We can see the desktop display like this. Yes, friends, if you just open it, and I will tell you about the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Note, 20 5g Trafford g tab can see how it looks. Different friends with 3 cameras, one flash and there is a kind of pen to touch the layers. So the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ultrafire xpg is available in Indonesia with a file price of 16 million, which is equipped with specifications 5g up to a speed of 512 gpps. Its presence complements the Galaxy Note 20 and No 20 Ultra 5g, which was released in 2020 ago. The difference is that the Galaxy Note to VCD has got a phage vector image for high data speed access quoted from the Samsung Indonesia page., The Galaxy 20 Ultra version has two color variants, namely mystical, bronze and mystical. Black Samsung also provides two different variants: The size of the internal storage for the Galaxy 20 Putra is 250GB and 512B, with prices for phones with 256MB memory at 16000000, and while the 512GB capacity is worth 18 million, The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has been embedded with Ram of 12GB or 4GB larger than the regular Galaxy Note 20, which is only 8GB.. It is claimed to be able to save battery usage by up to 20 percent of the type of RAM lpddr4 X, RAM 12gb, which is marked by the Paddle feature.. It is believed to be able to lift data transfers up to 51.

2 gbps. One Piece displayed on an r dynamic, AMOLED twice measuring 6.9 dreams.. The air already has a hot HD plus resolution with a refresh rate of 120hz. The back consists of three cameras with a resolution of 10mp on the main camera 13 megapixels of dark photos and 12 megapixels of ultrawear. magnification for telephoto of five times optical zoom and 50 times super resolution, tion Zoom, while the front camera still looks clear and clear. Armed with a 10 megapixel resolution, camera Hi, Samsung Galaxy Note, 20 5g version supports multitasking activities in the unit has provided an S pen which can be used when writing notes, correcting writing so that the voice recorder of this device can also run several the application simultaneously. Via the unit or PC via the link to Windows feature the connection of the device with a PC allows sending messages. Checking notifications to picking up calls via BC. Even games installed on mobile phones can also be played on a PC using picture accessories as support such as Freeport or Mouse. Throughout July 26, with 18 AGT, 2021 Samsung held a launch promo by providing an attractive promo for purchasing the Galaxy Note 20 5g last year. In a purchase, package. Consumers will get a bonus in the form of a Samsung e voucher worth two million with 1 year free Samsung Tab, Plus Freedom KYT. This promo is valid for purchases n via the Samsung website on the samsung.com HID page, which is claimed to be able to save up to 9.

3 Come on lets, see the camera view the wife who is a friend maybe.. Do you think that the Samsung type 20 ultra is your favorite to be able to buy at a price of around 10 million? I hope you can buy this cellphone by saving friends by saving the tips in terms of appearance, the Samsung Galaxy Note, 20 Ultra uses a 6.9 inch Dynamic AMOLED screen with a free HD resolution of 1440 x 3088 pixels, with a refresh rate of up to 60hz Hi Samsung such as the Samsung Galaxy Note: 20. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2003 uses the Exynos 990 chipset, which is equipped with 8 GB RAM and USB internal memory.. This powerful three in one chipset is paired with the want you, i 2.1 operating system to support the innards sector. Samsung Galaxy. Note 2003 works with the support of a high capacity battery 4000 500 MH, which already supports 25 watt fast charging and 10 watt fast wireless charging, which also supports, also supports wireless charging drivers for connectivity for the note 20 5g cell phone. This version uses SBY type c and WiFi 802.11, with bluetooth 5.0, with dual SIM network Nano Sim dual standby, with a heavy gripping smartphone, not 20, Ultra ni200 8gram on the camera section of the Samsung Galaxy Note: 20. Ultra the laser is absent in the afternoon to support autofocus while the front camera of this device uses revolution 10 because its finished, we can see how it looks like this.

Only this friend we can check from muqita opening YouTube earlier at a very fast speed. Friends and its shiny this time, I want to remind the viewers of this channel so that they dont forget to save like comment and share this video, so that you and your friends can find out the display, specifications and prices of the Smartphone Smartphones that are reviewed. This time I will try to uninstall from S pen smartphone, not 20, Ultra to try whether it works fine or no. We can see it. Yes, friends, we try to open the settings and we slide down. It turns out to be very functional. Yes, friends, this can be used for typical Hi for the same age, Yes, classes for teachers or students, if for children under high school to elementary school. In my opinion, junior high school doesnt use this smartphone, but it will be damaged at that price. For the SP. It can be damaged later because it is tried to be removed and used, which is not in accordance with the guidelines provided for todays review. Maybe this is what I can do. Friends. explain this time just for the basics.