It is andrew here and after debuting at ces 2022 im here with the belkin wemo smart video doorbell. This is a home kit, exclusive doorbell and it supports apples. Homekit, secure video, which means all of its recordings, are stored inside of icloud, will require no additional subscription service for you to enjoy all of its features. Lets go ahead and dive into this thing, starting with design move to setup, then go ahead and check out how it actually performs. Belkins smart video, doorbell doesnt. Look all that dissimilar from a lot of the doorbells on the market, theres. Only so many things you can do with a large button, a speaker and a camera and belkins looks pretty similar to a lot of the other ones that weve already tested. What you have is a large 178 degree field of view, camera near the top. Well, show you some day and night sample footage coming up, so you can see how wide that footage is. Then we have a microphone towards the middle there right below the camera bump. Then we have the ir sensors in the middle, so thats going to be used for motion detection as well as infrared assisted night vision. Then we have a button at the bottom. It lights up, so you can see the doorbell button at night and on the bottom of the guy there is a little speaker port. So there is two way communication. So when somebody rings your doorbell, you can converse with them, letting them know uh if youre home busy come in leave a package whatever it may be.

One thing that i heard after covering it at ces was how thick and large the belkin wemo smart video doorbell seemed to be so here i have a couple competitors. This is the netatmo smart, video doorbell right here. This is the arlo one. Ive been using the arlo one for quite a while now a little dusty, and you can see theres not really a huge difference in size between all of these doorbells. The wemo one is pretty much as thick as the other ones tend to be, maybe a little bit thicker right at the top, where the camera lens is but thats it its actually shorter than the natal one and even a little bit shorter than the arlo one. This is not a really big doorbell. What i think happened that a lot of people thought the doorbell looked so thick was that belkin was posting a lot of images on its angled base plate. Most video doorbells come with an angled base plate that you can install to make sure its pointing directly in front of your door where someone may be approaching, and when you put that on it looks a whole lot. Thicker look at how thick this guy looks. You know compared to just that it definitely adds a lot of girth to this camera. So if you stick with the plain face plate its not going to be so thick but anytime, you use an angle to wedge below your video doorbell camera.

It is going to add that extra thickness lets talk. Installation personally, i did not use the chime kit installed, though its recommended, and you should follow the instructions provided in the box, its very easy to do and should only take you a few moments. I just installed the doorbell on the outside of my house and theres, really two wires that you have to connect. They connect to the all metal mounting plate, which is secured deeply into the side of your house once that is securely in place and the wires are connected. The smart video doorbell simply latches over top of it and then use a torx security screw to affix your doorbell in place. Theres a couple nice things here about this installation. The screws provided are quite long, which makes it harder to pull that doorbell off of your house, especially with a metal mounting plate on the back. Then we have that security screw some dont use a security screw and can just be pulled off. Others use a phillips head which some people may happen to have in their car, but by using a security screw. That requires like a star screwdriver to actually remove and install makes it a lot less likely that some burglar is going to come up onto your house and try to take your doorbell at least before you can yell through the doorbell or run to your door. And yes, wemo does include a wemo green colored security screwdriver to install that screw once youve gone ahead and installed your belkin wemo smart video doorbell.

It is time to go through the home kit part. Now we already talked about the home kit pairing code, but basically you just add it into the home app and its going to walk you through several steps of onboarding, your smart video doorbell. Those steps are going to include giving your doorbell a name choosing when this camera will stream, as well as when it records you can choose between when youre home versus when youre away, then youre going to choose who can view those streams and recordings. In this case, i want my wife to be able to view all streams and recordings, but you can limit this. If you need to then well turn on or off, facial recognition, itll actually use the faces, recognized in your photos, app to determine who is at your door, which i think is extremely smart. But you can turn that off. If you dont want to use it and then itll offer who should recognize those familiar faces only me or everybody in the house, following that, you have your chime options. You can chime any available home pod in your home. So when someone presses your doorbell, your homepod will ring, or you can let this ring, the actual chime thats provided in your house or you can turn either of those off homekit will then offer up some helpful suggestions for wemo automations. In my case, how about when motion is detected turn on the living room lights? Now, if i had this on my porch room and i had porch lights, i could do the same and which is what i actually do.

