But, however, i disagree with that and im going to tell you why i think the samsung galaxy s 21 fe fan edition is the perfect phone released at the perfect time and its the best smartphone. You can buy right now. Lets jump into this Music all right. So the samsung galaxy s21 fv edition is a successor to lashes s21, s20 fv edition, which was rave reviews. The s20 original one was a very low phone because it fixed a lot of things. That was wrong with the s20 lineup, because the s’ was not a very low phone. So when the fan edition came out, it fixed a lot of the wrongs and a lot of people love that device. This is a little bit different with the f20 with the s21 fv. This is a different reason and different calls for this phone this time around instead, the s21 – it said the s20 you know was not being praised. The s21 series was praised to be one of the best smartphones you could buy, especially the ultra um in 2021. So that was really a big difference between how the s20 was received and the s21 will receive and just kind of seeing a little bit of a slower, flip flop. But now the s21 fv has not been receiving the way. Maybe samsung wanted to be while lashs fp dish was kind of like a two purpose phone one to make a mid range phone as two to fix, like the issues with s20.

This device is a little bit different. This is this years. Device is solely to compete in that min that mid range market and i think thats, where it excels. The purpose is basically to be the best mid range phone in the market, and you know what i think it accomplished that lets get some of my pros and cons of the s51 fe. The s21 f is equipped with last shares of snapdragon processors. The triple eight rave reviews – everyone loves the aaa processor, so youre going to get top notch process thats going to hold you down for at least the next three years, which is perfect in the case of the updates for samsung um, so youre gon na get the S21 youre gon na get the snapdragon triple a processor, um youre all living to six gigabytes of ram on this on this model, so you dont get eight gigabytes of ram. But, however, in my personal opinion it does its not gon na make that big of a difference if youre not doing like heavy mobile gaming – and i dont think most people out there really do that big of mobile gaming as people may make it seem sometimes so Its just like a niche market for that one um you do going to get option between 128 gigabytes and 256 after that for the 128. Since this is my secondary device, they need all the full storage plus out there. These days, you have a bunch of cloud options: google cloud plastic.

I got something you got microsoft. You know um onedrive, theres tons of cloud options out there that you dont need to get the most highest um of gigabytes, especially for my knees for this device, which is going to be primarily a product productivity device. So all my files already might be on the cloud or i can just easily transfer them whenever needed. So that is a good part to have those options. Thankfully, no 64 gigabyte, no phone should make 64 gigabytes ever again, its not its just its, not good. The 6.4 inch display on the screen is its chef cuz. This thing is like near flagship, quality and thats. It because, like if im looking at this phone right and then comparing it to maybe a lets, say um when the regular s21 fv ive. Never i had the ultra before um. Honestly, it looks pretty good to me. It looks almost identical in my opinion. Um you definitely get a top notch screen display. It is your famous samsung, dynamic, amoled screen 120 hertz, which is awesome, um its not um, its, not a which well call it its. Not a dynamic 120 display, so its not going to refresh um between like 120 hertz is like 60, whenever its needed um, which you know its cool to, have one two hits on all the time like im not going to complain about that, but the battery life Will take a hit because of that, since its gon na be constantly either running at 120, hertz or if you want to save battery itll, be running at constantly 60 hertz pick your poison for me, im going to go 120 all the way and ill charge you.

Whenever i need to – and the xylophone is very similar to the rest of the s9 lineup, you have your traditional. You know nice classic s1, look with the camera bump that flows over to the edges to the bezels and the size of it. Now this one, since this plastic is not a continuous design, there is a separation between the back of the phone and the size of the phone, which is no its okay, its plastic. You know 700 dollar phone in the middle range category. Youre not gon na get all like aluminum metal with all that stuff. So for what it is, it looks. It still looks pretty nice, the color options they have are awesome. You have olive, you have a purple. You have a navy, a black and a white opt out for the black one. I really really wanted the purple or the navy or the olive uh, but i wanted i cant wait to get stuff, so i wanted the same day and the only option i have for same delivery from best buy was the blacks opted out of the black one And to me the black still looks perfect. You know, black phones are pretty awesome. Still, you cant go wrong with the black phone and the one good thing some people might complain by having a plastic phone. But honestly, one amazing feature having plastic phones that the back is not going to break. You know, i think to me thats, like you know, if i drop my iphone right here right, this drops yeah.

