The super slim box packs the phone itself, of course right. On top, i got mine in the navy blue color, which looks really nice theres white, black purple and olive green options to choose from. As well, and the only other thing you get here is a small packet with the sim injector tool fastened to the outside and inside the packet youll find a usb c cable and instruction manual thats. It no wall plug no earbuds, no other accessories included, and this follows suit, with samsungs minimal packaging that theyve offered now on all their recent high end phones. So with all that stuff out of the way here is the new s21 fe once again and at first glance, i think this phone does look a lot like the flagship s21, but size wise. It actually falls in between the standard s21 and the s21 plus its a 6.4 inch device. Thats the screen size and this time around the display is framed by really minimal bezels. All around you get an 85 screen to body ratio, center, hole, punch, camera cut out and an overall look thats pretty much all screen from top to bottom. In the hand, the phone is actually pretty comfortable, its not small by any means, but compared to the 6.5 and 6.7 inch smartphones, you usually might see. The s21 fe is relatively comfortable. One thing that immediately stands out to me with this new s21 fe is actually the build.

This is a very light phone, its 13 grams or nearly half an ounce lighter than the s20 fe and thats thanks in part to its once again, mostly plastic, build and somewhat slimmer profile. The back is that matte finish its the same as the flagship s21. The a52 a72 s20 fe pretty much what we expect from samsung. Now i guess the sides and frame are all metal, a brushed color matching aluminum with a semi flat design. The phone is ip68 water and dust resistant, though, which is good. It also offers 15 watt wireless charging and reverse wireless charging too. So no compromises with those physical trades, at least taking a look around at everything else. The left side has what appears to be an antenna area there. The right houses, your usual volume and power buttons down below this unlocked version of the phone offers dual sim support. The tray can hold one sim card on each side, but no sd card support for expandable storage here, unfortunately, also at the bottom. Of course is the usb c port for charging and the downward firing speaker. This phone does have dual stereo speakers with that secondary one in the earpiece at the top and around back a triple lens camera setup which ill go over in just a bit. Speaking of the speakers, though, the out loud listening, experience on this device sounds pretty good right out of the box. I dont know that there were any improvements or changes over the s20 fe or flagship s21, but you get a good loud crisp sound from the dual speaker: setup, Music, Music, underneath the display the s21 fe does offer a fingerprint sensor which is great to have.

However, it is not the ultrasonic sensor from the flagship s21, but its still fast and accurate enough for sure. In addition to that, theres face unlock as well, and this is quite quick in getting you into the phone now one of the standout features of the s21 fe, i think, is the viewing experience, and this is something that samsung did not compromise at all the nicely Sized 6.4 inch screen is a dynamic amoled panel with hdr 10 plus support its nearly the same setup as the flagship s21 with a 2400 by 1080 resolution and 20 by nine aspect. Ratio packing in some 411 pixels per inch, its covered in corning gorilla, glass victus. As well and aside from a slightly lower max brightness, i believe this is essentially the top of the line display from the flagship s21, its bold, its bright, its sharp theres, no dimming with off axis viewing at all and no matter what it is. Youre watching. Your content is going to look great. I tend to keep things set to samsungs default vivid, color profile, thats, what i like best and with the punchy, colors and deep blacks. This is a screen that really gives you more than you bargained for. On top of looking great, it is also a 120 hertz high refresh rate panel, so its of course going to be super smooth, ultra responsive and give you a fast and fluid feel as you navigate through the phone.

The display was one of the top selling points on the s20 fe and once again, its a standout feature for this s21 fe when it comes to the specs and their performance. This is another area where the s21 fe offers a ton of value powering. This phone is the snapdragon 888 5g chipset, which, for all intents and purposes, is the top of the line flagship processor. In addition, you get six gigs of ram, which is less than the eight gigs on the flagship s21, but still plenty enough to handle everything you throw at it. It of course, ships with android 12 samsungs, one ui 4.0 update and the november 1st security patch, and obviously this phone is going to be about as fast and as powerful as any upper tier or flagship smartphone. You could buy right now its going to be able to handle every game every app every task you want it to do with ease and, like i said, you are literally getting flagship components without paying the flagship price thats. Basically the point of the s21 fe anyway. Also inside is a fairly large 4 500 milliamp battery its the same size as the s20 fe slightly larger than the flagship s21 and all together. I expect this phone to be an all day device and then some thats how my s20 fe was anyway. I got really solid battery life out of it, so i do have high expectations for the s21 fe.

You get 25 watt fast charge support via the usb port 50 juice. In about 30 minutes, wireless charging, like i said, really no compromises at all with the battery and charging features here. Finally, lets talk cameras now, interestingly enough samsung actually went with seemingly a better spec selfie camera on this new s21 fe compared to the flagship s21. Its a 32 megapixel shooter now and while megapixels i realize arent everything. I actually think this phone snaps, some pretty decent selfies, which ill show you in just a second around back the triple lens rear setup, consists of a 12 megapixel main lens 8 megapixel telephoto and 12 megapixel ultrawide, and if youre wondering whats missing versus the flagship s21. Its mainly that telephoto lens capability, the flagship had a 64 megapixel telephoto shooter, still youll get three times: optical zoom and 30 times digital zoom and when it comes to the rest of the camera modes and features theres pretty much. Nothing missing. Portrait video pro controls super slow mo dual camera recording its all there. The fe does max out at 4k 60 for video, so no crazy, 8k recording like on the flagship phones. But honestly, this is still a flagship, caliber camera setup in mostly every way and the end results certainly show me that as well just snapping a few quick sample picks out of the box. I think this phone does produce some great shots. The selfies look really solid. Theres, nice skin tones great detail, everything looks really well balanced and consistent.

The rear main lens of course, looks great too. I dont think that these results are any worse than the flagship s21 at all, and in fact i look forward to doing a more in depth. Comparison because im sure theyll look basically the same all in all once again, not a whole lot. Thats gotten taken away here on the s20 fe and, in fact, id argue that the camera setup is yet another big selling point for this phone.