends. If someone doesnt want to chat with me because im not on imessage, then okay, i dont really want to talk to someone like that. Anyways. Whenever i switch to iphones theres, always a few things that i miss from android phones lets talk about a few of them, the lack of a universal back gesture on android. You can go back to the previous screen from anywhere with the edge swipe on ios theres. A swipe from the left side that sort of does the same thing, but it doesnt work 100 of the time you still need to hit a back arrow or x button occasionally, which throws me off siri. Instead of having quick access to google assistant, i actually think siri isnt half that bad, but you know shes no, google assistant, especially when you consider all the extra cool stuff you can do on pixel phones, like call screening, have you tried it its freaking amazing on Ios accessing settings for individual apps is done through the settings app instead of inside the actual app, for example. If you want to change a camera setting, you need to open the settings app then scroll down to camera its just really tedious and way more convenient on android. The app library just boggles my mind, its just not as helpful as the fully customizable app drawers on galaxies. You cant do folders on pixels, but at least its organized by alphabetical order like why cant we organize, where apps go and create our own folders.

Instead of having these pre made categories, but i get it thats, just how apple rolls lack of a usbc port means, i need to place an extra lightning cable at all. My charging stations around the house, heck even the ipad pro, is usbc now so id love to see the iphone make that switch too. So, in general, smartphones, like this dont change all that much every year i mean once they get rid of this notch. What else can they do to it if youre looking for something more exciting, i think there are definitely some other interesting options out there, but if youre in the apple ecosystem and reliability is what youre after you cant go wrong here on its own, the iphone itself, Isnt all that exciting, but we all know apple, is at its best when you go all in on their products. This really does know the basics of a smartphone, though its fast easy to use will get updates for five to six years, has great cameras and really good battery life, its fairly expensive and not a huge upgrade over last year.