The screen is going to crack, but i have now the problem of the back cracking and i now have the option of the back cracking too, which is you know if i drop my iphone. I got ta worry about the front and the back now and thats. Pretty annoying but, however, for the s21 fee you know. Let me take off the case. Is plastic so like if it breaks, if it drops it might get some scratch and make some dents in there on the sides and stuff like that. But this is not going to break only the front side is going to break, but you know what thats, where you have screen protectors right. So dont have to worry about that, and also since i couldnt get the purple one. I have this lavender case its some cheap case from some company on amazon dont know, but its it looks. It looks beautiful its perfect. Also. Another thing i love about this device is that you get the option to have either facial recognition or a finger split. The finger print scan on the display – this is not your best finger fingers print scanner in the world, as you know, they had a cheap out in some places. With this, you get the optical sensor, which is different from you know the super the ultrasonic sensor. They might see on high flash devices or the rest of the s21 series. The optical sensor is a similar one that you would get on the pixel six before this question.

Before i go any further into the review, i want to put notice that i am comparing this a lot going. Im gon na compare this a lot to the pixel six, for the same reason that i had a pixel six for about a week before i picked this phone up and the reason why i picked this up was because im looking to replace my surface duo, because I want like a more of a smaller device to have, as my second day productivity device. The tooth space is cool, but its too much me right now, um so im trying to opt for a cheaper, mid range phone and im time for the s31. Try it out, and you know what im going to be, comparing it to the pixel 6 slot, because i ran into a bunch of issues with my pixel 6 that im going to be noticing here too um, and one of them, you know, was a fingerprint scanner. You know people complain that its slower, but look, let me see if i get this good frame. Look at samsungs, okay, that quick the pixel will take a little bit longer to hold it for a little bit longer. Even samsung optical sensors fasten, the pixels and samsung is making it top notch. So i cant complain about that. As you know, its not ultrasonic its, not super quick, but its still good enough. Its gon na get you to open your phone right away and it has fake recognition at launch which pixel six did not so do a little bit more comparison.

The battery life is gon na, be something thats really important to me, because high ran is some weird issues with the pixel 6 battery life that im not finding out here with the fe uh, my pixel 6. You know on standby mode. You expect your phone to survive. At least you know a few days, maybe um, maybe like a couple hours or whatnot. The pixel 6 on standby mode literally, would will go from like 100 drop down to 30, with from like five hours on standby. Not me touching at all and the phone will get super hot using anything like instagram or snap or snapchat um. Maybe i had the effect of the device im, not sure what was happening there. That was really weird uh, but with the with the fe, you know im on 59. The last time i tried this phone was probably saturday night, and this is currently tuesday and ive been using it constantly here and there all in all. For the past few days, um, i watched youtube using it one night the battery life went from like 100 to 80 percent. It was really good to me. Um. Some people say that the best battery life vs not going to be iphone levels. Regular s21. F s. 21 series level, but for a mid range, 700 700 phone getting at least 10 hours out of your day with this device, and second especially as a secondary device for me, is awesome, and i cant say anything bad about that in my opinion.

So one thing ill mention real, quick and physically mention in future. Videos too, when i do phone reviews im not going to focus on cameras too often, and the reason for that, because i feel like with cameras, you know um its 2022 now all say 2021, but its 2022, almost any smartphone camera you get thats going to be Priced from, like 700 000 up its gon na be a good phone camera. Okay, if you actually buy like a cheap like android device, that is like motorola one of the other devices, you might get a subpar camera when youre buying stuff from samsung um iphone apple um, google, hawaii, all those oneplus. You know all the people youre gon na get for the most part, a really good phone uh camera phone, and you know what at that point in time. I dont think i need to ham, put the hammer down on more pictures and more real quiet stuff. You know theres a bunch of views on on youtube for that um theres, a bunch of channels that focus primarily on that and will do a way better job than me. So i will not be focusing on cameras because i feel like, at the most part, with this phone youre going to get near s21 quality cameras. The one thing the pixel might have over. This is the camera quality but thats about it um so i wont be focused on cameras in my reviews.

