So samsung won the galaxy s 22 series from the launch pad so next month february, 8th on the galaxy s 22 series launch event. So in the galaxy s22 series like galaxy s22, s22 plus and s22 ultra number moon smartphones from the launchpad plus additional galaxy tab s8. So in the small in the tablet on the launchpad quality and camera configuration and process new. So in the smartphone designers. For things, 8.9 mm thickness low on the contour longer and 228 grams of overall weight and in inaudible different color variants along the launch phonograph and next in the smartphone front level. Six point eight inch super amoled panel display over there, so in the water, on the display on those code display plus up to 90 percentage screen to body ratio on their account and in the display on the qhd plus display 3200 in 240 pixel resolution and a Maximum up to thousand five hundred nits of brightness from the contour angle, plus in the display, along alone 120 hertz of screen, refresher, okay plus in the refresh rate on the path, adaptive type, refresh rate on the content on the numbers. One heart cylinder, 120 hertz and in the galaxy s22 ultra love. One of the highlights so not serious. So last time on the experience experience on the recon sotranga so that the latency on the patina 2.8 milliseconds down there so either on the note 20. Ultra order comparable so almost three x on the better performance, so no twenty ultra level, nine and storage puerto rico, 128, 256 to 512 and up to 1 tb storage billion variant, when the launch panel is chances from there and in the galaxy s22 ultra 1 ui 4.

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