This is ranjit and in this video well be doing the full review of the samsung galaxy s21 fe 5g, and i have been actually using this smartphone with my primary sim for the last two weeks and this video ill share. My experience. What did i like some of the nitpickings and what are the things that i did not like lets get on with this one and lets start with the things that i liked and guys. This is a successor to the galaxy s20 fe uh. In fact, i had given the s20 fe 5g to my daughter, so this is the one so ill be doing. Some comparisons. Also there some of the things that i have no test and the first thing is again as its a samsung smartphone guys its all about the screen. This one is having a 6.4 inch screen and its an amoled screen. Of course, a super amoled screen and the good thing is its a 120 hertz screen. So that way and not an issue and it gets decently bright if you keep it on auto brightness uh. But the thing is that guys. This is not the top most amulet screen from samsung, for example, on the samsungs, true flagship, the s21 ultra, and something like that uh its actually having a proper dynamic display where it can adjust the refresh rate and can go down up to about 10 hertz. If i uh recall this, one is fixed at 120 or 60 hertz guys, so that is something ive noticed, not a big deal uh, but if it would have had the same screen, the battery life would happen even better, but nevertheless excellent screen uh, like you, expect On samsungs smartphone, so no issues with that and can get uh decently bright, also and also in dull lighting situations.

It does not strain your height or gets any issues like that. In fact, i also like the in display fingerprint scanner. Uh samsung went with this in display fingerprint scanner, not the ultra sonic, that is used in the higher end, but this one is actually faster than the ultrasonic one and again, as you can see, no issues so that way its a fast and reliable. What do you say, a fingerprint scanner that we are getting on this work and works with this uh screen uh by the way guys? This also has always on display you have to enable in the settings i did not use the always on. I was just using it like this in the uh regular mode. You tap this for 10 seconds. It comes so my battery starts will be based on that. Okay, now, moving to the next thing is uh. I like that this smartphone is ip67 rated and also it supports wireless charging, which is generally not found in this price range. Uh generally many vendors skip the ipv rating and wireless charging, but you have those features on this. One ip67 is generally useful. I would say uh if your dip accidentally falls in water or something nothing should happen to this device and also it supports wireless charging. I personally do not use wireless charging a lot, but if you are a person who use it, for example, in car its convenient, if your car has a wireless charger, you can just place it and it charges so that convenience features, i would say, are there on This one so nice to have features – i would say next thing is regarding the build guys.

I would say nice thing is that this is actually metallic, so this is solid, but the back is that polycarbonate plastic ill talk about that in the later part of the video. But the thing that i really liked on this one, the front glass – is actually gorilla. Glass vectors – and this is the best that you can get, and i was surprised that samsung gave this one because generally samsung was reserving that only for their true high end flagships but nice to see that we have gorilla glass victors and i think so that saved This smartphone, as you see, uh im using a phone just like this, and you also do not get any case in the box. So accidentally it actually fell once. But as you can see, nothing has happened to this device and because, as the back is plastic also, nothing happened so nice to see that we are getting gorilla glass vectors because again in this price range generally other smartphones that you get are coming with gorilla glass. 5, etcetera or even 6, but not gorilla, glass, victor, so thats, a nice thing they didnt do the cost. Cutting uh next thing i like is again: this is regarding the processor guys in india, were getting the exynos variant. The 2100 – and i was also very worried about that one. It was uh when the original exynos 2100 came. Actually, this one is having a version two of the exynos 2100 revamped one.

You could say uh the original s21 ultra. When i got it, it was a review, it was heating up quite a bit, but this one is not heating up that much. Yes, when i just first got the phone and i set it up initially for the first time for the first two or two three hours, it was a little bit warm because it was indexing stuff, but after four five hours it was just normal and it simply Does not heat up in daily usage, i would say, and again its a very fast processor, almost equivalent to snapdragon 888. In fact, the heating problem that i was worried is not an issue only time i notice i still uh. You can heat a little bit if youre, using the camera continuously but again, thats the same case with even the iphones and other flagship phones that im using so general heating that we used to get with exynos 990 or even the first generation exynos 2100. That is sort of salt im, not noticing any heating issues using this one as my primary and even i used it for gps mounted on my bike, etc. I didnt have a shoe, so i think that the heating issue is not fairly solved and again its a fast processor guys. You dont have to worry about it, though it comes with just eight gigabytes of ram handles everything. Memory management is actually pretty good on this one uh. So, as you can see, i dont have to actually close the apps or do anything and apps that you want in memory.

