Yes, thats freaking, amazing more on that later, a notch wait what a notch in 2022 well crazy. What were leaving more on that later, you also get a 108 megapixel camera and much more so yeah click on that like button and subscribe and yeah lets get started. The vivo v23 pro is a glass sandwich and if you know anything about vivo, you know that devices have nice design and amazing, build quality, and this device doesnt disappoint. Either this device comes in colors, namely sunshine, gold and stardust black, the sunshine gold color, which is definitely my favorite color and id like to know yours as well. In the comment section below as this feature in which, when it is exposed to ultraviolet light, it changes from a golden color to a greenish color, which i find to be really cool. And on the note of pool, i made a really cool video on this car that changes color as well link to the video in the icard above the vivo v23. Pro rocks is 6.5 inch, 1080p amoled display capable of 90 hertz refresh rate. It supports hdr, 10 plus and according to vivo, it also supports 1300 minutes of brightness, which means outdoor usage will be splendid. It is protected by squat sensation. Glass. You probably havent heard this type of glass before so yeah. Basically squat sensation. Glass is the german version of corning and this device um rocks discord, sensation glass alpha, which is a variance of the glass itself which is on par with the horning gorilla glass vectors.

We all know and love. We get android 12 on this device running their custom. Skin called phone touch os, and i really really like it its one of the closest skin to stock android. You can get nowadays if you dont go for a pixel device running the operations of this device is the mediatek dynamicity 1200 chipsets, coupled with 8 or 12 gigabytes of ram and 128 or 256 gigs of storage, and since this is a vivo device, there should be An option where you can add more ram that is virtual ram to this device, although not as effective as the main ram. It will still do you good, but i dont think you will need any extra ram says i think 8 or 12 gigabytes of ram is okay for most people, but theres the option. If you really want to use it. As for cameras, we get a triple camera setup, consisting of a 108 megapixel main, an 8 megapixel ultra wide and a 2 megapixel micro camera capable of shooting videos at 4k 30 frames per. Second. As for the selfie camera setup get a dual camera setup, consisting of a 50 megapixel main camera and an 8 megapixel ultra wide camera. Now this device is a selfie camera centric device, so it is primarily for people who use their selfie cameras a lot, especially for the ladies and yeah. Those who take instagram photos using their self camera a lot. It has features for that.

It records videos of the selfie camera up to 4k that frames per second, which is just crazy for a selfie camera, and you get styles filters on this device and the camera quality is quite decent as well and as for the rear camera at the top, i Would have loved to see a 12 megapixel ultra wide and a telephoto camera instead of the micro camera, but maybe in the next device. They would do that this device is powered by a 4 300 milliamp hour battery, which is quite small in 202 standards. I would have wanted to see a 5 000 milliamp hour battery or even more if they are capable of that, but yeah. If this device dies on you, you can charge it up using the 44 watts charger included in the box, but im sure this device will be able to get you through the day and, yes, the price, because im sure you might think this price of this device Would be expensive well its not that expensive, but yeah, probably excessive for some, it costs 550 dollars, which is yeah mostly on the high side and for the future. I think its here i mean color change, intake 100, megapixel, camera 50, megapixel selfie, camera nice display. I think this is a fair price for this device go ahead. Let me know your thoughts on this device in the comment section below.