Last year we checked out the home. I study x, which was a super convenient mini gimbal for smartphones. If youre not aware, gimbals can really improve the video recording performance of any smartphone because its a truly mechanical system, as you are moving along, it, tries to stabilize and move itself in the opposite direction, resulting in as you are kind of creating panning shots. It just becomes super smooth. Well now the company is back with an upgraded model. This year called the home. I study v2 now being called an ai smartphone gimbal, just because it now adds a camera on the very top, with its led flash thats not used to actually record any video footage, but rather this camera, which is pointing at you, has onboard facial recognition. For example, i can put this gimbal onto a desk and it can be just always hunting for me. I can move around in the room and it will still kind of move its motors as well to continuously track me, so you dont, really necessarily even have to get a friend or a photographer to record you gesture control. So you can also do things like lift up your palm for it to stop tracking you things like that also acts as an emergency power bank. This is a universal gimbal, so any smartphone, whether its an iphone android or galaxy device, will all be compatible and even with phablets these days, it really wont have an issue.

If you have a foldable phone like galaxy fold, you have to really close up the fold for it to still function, because its not going to stretch to accommodate a tablet in terms of width, but any phone up to 6.5 inches really shouldnt have any issues here. On a full charge, it claims to work up to nine hours of tracking and stabilization, so the packaging contents. You get a soft carrying pouch, quick user guide and, of course, there is the gimbal itself, along with a mini tripod, which is optional and theres. Just a usb type c cable for charging, which has an adapter that can be removed to access a type c to type c port. Now, to be completely honest, this auto ai tracking functionality has been a more recent trend that weve seen in a few other products from osbot, and some of those have included the osbot tiny, this little webcam, which, if you guys remember, has auto tracking. That is very similar and even the offspot me, which was their smart kind of selfie, stick offered similar capabilities, but its great to see that now this capability has been added to other similar products like this competing gimbal. So not only does it track, but it also stabilizes when you need it to which is just a kind of all in one product now pretty much the new and improved, i would say so anyways the dimensions of the unit, as you can see here, is actually Not really any taller than the previous generation home, i study, so it in fact its not any different at all.

Just from afar, we can see that extra camera sensor, but it doesnt take up additional kind of height, which is awesome, its really crazy to see how far weve come. In fact, just three years ago, a standard gimbal for smartphones would look like this. This was the smooth q, i believe, and you can just tell how much bigger it is. In fact, this came with its own hard shell case, almost like a small backpack that you had to use to carry it around, and now all of these motorized components have been packed into something that is just much more compact and easy to take with you, which Is a bigger deal than you would expect because as a traveler, you want to just carry as little as possible and also it just makes you feel less self aware, as you are holding it and shooting stuff it doesnt look as funny as if you were holding Something extra large in your hands, so i really do appreciate that and quite lightweight as well now in terms of build. It is made out of this soft touch and also kind of coarse plastic material. Doesnt feel cheap at all, and it has a nice grippy texture. We have a digital zoom controls on the side if you are paired to your phone using bluetooth, but even this is optional. You can just pop it in and just begin to control it using the joystick, but you wont get the zoom capability until you connect.

Otherwise we have the aforementioned d pad. There are a few leds that tell you the battery percentage and, if youre connected again using bluetooth, you can also tap here to begin recording, video or take an image again if you are connected and in order to unlock it. All you need to do is just basically twist on the side here and then twist also on this knob as the second step that will kind of make it looser and youre ready to go just pop in your phone onto this little holder, which is universal and Youre ready to go the holder by the way, just like before, is padded with a soft touch rubber material, so it doesnt scratch or damage your phone as youre popping it in there, and both sides again can be extended just by using this little lever design. Working. Quite well, and we do have the aforementioned tracking camera there thats the new part on the top, along with the led light. U shaped ring, which is all controlled using this additional key there on the top simply tap on the power key here for three seconds. Youll see the lights there pop on and all of a sudden. The gimbal here will start to align itself and it will just lock itself into place. The magic then begins, and by default you can see its locked into this particular spot. So, even as i am moving around and shaking it, the camera, as its recording, will still be pointing in this one direction.

