. First of all, i want to talk about the feature of this product. The iphone 13 models come in 5.4 and 6.1 inches size, the iphone 13 and 13 mini feature and ip68 water resistant rating, which is the smart smartphones, are able to withstand a depth of up to 6 meter, which is a 19.7 feet for up to 30 minutes. All of the iphone 13 models feature has the same oled super retina xdr display, which is flexible and extend right into the chases of each devices, and next apple also slammed down the notch that houses, the true death camera system and its 20 percent less wide than The notch used in prior iphone models apple is continuing to use the ceramic shell material that delivers better drop protection for the iphone 13 model. The a15 chip in the iphone 13 and 13 mini features a 4 corset gpu, which is one less code and is available in the iphone 13 pro and pro max. For this reason, the iphone 13 and pro max offer the fastest gpu performance, but the standard standard, iphone 1010 models are too far behind when it comes to the cpu. The iphone 10 models are approaching approximately 10 faster in single core performance and a pro approximately 18 percent faster in multi core performance compared to the iphone 12 models. And next the 16 core neural engine is able to perform up to 5.8 trillion operations per second and it powers feature like cinematic mode and smart hdr4.

The iphone 13 models have 4 gb ram, which is 2 gb, less ram than the iphone 10 pro models, and next for the camera, improvements, the iphone 13 mini and iphone 13 and 13 mini include a diagonal dual lens camera system, which is the white lens features In focal length 1.6 aperture, while while the ultrawide feature and focal length 2.4 aperture, the update ultra wide camera offers better low light performance and the updated white camera camera lets in 47 percent. More light and the other camera feature is smart, hdr4, photographic, style, night mode. Deep fusion portrait mode, portrait lighting, true tone, fresh panorama and breast mode, the iphone 13 is equipped with a 3227 mah battery, while the iphone 3 mini has a 2406 mhmh battery and both iphone 13 models support fast charging, and this uh this product can access to 5G, assalamualaikum and good morning to miss my name is mohammed sulisa thats it in my matrix number zero, seven ub 20 f1012. Today i want to explain about the characteristic which is which is on the eye quantity. We know that i quantitative is the letters release in ies in this. There are some characteristics that we need to know lets go into the content. Music lets take available on eye quantity, first handy and convinced convenient second distracted, Music lightweight for easy to carry anyway. With this feature, we can feel pressure pleasure in using it and have no problem to buy.

In fact, this will be more beneficial to users. Okay. Next, there are few more practice, namely first we have price. Second, we have color. Third, we have white and four where we have design. First, we have price. The price for iphone is not expensive, but if you want to buy collect, the price for iphone, 30 is around for 4, 000 or 5 000 or more. Second, you have color for iphone. 13, this is divide into various type of color. If you want to buy color black and then buy it, if you want to buy a color blue and buy it and then buy third dress, wait. Iphone 13 is not too heavy and not too light. Importantly, we are comfortable to carry four. Is this design? We have three type of design. First, we have iphone 13 mini. Second, we have that we have iphone 13 from x. Is, this is to feature expense sales and attract buyers. Music, hello, now im going to explain the function of iphone 13.. The main and basic function of iphone 13 are, it will allow you to make and receive phone calls, send and receive messages, take, show and stop picture and video browse internet gps capability for location and navigation record and play audio and music display, weather and temperature information Voice detection and take notes with assistant using siri and accessing utilities such as flashlight ebooks, reader, compass and calculator. Actually, there are three unique function that i impressed on this smartphone, which are security and protection system function, safe browsing function using safari and ios 15 software functions.

Firstly, security and privacy protection system function. This iphone 13 is designed to protect our data and privacy the function of this system. It will help to prevent the third party from accessing the data on our smartphone and icloud other than that. This system also function as find or help us to find our phone if its stolen and prevent anyone else from activating or using our iphone if its missing. Secondly, safari browser app function. The function of this app is, it will protect our ip address from hackers, because with ip address, hacker can easily track our location, but if you are using iphone 13, you dont need to worry about these issues. Thirdly, ios 15 functions. Ios 15 is a mobile operating system that now currently using in iphone 13.. The software functional allow iphone users to interact with their phone using the gesture, such as wiping tapping and pinching. This finger section are typically performed on multi touch, capacitive touchscreen displays, which provide fast response and accept input from multiple fingers hi. For my part, i will discuss about the advantage and disadvantage of iphone 13. There are some pros and cons of this smartphone. First, i will explain the advantage of this phone theres. Also, a lot of development that has been done by the apple. The first advantage is iphone, is released, beautiful and new color options. Iphone 13 has radius new colors, namely pink black, red, blue and white. These colors are diverse and can be customized according to your tests.

Secondly, this iphone has a super retina, xdr oled display with hdr10 support. This iphone 13 has a 6.1 inch screen size. This screen is also discounted by a jr 10, which has a higher contrast than iphone 12.. Not only that this phone also has a solid performance. As usual, the latest phone will be equipped. The latest chipset apple has been the latest f15 bionic chipset, designed for better performance with 50 faster data processing speeds than ever before. Apple states that this chipset is much faster than the other phones. Iphone also has an adopted, cutting and scratch resistant. Ceramic glass apple has been innovating on screen protectors by using ceramic protectors, since the production of the iphone 12 in the latest iphone 13 product ceramic shields are still believed to protect the screen of this phone. The screen protector by this ceramic shield is made of nanoceramic crystals, which are said to be harder, and mostly metal into the glass apple, says that this ceramic sheet is lighter, regular and improbable to hit an electric current. Of course, this ceramic shield will provide a stronger screen protector and anti scratch next impressive camera quality. The this iphone is slightly different from the previous iphone by having a camera sensor. That is quite unique. The two rear cameras consist of a main camera that has 12 megapixel and 12 megapixel ultraviolet camera. This iphone is equipped with ois sensor technology and also led sensor. Lastly, this iphone has been improved battery quality.

The iphone 13 has a better battery quality improvement than the iphone 12, because the iphone company said it can be less 2 hours longer than the iphone 12 battery capacity also increased from 2815 ma now to 3200 portima, with a 20 watt fast charging picture for disadvantage Of this iphone, nothing has changed. Everything is the same as the previous iphone. The first disadvantage is the design of this iphone 13.. As we know, design is still the same as the previous model. Iphone 12, where the design is an aluminium frame and the edge are vertical. This phone also does not provide a complete charger. Since the release of the iphone 12., the iphone has released its latest product without a charger in the box. Buyer will only get one lighting to usb type c and one iphone 13 mobile phone unit thats mean the buyer has to buy the charger head by themselves. Thats all about advantage and disadvantage of iphone 13. hello to madame helena and my friends, my name is ravinash. My card matrix number is 007 dub, 20f 100 im from dub3a Music. Based on the disadvantage that sarila stated. I can conclude that this phone needs improvement in terms of design. Actually the design and shape are same as the previous model, which is iphone 12. So me, as a customer or user, i will recommend to apple company to change the physical design of upcoming apple brand phones in future, because the design is playing big role to attract the customer.

Secondly, saril stated not provide complete charger for this model, so if the regular customer it doesnt matter, it is because they already have the old charger, but if new customer had to spend extra money to buy the charger, so me as a user, i will recommend to Provide complete charger for upcoming iphone models thats all from us.