A camera review of the moto g200 and uh im really impressed with it. You know its a really good camera from what ive seen so far. Um ive took a lot of pictures in my garden and also on a little trip out to liverpool uh. So basically, ive took my normal shots. You can compare to my other videos. Um most relevant so far is probably the moto edge 20 pro, because this is similar sort of device in that its got a premium uh snapdragon 888, but its you know 150 100, pound cheaper, so yeah. I think this stacks up really well uh. So youve got 108 megapixel main camera that can do up to 8k. The 8k is not stabilized um and i think 8k is just a bit of a a novelty really um. I dont think you know many people are going to use it, they may do but um i havent got an 8k display. Obviously, 4k 60, though, is really good. Uh youll see in the video that it stabilized well, uh youd be the judge of that. But you know really good so, like i say its got, that main 108 megapixel lens its a wide angle lens and an 8 megapixel ultra wide and a 2 megapixel depth sensor. I read a review where it said the uh wide angle. The 8 megapixel is its gone down from the g100 that had a 16 megapixel, but its still really good quality from what i saw its a nice trade off having that 108 megapixel um main lens.

So you know its not a big issue to me: uh the other thing, the selfie camera that can do 1080p. 30. So because its got an 8a8 on board, it would have been nice if it could have had you know, 4k or at least 1080p 60 on the front um. I think this phone definitely capable of 4k 30 on the front, though, with the chipset, its got and its a 16 megapixel front facing camera, all right guys, so lets get into the camera review and um. Let me know what you think in the comments but, like i said, i think its its really good Music Music Music. So this is a 4k60 test on the moto g200. So, looking at the preview, it looks nice and steady. This lens so well see what happens in post, but yeah, i think, were onto a winner here: okay – and this is a full hd 60 test on the moto g200 again like the 4k, 30 or 4k60, really nice and smooth so yeah, um id say so far. Video wise, its better than the edge phones but well have to see in post. This is a vlogging test on the moto g200. I think its just 1080p. It doesnt give you an option to change the quality, so it would have been nice if it was 4k for at least on the main lens. Oh sorry, on the selfie lens, but well see what the file is in post.

But yes, but this is 1080p Music. Music, please Music, so Music, okay, so yeah thanks for watching, i hope um that helps answer some questions. If youre looking at this phone from a camera perspective um for the money, i think its really good um. I think its not far off my node two um, not quite as good, but its definitely an improvement on that moto edge 20 pro that i tested recently and i think the reason for that its got better autofocus. So i dont know if that was maybe just the edge 20 pro i tested, but i just found it really stuck it really struggled for focusing um it was. It was constantly hunting but yeah. This seems great. So, as always guys, let me know what you think in the comments: um ive got this phone for probably two weeks or so and im going to bring the full review to you. And you know, if you want me to compare this against my node 2 or anything else, but as i say, if you want to compare yourself, ive got my previous videos and ill put some in the the links for you to have a look at um. The same pictures in my garden so hopefully ill give you a good point of reference to judge it all right guys. So, thanks for watching today and ill see you in the next one.