I think young man ce1 and its chinese company, which i had reviewed the gimbal before here. This is the q3, and this is the go to gimbal for the last 12 months, and this is fantastic. It just doesnt give me any problem, maybe not put the phone on it. Just works yeah, so this one is 160 pound from amazon ill, put the link in the description and lets open it and have a look and see what your money can buy. Now all my video is not scripted. So if you like, my video dont forget to share like and subscribe to my channel to help me grow very nice and clean packaging, and when we open you have your instruction booklet. The little tripod is always like extension to your tripod. So this one screw onto the bottom and it opens flat thats the gimbal in packaging and also a usb cable Applause wow. So this is a 360 gimbal. So if you look at this, the handle can spin 360. its very important. If you want to do inception – or you want to do like a full 360., whereas some of the gimbal on the market, you kind of like doesnt, go all the way around and you got the company logo on the back here, which i think is quite stylish. I think just like people like to have chinese tattoo – and i i do think some of the chinese character is very pretty now.

This is a bigger, more professional gimbal. So in terms of the body size, is it bigger, but its still a lot smaller than the previous professional models, if you just put it side by side against the q3, its not that much bigger, really the more i look at it, the more. I think this is like a professional grade. Gimbal, the grip is rubberized on the front, actually pretty comfortable to hold. You got a wheel dial on the left hand side. You can use your thumb, i guess, and the joystick over here menu button mobile. I mean the ergonomics of the thing is pretty good. Actually, everything is reachable for my phone power button function button. You got the tripod mount here. You can actually put an extension to put extra lights as such um usb port. On the back, i think yep. So you got a dust cover on this. I usually dont, like this kind of thing dangling about, but thats. Just me phone clamp up here and test out how good it is to grip a phone with a case in a minute that is always important. Okay, the the handle part, all plastic, the top part, all kind of a brush a little medium look. Okay, before i use it, i always charge it up so im going to lift up the flap here and i am going to use my own cable, not that i dont like other cables it just i find any usbc cable will work now.

I dont know if you guys can see it, but once i plug it in it lights up on the top here, so its very subtle its not like your normal led light, but keep going. So i know that this is powering it up and its charging im. Just going to give it a minute to charge, and while this is charging lets, have a look started with the chinese version lets go to english. I cant read chinese, but ive been here for so long now. I actually prefer to read english right, quick start so download the z y can be app. Let me see if i have that ready, which i already have, because i have um that gimbal over there all right. So just a little demonstration here for you guys, im gon na start, my gopro and im gon na start my phone by pressing the record button on the gimbal all right. So we started so my iphone 11 is recording, but its stabilized, where, while the gopro at switch off stabilization, it just mounts directly on the handle. So any movement of my hands will be picked up by the gimbal by sorry. So any movement of my hand or my arm will be captured by the gopro, whereas the phone should be butters move. So this is just something to show you guys what will happen when you use a gimbal, so this is just a simple demonstration: how smooth the gimbal is? Okay, so while this is recording, it should be picking up all the vibration of my hand.

I know its a bit boring looking at my tools, but i just really want to show you guys how steady, using a gimbal and freehand means to you now degree of movement. This gimbal is actually not bad. The only thing i have against this is the this. So if you try to twist it to the right too much when the motor um hit the other motor arm, it will try to avoid it, but rather than smooth a void, it will actually go into a crazy mode so like this so thats thats, just something That i personally dont like, but you can always like you – know, hold it differently, so my suggestion is hold the gimbal like pointing forward in that case, when you turn left and turn right, the arm is not going to be in the way of each other. So it could be a lot smoother than actually holding up like this, but this is just a common use of most of the gimbal and the sweeping motion. I think this is just something that no matter how stable your hand is you just wouldnt, be able to do this. Okay. The second thing i want to demonstrate to you guys is that, from yesterday i went out and i test out some of the function lets say: most people buy this gimbal lets say you want to do a shot of the main subject it can be. Human face. Is actually better in terms of like the identification by the software, but lets say i want to track this object here, and this is the subject.

It might be a dance thing that theyre moving about, but i want to do something funny funky. I want to do something funky with this yeah, so i got my app running at the moment. It is recording. So if i drag a box lets say put it in the center. So now we have a green box against the box over there. Now, if i move the box, what you will see is the gimbal will move within reasonable speed. So as long as it can catch up with the uh, the tracking software, then it will work now. 3D object. I find is better in terms of tracking because 2d. I think sometimes it worked out once it distorted it wont track anymore at the moment is tracking the box. If i do this sweeping left and right, i try to be as smooth as i can so that it doesnt make everyone sick. But if i move it upwards it tilt down. If i move it downwards, it peels up so lets. For example, if that subject is moving – and i am moving and its quite dynamic – and it should still stay in the middle of the frame, so lets say if you are feeling some dancing stuff and you want to move forward and backward while youre panning and the Subject is moving, then it will be quite good if you are moving too fast and is out of the picture, then obviously it will take some time for it to come back to the normal.

My suggestion is use a wide angle on your camera. So you see as much as you can, while you use this function and then it will stay focused now. The other pretty cool function is the wheel on the side here, and this is what makes it professional so this will here you can use it to control your focus or zoom. Now, most most of the time i use is the zoom button. So if i click it, it will unlock the function and when i move the wheel, it become a zoom or zooming out now as soon as i do that, because it changed the shape of the tracking, so the tracking stopped working, so its not tracking anymore put It back to the mode. Well, i think theres a lot more to say about this gimbal than a short video like today. This will definitely be my new gimbal to go to just because that you know this can do 360 and the app is actually pretty decent. There are some preset functions which makes it fun. So if you are going to make some video where um short video clips weve got options of choosing like four two second clips and each of them have a default set of motion, so you can pan in and now for you just like a time lapse where They pan automatically but um, just for you know creativity, side of things yeah like i said so. This is not in depth version.