Tapping on this key now once again and that will lock and automatically switch as you can see, there still is doing a good job of holding the phone into place, and the motion here works just fine, so Music now for our dedicated kind of camera sensor and Also light there on the top, i can also turn that on there afterwards we can start the tracking just by using the ok gesture as aforementioned, and it will now be tracking your face. So i can move now to the left. Moving my face. Moving my face. Its following me moving also to the right here and its continuing to track as you can see there. So it is a pretty smooth process and you can also move a little bit up. It will still pan and tilt upwards to see you as well as move downwards, and you can see its continuing to do that as well. So if you are recording footage again from the front facing camera of your phone, it will be capturing all of that and follow you across the room again really without any problems. The technology here again being quite similar to what we saw from osbot turn on the light here. All we need to do is tap on the top key. If you are in darker environments, you can further increase the brightness. This is the second level, and then we also have the aforementioned third level, which is kind of the max brightness that you can use this for again, pretty handy, since a lot of phones may not have a front facing flash now.

The speed, of course, is not going to be ultra fast, but it has to be kind of smoothened out in terms of the motion just to give you that more cinematic uh overall smooth buttery effect, you can also return the gimbal to the original position. If you are further playing around with the settings just by double tapping on the power key so tapping here twice, you can see that it will then return us to this original mode when it was first turned on all right. So as far as connectivity is concerned, once you have bluetooth turned on on your phone and you connect to the optional home app, you can see that its found that i study v2 here by default, that allows us to jump into a camera viewfinder from its own App as well as tutorials specific for the v2 or the x2 and other models that you can watch to learn how to access the different features. We can also take a look at the battery percentage remaining of our gimbal as well as our smartphone, and i can just try and rotate the screen here and you can see the orientation here can also flip. You also get some gesture controls, so the same thing can be said: you can use your hand to begin and stop recording video, but this is only through the app and the digital zoom function should now be functional. So, as i am pressing on the bottom of the gimbal there, you should see that the zoom here will be happening in real time.

Arguably, the best part about their app is the additional special effects that the gimbal can produce. So we have an inception mode, which is rotating it either 180 or 270 degrees like this by itself to capture more cinematic footage. We have other effects as well, including dolly zoom, which you can achieve just by setting it into place, and it will do all the spinning and action for you, fantastic rotation. So some of these special effects we did see last year, as well as part of the same companion, app that theyre using, but these tricks can all be achieved as well, of course, on this newest model, just using the software that they have provided and smart motion Time lapse that will record the sky, for you lets, try 270 degrees and tap on start and basically well begin to record that video, and here is what it looks like three two one after it begins to record. You can see that it will just spin itself. Go into the other mode and then slowly escalate once again can be a pretty fun effect, as you can see there just to create something a little more special than just purely pan and tilt or holding it in your hands. Advanced settings here. Allow you to change things like the mode that its using so you can have a pan and tilt follow or you can have it to only kind of lock, one direction or orientation or follow you in all positions, so that is more or less it.

As far as our hands on review of the home, i study v2 as aforementioned compared to last years model. The performance is still quite similar in terms of the overall effectiveness, which is to say, still is excellent for a compact gimbal that is universal works with any smartphone and just a very easy to snap and ready to go with long battery life with that being said, Really, the new thing here this year is going to be that auto tracking capability, via that built in camera, thats pointing at you, via the offline ai engine granted, if youre someone thats, primarily recording video of things on the other side using the rear facing camera. That is, and youre primarily just standing behind the camera to record scenery and control things. Then this function may not be kind of the most used or effective one out of the bunch. Then i would say if you are already an owner of last years model you dont necessarily have to upgrade, but if youre looking for this additional functionality and its something that does sound useful, you are someone that is interested in vlogging. In addition to capturing video from the other side, this is going to be more versatile. Definitely you can check out more details if youre interested, but for now thats been our video thanks for watching here at os reviews, thats been the pretty clever and overall nicely performing super compact gimbal. That has been the home.