Are there they dont get booted out so that way, even with 8 gigabytes of ram. The memory management has been done very well. In that aspect, i would say: samsung is doing a good job. This comes with the latest one ui4 also that comes with android 12 and its been optimized. Well, so theres, nothing like lag or something that i noticed with this phone so that area performance you dont have to worry about it. Next thing is regarding the battery life that i was getting on this one. This has a 4500 milliamp hour battery on this one. Slightly better than the regular s 10 and again i would say the battery life is decent on this one. I was getting a battery life uh in terms of screen on time guys. I was getting anywhere from about five hours to a max of about six and a half hours and thats actually pretty good for a flagship level processor, because if i recall the s21 ultra was giving me just about four hours to four and a half hours of Screen on time, so decent battery life and its comparable to many of the flagships, they also generally get about five to five and a half hours of what you say, sot, and this is uh with about one day of standby uh, but again guys. I was not using it with the always on using like this. If you use always on uh like this always on is always there, then it will use a battery life little bit more, but battery life was a non issue.

I would say i was a little bit worried, but again this second gen, whatever 2100 x exynos, is doing a good job in terms of standby, but again its everyday charge. Phone dont expect it to last about two days. If you want that, then you have to go to the mid range smartphone theyre, far more efficient than these flagships. Okay, next thing is regarding the 5g bands i like that here also samsung is not skimping. I believe this has 12 bands of 5g. So, whenever 5g comes thats coming this year, at least in metros, you will have 5g on this. You dont have to worry about that. Next thing is regarding the call quality, uh and here again uh still my primary something isnt there uh the atl, the sim is there again it supports everything. The wi fi calling and all those things are there. As you can see, you can enable it disable all those things and all the bells and whistles are their decks. Dolby, atmos and all those things uh in call quality. I did not have an issue uh typical samsung flagship, i would say so call quality was good. Earpiece quality was excellent and i like the fact that this handset is actually not that heavy. So even for long calls you can easily take it. It weighs just 177 grams or generally the flagships. These days are hovering on 195, 200 or even 205 grams. So that way, i would say it was light and no proximity sensor issue call quality was also good uh and i also took calls with speaker uh and it was decent.

I wish the speaker phone was a little bit louder but decent so no issues in terms of call quality that i had with this one uh next thing again after you, the weight balance is done well, 177 grams, so uh. Definitely if youre coming from uh. Some other flagships. They are a lot more heavier. I would say so. I i started appreciating that it just weighs 177 grams, so thats, nice, but still the outer chases, is not plastic. This is important for rigidity, so there they did not compromise. Uh. Next thing is what i like is the camera on this one uh, the triple uh camera. All are 12 megapixel, but all cameras are functional on this one. The regular one is the wide angle and we have a 2x zoom, and here are some of the samples taken with this one and, as you can see, the picture quality that i got with this one was very, very good and again in portrait mode. It uses that 2x zoom and notice how good the pictures come with the zoom. So definitely i would say camera was something uh that exceeded my expectations. I would say – and here they did not compromise, i thought they will compromise, because this is a fe edition. So camera would be a little bit compromised, but i im actually pretty impressed with the rear facing camera. In fact, i also have the uh oneplus 7 uh, oneplus, 9 rt and soon ill be doing doing a camera comparison.

I finished that video about 50 need to shoot a lot more samples, so stay tuned with that, because i think so that will be the nearest competitor. But definitely the cameras are a highlight of this one. In fact, much better than i expected, especially that portrait mode works brilliantly on this one uh front facing is a 13 megapixel, and here i would say, uh outdoor shots and good lighting come out to be good. But again in dull lighting, i feel the front facing camera is struggling a little bit uh instead of the 32 megapixel, they should have just gone with the 12 megapixel because uh like what they did with the rear one, because 12 megapixel captures in a lot more Light so yes in low lighting uh, i would say front facing camera – was struggling a little bit thats. What i have noticed so another very good thing about this smartphone. As ive told you. This comes out of the box with android 12 with one ui4. That is the latest that we are getting and again. Samsung has already promised that this smartphone will get next three uh. What do you say? Android upgrade so android, 13, 14 and 15 will also get and four years of security update. So this is the best in the industry, so if youre a person who does not change like to change this phone very often also, then you are covered with this. In that aspect, i would say samsung is doing a very good job in terms of updates and many of the phones.

These days. New phones are also coming with android 11. They say that android 12 will come out later on, but this comes with android 12. Out of the box, so in that area i am happy with this smartphone and again i didnt find any major bugs in the ui or anything so software youre sort of covered so now lets move to some of the nitpicks. So these are not strictly current, but these are some of the things that i have noticed and again. The first thing is that again back again guys, this is plastic back, and i know this is a nitpick because uh what ive noticed that? Yes, definitely if it was having a glass back, it would have looked slightly more premium, but i think so because, as ive told you, this is my daughters, s20 uh fe 5g, that i gave her last year and, as you can see, this is also having a Plastic bag but again its held up pretty well and my doctor drops the phone quite a bit as you can see some over here, uh, but again, nothing that has cracked if it was a glass back. This would have cracked uh easily. So yes, in terms of durability, uh, definitely i think so. The plastic bag is good, but i think so this plastic bag feels a little bit uh cheap. So if i were using this phone, i would add just some skin to make it look better.

