This phone was announced in april 2021, thats nine months ago and, for all intents and purposes, its a smaller, less expensive version of the xperia one mark iii. And that being said, if you want to know my thoughts on all the big features, take a look at my in depth: review video for the sony, xperia 1 mark iii. For this video, i want to highlight five things i like about the phone three things i dont like about the phone sticking with the 5 mark 3 theme. All right lets get into it and start with number one the size. This is such a small phone. Now the iphone 13 mini is smaller and the screen on this is probably closer to like the iphone 13 or 13 pro and yeah. I know thats, a lot of apple mentions for a video about sony, but i cant think of an android phone thats. This small, maybe the galaxy z, flip or the motorola razer, but those phones are only small when you fold them in half small phone, oh thats, good, espresso, number two colors in photos from this phone are outstanding. They look natural. I think a lot of that comes from the fact that sonys leveraging hardware expertise from its alpha line of mirrorless cameras. The results are photos that look organic and theyre, not trying to be clinically perfect, like something i might get out of a google pixel 6 pro or an iphone 13 pro number three.

As i walk past all these murals, i cant help but think about how much thought and how much intention the artist put into their artwork. They have control over everything from the subject and the colors to how big or small it is and thats something. I really like about the xperia 5 mark iii. I have control over every aspect of taking a photo or shooting a video. I can control the shutter speed, the iso the way it meters the exposure. Now i know theres other android phones that offer similar controls and theres other apps that offer similar features, but everything is integrated so well on this phone. It feels more like im using a camera than a phone. In fact, it has a shutter button that i can push halfway down to get focused and all the way down to take a photo number. Four. This phone runs android 12 and it looks so good on this understated body material ui on the sony, xperia 5 mark iii looks fantastic and ive only been running a couple weeks. I havent noticed any major bugs or problems, but i mean just look at those buttons. So good number five: there is a technical miracle happening inside this thin phone. Most phones that have a dual telephoto camera set up have two separate telephoto camera modules. This only has one and the way sony gets away with it is inside here, horizontal is its telephoto lens and there are little parts that move a lens element between a 70 millimeter equivalent and 105 millimeter equivalent both using the same camera, module and yeah.

Are there phones that have a longer zoom range than this? Absolutely, but when im taking photos at 2.9 or 4.4 x, optical zoom, they look incredible all right. So youve heard the things i like about this phone lets talk about three things that well could be better, and the first is gon na, be the fact that this phone does not have the video pro app and what i mean by that. So when the xperia pro i came out, this past fall, it had a new app called video pro video pro offers advanced settings to shoot video that are not as complicated as cinema pro, but not as basic as well, the photo pro and basic mode. So if i want to record video on the xperia 5 mark iii, i can only use basic mode in the photo pro app or cinema pro, not fun. The second gripe i have with this phone comes when things start getting dark and thats when these cameras start to hit the walls in low light performance, uh theres, not even something like a night mode. Yeah sony does do some processing to improve dark exposed like photos, but nowhere on the scope of the iphone or the google pixel phones, Music. You know i really do adore this phone, but its the price point that holds me back from recommending it. I think if you are looking for a phone for a thousand dollars, i would have you look at something like the iphone 13 pro or a discounted galaxy s21 ultra or heck save 100 and get the google pixel 6 pro now, if youre, a photographer or videographer And you can handle the mixed low light results.

Maybe this is worth considering now, if youre a sony alpha, mirrorless camera owner, you want to have a consistent shooting experience between your camera and your phone. This is definitely worth considering, especially if you could find it at a discounted price, so thats all i got if you want to learn more about the sony.