The box is slim, no power, brick or headphones included. Just the phone and a usb c cable and the phone itself is surprisingly lightweight a water resistant rating of ip68, an aluminium frame and a smooth plastic back with samsungs famous camera cutout. These materials make for a durable combo and its definitely a comfortable fit in the hand and in your pocket the screen is great: it has fairly thin bezels gorilla, glass, vectors and the picture quality is fantastic. 6.4 inch amoled running at your choice of either 60 hertz or 120 hertz, all with hdr 10 plus. This means everything you do feels quick and responsive from scrolling web pages to typing and using apps and the hdr 10 plus, along with the stereo dual speaker setup, makes it great for watching movies or youtube. The new zealand version is running the new exynos 2100. A 5 nanometer processor that seems to be a solid step up over the 990.. I havent had any noticeable slowdowns when switching between apps and the gaming performance also seems pretty good when dealing with pretty intense 3d titles, so samsung definitely deliver on their promise of flagship performance inside we have a 4500 milliamp hour battery the same size we had in The s20 fe and while the battery life is not at the very top of the range youll still easily get through a full day and at this point, im always charging my phone at night anyways. So i didnt have any complaints myself paired with the samsung 25 watts fast charger youll be back up to 50 battery in 30 minutes.

If this is just a separate purchase along with a flagship screen and performance, we also get top notch cameras, 12, megapixel wide and ultra wide, with an 8 megapixel telephoto and in samsung fashion the photos come out clear and colorful. It even supports up to 30 times. Zoom with a handy feature to help stabilize your shot while taking a photo plus the front selfie camera is a massive 32 megapixels and also supports a wide angle option for putting more people into your scene, which will keep all those selfie takers. Happy. Video also looked great with support up to 4k at 60fps and good image stabilization. Finally, the operating system is running samsungs new one ui 4.0 out of the box, which is based on the latest android 12 and has been a smooth experience. All the toggles and interface look modern and colorful, and a great experience all around on the apps. I use day to day its really hard to find things to nitpick about this device. I would have loved to see a headphone, jack or expandable memory, and the launch price is still sitting at just over a grand. However, in return youre getting a powerful and surprisingly worry free device. The ip68 rating means you can be caught in the rain with no problems. The gorilla glass victus protects the front display, and the lack of glass on the back makes drops far less of a worry. The overall experience feels similar to an s21 ultra for half the price, while still missing some of the standout camera features and the battery of that device.

I think the s21 fe has a solid place in the galaxy lineup and would probably be the phone id recommend to people wanting to join the samsung ecosystem. I think samsungs now the three features that matter the most to everyday users screen performance and cameras and in the day and age of phones sitting around two thousand dollars. This is a very strong option. We have some units on display in our stores, so just head into your local pbtech.