Go Music: hey welcome to the gadget inspector channel, where im into all kinds of drones and all kinds of gadgets if youre into that kind of stuff youre in the right place. My friend please consider subscribing to the channel and dont forget to click that bell. So youll know when i upload new videos so to use your smartphone as a webcam youre, going to need a piece of software called camo, theres, a free version and then theres the pro version, camo pro, which opens up a lot more features. Now, with the free version, you get 720p resolution and stuff like overlays, and the ability to connect multiple ios devices at a time now for 4.99, a month or ‘.99 a year or 79.99 for a lifetime license you get camo pro and that unlocks all features. Now, with camo pro, you get up to 1080p resolution, it removes the watermark and you can use that cool portrait mode on your iphone to get that real nice shallow depth of field, and you can make a bunch of other adjustments in the software hey. Instead of telling you im going to show you so lets get into it now, if you have a macbook air or macbook pro, you know how terrible the built in webcams are youre likely, also an iphone user, so i think youll be interested in this. It also works with android and windows. Pcs as well. Just take a look at all.

The video programs and apps its compatible with zoom go to meeting final cut pro obs and streamlabs twitch microsoft teams, skype, but only windows supports skype for business. At this point not mac, then you have discord and stream yard just to call out some of these. Now i have to admit im a little bit disappointed that it does not support face time. It does not support facetime, you guys, but skype and zoom are good alternatives in full disclosure. The developer re incubate did set me up with a pro license, so i do have camo pro so thats. What were going to be checking out today, youre also going to see this all for yourself, so you dont have to take my word for it now: im fully embedded into the apple ecosystem, so im on a macbook air and im using an iphone 13. But again, the software is compatible with window pcs and android. Where do you see how easy it is to get all of this set up now? One thing youll need to keep in mind. You cant mount your smartphone onto your laptop or to your monitor right. So youre going to need some kind of tripod this one that im using right here is under 20 dollars. Im gon na put links in the description box to where you can find this out on amazon ill. Also leave you with another option there. So you have a couple a couple of ways you can go with this, but uh, but yeah youre gon na need some kind of tripod.

This one is a really really good, really really sturdy youre, also going to make sure you have a smartphone mount as well. Okay, so thats one thing you want to make sure you keep in mind with this now for my iphone users, you can do lightning to usbc or lightning to usb a whatever. You just need something to connect your phone to your pc or your laptop and then youre going to need to download the camo software to your pc and to your smartphone okay. So you can see this. You need to have that software on both and youre, going to open both up all right, so lets walk through how to get this set up right now. Okay, once you have the software open on your pc and on your smartphone now we can go ahead and get the smartphone mounted on the tripod and connect it via the lightning cable. All right so lets do that now: okay, so you can see ive got mine set up with the rear facing camera facing me. You can totally use the selfie camera as well, but the quality is usually a lot better with the rear facing camera, so thats. How? I have mine set up im just going to plug in the lightning cable and there we go, you can see, we have a feed and right away. I dont know about you, but i can tell that this is a lot better than what i can get out of most webcams.

Okay, so lets play around with this thing a little bit uh you guys so ive got three cameras set up here. I actually have two iphones connected. This is really uh cool ill. Show you this right off the bat here so im going to go to this drop down right here, im going to switch to my other iphone. So this is really really cool. You can set up multiple shots right here in this software im, going to switch back and were just going to play around with all of these various settings. Now. One thing i want to point out here: i got this message here saying: uh weve detected youre using a usb hub with camo. We recommend plugging your phone into your computer directly. Now, if you are a mac user, macbook pro macbook air, you know that you have to use a dock or a dongle to expand um the two ports that you get uh thunderbolt ports that you get you got ta expand that so youre gon na end up Having to plug this into a dock and not directly into your macbook so far, it looks fine, so im not sure if its going to cause any problems or not, but anyway, im recording right in the software. So you just come up here and click record and its going to record um all this, for you really really cool. All right lets just go through some of the settings, all right.

Why dont we uh one thing i do want to show you here. You can increase the size of this um if you want, you can do that and notice something here right off the bat notice that theres a little bit of a blurry background and im sitting here where i am on purpose, because i want you to see the Background here see up here mode where it says portrait beta, so this is using the uh functionality in your iphone to create this blurry background. As you know, you have this feature in your phone now heres what it looks like normally right, everythings in focus, but you can come down here and go to portrait beta and now you can control your depth of field here you can get it super blurry and Youre basically uh controlling that with this dial here, okay, this is in beta to me it looks pretty darn, good, uh, so hey and then im going to switch the other camera and im going to do the same over there im going to switch that to portrait And boom check that out, you guys is that not freaking cool, really really cool, okay lets switch back and keep it moving. Now here you can see that you can change the lens iphones these days come with multiple uh camera lenses. Now i cant switch it since im recording but uh. You know before you start recording you can switch, which lens youre recording from you can even record from the selfie lens the front facing camera.

Okay, you can see here that you can change to manual focus im going to keep that in auto, and you can switch out your resolution. You can see that here uh audio pickup. Now this is a shooting at 30 frames per. Second, i think thats standard. I didnt see a way to change the frame rate thats. The one thing i didnt notice ill double check that if i do see it, i will put that up on the screen. Lets switch over just for to keep things dynamic. This is awesome. Okay, can you imagine using this for like a live stream or something like that? How cool is that – and i just thought i probably will do that i probably will do that. Okay, lets keep going so you can see here you can switch, which mic is being used and then here we go. We have some presets okay. Now, if you want to increase the saturation boom, you can see that in my hat now i look a little bit orange now, but thats, a preset that you can do. This is going to take some of that saturation out some of the color out. This is black and white, which looks pretty cool im gon na switch over to the other camera, see how that looks when i change the preset boom so lets, try that and come over here boom and then boom how yall doing okay. This is awesome man. I am really getting the kick out of this and uh theres.

A lot of use cases for this. Okay lets just keep going down the line here. Theres, some really. You know off the off the charts kind of stuff here, if youre looking to do some real artsy creative type stuff. But you can see what you can do here. You can even create your own presets. We wont do anything with that right now, but you can see all the things you can do. Uh mirror your video, so thats kind of self explanatory its going to show up, just as it is to the eye overlays. You can create those now um theres, some default ones. As you can see, i like to have mine just straight clean um, the camo logo. You can see there. I like mine to be clean. You can put your own logo up there, but a lot of the softwares that we use stream yard and youtube. You know our logo is already going to be up there, but if youre using something like zoom or skype – and you wanted to to put your logo up, you have the option there and you can see rotation and zoom. Look at that. Look at that. You guys boom all right. I dont want you guys to see my pores okay, but you get the id here and then over here you get some um uh light adjustments. You can adjust your exposure um. You know i like to just have all of this set at auto, but you can see all of the things that you can do in this software.

Uh sharpness contrast saturation all those manual adjustments. You can make right in here. So you can see. This is very powerful now what i want to do, um, because it should be pretty obvious. The camera quality or the video quality that you can get out of the iphone is just going to surpass pretty much any webcam youre going to use. This looks so good. You wouldnt even think it came from a webcam and its not coming from a webcam, but you get the point im trying to make. This looks so good. Can you imagine using this for skype or zoom? The quality is just so good and using it to live stream on something like stream yard, okay, uh, so so cool lets switch this out again and well just keep going here. I just want you to kind of get an idea of what you can do with this okay, so thats it yall how to use your smartphone as a webcam. I hope you found this useful.