So when someone approaches my porch and the wemo video doorbell detects motion, i turn on the porch lights. That way, i can better see whos at the door. Finally, the doorbell has been added to your home, so how well does the belkin wemo smart video doorbell, actually work as an apple user? I appreciate what belkin has done here. Theyve designed this doorbell exclusively for apple users and the closest competition in the apple space has to be the logitech circle view video doorbell, and there are a few key differences between these two. But there is a lot to love with home kit and i dont want to touch the on them all in this video, because its a lot of features but just hitting the highlights some of the things that i love most are the fact that it works easily. With all of your apple devices, you can hear chimes on your home pods. You can get activity and motion alerts on your apple tv and it can tie into your photos to let you know whos at your door before they even press the button. On top of that, homekit stores, all of your videos within the home app and you dont – need any additional subscription outside of your icloud subscription. Other benefits include activity zones where you can cut down on errant notifications by only getting motion alerts for a specific area of video, its incredibly secure and private and encrypted all in your local networks, and you have the benefits of filtering out.

Your notifications only get notified. If theres animals vehicles, people packages or any subset of those apple has done a great job of adding new features to homekit and im excited to see what other ones that may be coming down. The line beyond that theres a lot to love that belkin did specifically belkin is one of the first, if not the first third party accessory maker for homekit. That will allow firmware updates to be manually installed through the home, app theres, no belkin wemo app necessary and in fact there is a wemo app, and this will specifically not work with. It. Itll only work within the home app, and i love that and that 170 degree field of view is pretty awesome. Take a look at this sample footage. Its just great. You can see a ton here, theres everything on my porch from the entirety of the doormat, where a package would be set all the way to the ceiling and ive had times where people have put packages on my doorstep, and i couldnt see them because of the Doorbell camera i had installed, and i had no idea a package was sitting on my porch belkan has solved this problem with a really expansive field of view. Belkin also has infrared night vision. This differs from logitech, which is using color night vision in a little light. Bar thatll help illuminate whats on screen, and i think each of these has their benefits at night.

I do think the logitech looks better if something is up close because you have full color night vision, but if anything is at all further away, you cant really see it if its, not in that light, the infrared night vision does a better job, and i can See almost a lot of my driveway there and i think it does a better job of detecting motions up at night because its just a better field of view. So it really is going to depend maybe on your installation where it is and which one makes sense for you, if you prefer the color night vision, theres a little bit closer or that wider field of view and that infrared night vision. You can see what night vision looks like here on the wemo and its good, its reliable, its nice, its going to detect motion, but i think whats best to do is when you do detect motion using that sensor is turning on those porch lights. That way, you get a clear shot in full color of whats going on. There are only a couple negatives that ive got on the belkin wemo smart, video doorbell first is hdr. Hdr is only okay. You cant really see a ton of details when youre farther apart and its very backlit. For me, especially, i have a covered porch, which means its darker and outside of that its lighter. So you have those high dynamic range scenarios where its dark and very light at the same time, depending on your porch.

This may not matter its going to very much depend on your installation, but for me i lose some of the detail and contrast farther away where its just blown out, and i do see more detail looking at things like the arlo one that ive been using before This and even with the logitech circle view so its going to depend on your installation, but i think its important to note that the hdr there is lacking just a bit. The other downside here is price at 250 dollars, its 50 dollars more expensive than the logitech circleview smart, video doorbell, and for a lot of people that can be important. I think the wider field of view is worth the additional money for the belkin version, but it is more expensive than other options out there, especially if you went for something like the arlo that is only 200 and works with home kit, but not home. Get secure. Video, so it could end up costing you more if youre paying for that arlo subscription either way. I very much like the belkin wemo smart video doorbell. This is the widest field of view that ive tried it has exclusive homekit support and the most home kit features of any other doorbell out there. If you are looking for possibly the best smart video doorbell for apple users, i think wevos got you covered.