So thats my take regarding the plastic uh back many people feel yes, they are more durable and i have to agree with that. Next thing that i noticed is again in the box. There is no case, provided they should have given the case, because the competition, the oneplus 9rt, does give a silicon case, and they could have bundled that. So i dont like that. They are skimping uh there. Uh next thing is again uh. It has decent haptics, haptic feedback is decent, but i felt that the haptics are not as great as what samsung puts on their flagship and thats, how? I think so they are differentiating a little bit. So the haptic models are decent, but not superb. I would say: uh next thing is, and this is something samsung should not do and because this is sort of a premium phone costing almost 50 000. samsung tries to push some of the stuff over here. For example, this galaxy store and you cant remove it. I know i can easily disable it going there, but again for a novice user. It prompts you to install apps and stuff over here. I just didnt disable it, but you can disable it, but that this is something that samsung should stop doing. I can just go to the my galaxy apps and from here i can disable this app uh, so i will eventually do that, but i dont like that. Some of the it keeps sending stuff like this and next thing is regarding the uh.

What do you say? Charging this supports a max of 25 watt of charging, and i dont like the fact that the charger is not there in the box. Uh and i dont know why samsung is doing it. I understand with flagships. Apple has also stopped doing that, but if one plus has to look at the competition, the oneplus 9 rt in the box, you get that fast, 65 watt charger uh. So the competition is that so they should have given that 25 watt charger in the box. In my frank opinion here also they are doing that cost cutting and i dont like that. So you have to really. If you want that fast charging, you have to buy the 25 watt the charger separately from the market. Okay, so these are some of the net pickings. Now lets move to some of the cons that i have noticed with this device. The first thing is that, yes, it has a stereo speaker. Let me actually uh give you an idea. Lets just go to copyright to free songs and hope you write free music lets just play over here. It has stereo speakers, but this is the max volume im keeping so the volume level. As you can see, it is okay, but i felt it could have been louder. This is the max you had very good stereo separation, its not like only like 30 of the sound is coming from this time, but in terms of loudness it could have been louder.

Certainly, the true samsung flagships have far better and louder stereo speakers. Uh next thing is uh that, regarding the pricing inconsistency, this was launched at about 55 000 and just last week i noticed that the price came back to about 50 000.. This is without offers. You can add credit card offers, or whatever up from that, but now i just looked at it before making this video today is what 25th and today again its showing me the price of about 55 000. Yes, there are some offers, but i dont like this price fluctuation every week, what the hell is going on the best price that i saw of this one was that last week it was priced at 50 000, but you could add actually some credit card offers. So it worked out to be about 47 000.. That was the best. But now, if i look even at amazon, india and even the samsungs own website, they are quoting a price of 55 000. uh. You have some credit card offer 5000 off, but i dont like the pricing in customs, if one week its like this one week its like that, is it a stock market or what be consistent with your pricing so that users can make a decision, and i feel Uh at this price point its slightly overpriced for what samsung is trying to do, because the real competition is the oneplus 9r team, and i feel if you are able to get this smartphone at around 45 000 price point.

Eventually it will come down to that price. I feel then its a good buy, but i feel the biggest competition as of now to this smartphone with the current pricing is the samsungs own s20 fe 5g. This you can have. I was looking at amazon for about 37 or 38 000. 37. 000. I think so uh and at that price point this is an excellent smartphone uh. So that was my review of this uh samsung galaxy s21 fe. Now let me actually uh talk about the summary ive actually written it down on my laptop. So let me just read it so that you have a better idea regarding the same uh. So this is the summary uh overall much better than expected. I was worried about the exynos 2100, but it has been working well and i did not notice any major hitting issues while using the phone regularly. The camera performance, especially the rear facing camera, surprised me and its a very good and proper, triple camera setup that we are getting. It has some good features like ip67 water resistant and wireless charging, which are generally missed in phones in this range. So in terms of features, samsung is not skipping a lot of stuff just that the stereo speakers could have been louder for working professionals that have important data on the smartphone. This smartphone does support uh, samsungs, nox security and even decks wireless. So if you use those features, uh those are there, but i feel samsung should get it surprising right, its fluctuating all over the place every week.

Now it would be a good buy if you can get it around forty five thousand constraint. You can get last years. Galaxy s21 fe at about 10 to 13, 000 uh, rupees less, which is still a pretty good phone so guys this was my review of the samsung galaxy s: 21, fe 5g. What do you guys feel about the same? Do let me know in the comment section below and ill be the uh soon posting in a day or two, maybe after uh or two days, uh the camera comparison between the this one and the oneplus 9rt so again, stay tuned for that some pretty interesting results. Anyways guys thats it for now for this video, if you are still not subscribed to this youtube channel, hit that subscribe button.