The poco m4 pro 5g goes for 2′ or 136 000 naira, which is a fair price for the specs of this smartphone wait a minute is that the poco x ray pro being sold for 229 or 100 000 naira. How is that even possible? Okay, before we get distracted, lets go to the build quality of the smartphone. Now the rear end frame of the poco m4 pro 5g are made from plastic and it looks pretty in this matte grey color, but it scratches easily. I managed to keep mine really clean because i used the tpu case that comes with it in the box now moving to the display its protected with corning gorilla glass, 3, so its a bit resistant to drops and scratches to a degree as for water resistance, the Poco m4, pro 5g is an ip53 splash and dust resistant smartphone, and for my test it can handle a bit of water pouring on it. Now, for the external features, the poco m4 pro comes with a hybrid sim and memory card tray why its called hybrid is because you can either put two sim cards or one sim card memory card in the sim tray, its also a dual 5g smartphone, and for The 5g speed well, we dont have 5ga in nigeria, so i dont know what to say. The microphone on this smartphone is good. It has two of them. The ir blaster is present as well, and i find myself using it quite often on the right side is where the volume keys and power slash.

Fingerprint scanner are located. The fingerprint scanner on this smartphone is fast accurate and i havent had issues with it. Now. One area where im going to score the poco m4 pro 5g low is, with the so called dual stereo speakers. The bottom firing speaker is the main speaker and its loud, but the speaker on the year. Grille is not a good one. You can hardly hear it now moving to the display the poco m4 pro 5g has a 6.6 inch ips lcd panel with a resolution of 1080 by 2400 pixels. It has a refresh rate of 90 hertz and a touch sampling rate of 240 hertz, which makes it a very fast and responsive display for brightness. It got a reading of 320 nits from my test and using it outdoors is okay. Now, even though this smartphone has an ips lcd display, the colors kind of pop consuming media on this device is enjoyable and now for performance. The poco m4 pro comes with the mediatek dimension: 810 processor, its a six nanometer processor for the gpu. It comes with the mali g57 gpu and for me, the performance has been great so far. No complaints here, multitasking, has also be good on this smartphone. Switching between apps is fluid thanks to the six gigabytes of ram that this smartphone comes with a party trick that the poco m4 pro has is you can expand the six gigabyte ram to make it eight gigabyte of ram using memory fusion and its no gimmick it? Actually makes the phone fast now for gaming, the poco m4 pro 5g played pubg on hd, graphics and high frame rates.

The gameplay was smooth, no complaints here, switching over to call of duty mobile. Its also played this game very well. Everything was smooth and i played the game at medium, graphics and high frame rate, which is standard for most budget smartphones. For the software update its running android 11. With the latest mid ui skin 12.5.3. Will it get the android 12 update? Well, it should poco loves our fans, but it might take a while now moving to the camera department, the poco m4 pro 5g comes with a 16 megapixel front facing camera and it takes decent pictures for portrait. Shots pictures look good, video, isnt bad either, but its not one of his strong suits overall, the front facing camera is good now moving to the rear camera, the poco m4 pro 5g has a 48 megapixel main camera and an 8 megapixel ultrawide camera. The main camera isnt bad as well quarter, shots look good. The 8 megapixel ultra wide camera is average and videos look alright from the main camera for the battery department. I usually find myself charging this smartphone around 4 pm and thats, because im a heavy user – and i also live in a 4g area, but if youre in a 5g location, obviously the battery will zap faster. The charging time of this smartphone has been fast and one hour of charging will give you around five to six hours screen on time. So what do i think about the poco m4 pro well, its a decent smartphone? I would recommend it.

It checks all the boxes for your budget smartphone, but if you can find the poco xj pro for cheap thats, the smartphone to go for so thats, been it for my long term. Review of the poco m4 pro 5g, its a decent smartphone, and i would highly recommend it. Thank you for watching hit the like button, and i will see you guys soon.