Uh for the most part, but long story short. The camera is very adequate, its its good enough. I dont know backwards, even the right word for that, but the camera is is good enough. You know its near s21 or baseline quality, maybe a little bit a little bit slightly less, but not by far, not that much and its going to be fine. Youre going to get great pictures of your kids, your dogs, everything pictures off now this is a fe device. This is a fan edition device. So having some things, that fans might like like an sd card or like a headphone jack, would have been nice. Samsung is not included in this phone, but im not super mad about it, because youre not gon na find the sd card or headphone jack in many phones. These days so like for me to be mad about that, as honestly is b is just not necessary, because what else youre going to find you know until apple probably brings back the sd card reader, i mean, if apple ever implements uh micro sd card shop, which Never will or bring back the headphone jack theres. No reason for most for us to complain about at this point, because its just not the normal, its moving off from that companies want to want to spend more. In the beginning, on buying uh, more memory versus you buying the cheapest one and upgrading down the road and as with most samsung devices, it supports samsung dex, and i built this super cool deck sub that im going to be using this phone device.

For from for. For the most part, and they get from a youtube channel called matthew mones, who i copy my samsung dex design from so its like a mountain. My desk has the ring camera light and you know it plugs into my monitor super cool when everyone use samsung dex and it also works as a webcam too, which is pretty dope um. So it went from more like business called something like that, so its pretty cool to have samsung dex as a sub for my device, as i can. Actually you know just in case. I need to do something on there im going to try to use a little bit more often, which i think is, will be a dope step, so shout out to matthew check out his channel. The link will be in the description to check out his setup um because it is his setup. I just replicated it all right. So, at the beginning of this video i mentioned, i made a big bold claim. This device is the best, the perfect smartphone that was released at the perfect time, and you know some people might be like why you know this phone came out like a month before the s22 launch line about to launch the pixel 6 is right. There price cheaper or its very similar uh. Why would i buy this phone over the pixel 6 or the s22 baseline um? The reason for that is going because the price difference is gon na be way different for first round this focus on the s22.

The price range for the s32 versus the s21 f3 is gon na, be completely different. You know this is a 700 phone that might go on sale to be six hundred dollars 500 in the future um the s22 that baseline, the baseline amount might cost. You know anywhere from like maybe 800 to a thousand okay between that range im, not im, not too sure what census and price is at. There might be a price increase. The most likely will be a price increase from samsung. Um phones are always increasing in price, so someone who wants to buy you know the baseline s22 or the fe. You know it might have a budget of like six hundred seventy dollars uh. This is the device for them. Theyre not gon. Na wan na spend eight hundred nine hundred thousand dollars for the s2, even though its newer, its still still gon na, get the same amount of updates on this phone. Okay, um, the the processor, is still a top notch processor. I dont like how sometimes your viewers are not reviewed, but i dont like sometime in the tech world. You know when a new chipset comes up. People just pretend, like the old trip set wasnt that great uh no the whole chipset is super good one of uh. One of snapdragons qualcomms best processors out there and to knock it down just because the the eight gen one is out there. No, its still gon na be really good.

Youre still gon na get top notch performance. You still get good stuff. Only thing that might slow down in the future is some updates from android, but hopefully samsung can refine it to make sure that everyones, smooth similar to how apple does on their phones, the older phones and now moving to the competition. The pixel 6, if you havent, been noticing out there, people have been saying mkbsd made a whole big tweet about it. The pixel 6 is very buggy, and even in my personal experience, when i use the pixel 6 for a week, it was a hot mess. Man, the battery dies so quick. The phone gets super hot off of things like instagram, come on man that thats the problem like to me thats a real problem. I dont know what kind of cooling system is used for like the tensor trip, but in my opinion it was horrible. The phone would get super super hot in my hands like its going to burn me. I dont want my phone to be super hot, while im using my phone man when im using this it doesnt get that hot its its the same temperature, that oh, it is, if its off its gon na be nice and cool. I should my phone shouldnt get squished and hot when im using it. Okay, google, i dont, know what happened there. Quality control needs to be figured out something because that was annoying um. The software bugs also not that great its okay well get to know each other.

Over time, google is upset at me, im sorry uh, but im not going to say googles name because um, but what was saying im a little bit scared. I was talking bad about google because they watching me no in no seriousness, though um yeah, i dont, get those problems with the fe im. Sorry, like samson, you know refine the devices, and this is another reason why i think this phone is better than pixel 6. samsung spent a whole year, making sure the s21 line and the software was top notch and perfect, refined and amazing. When you purchase this phone for maybe 100 more than the pixel six, you pay for that 100 extra hundred dollars youre getting a way better phone youre, getting a more phone that is already gon na, be amazing. To use out the box. You dont have to wait for updates down the line its gon na be perfect to use, and you get android 12 youre gon na get three of the updates, in my opinion, iris 100, more to get a more refined device versus something that you know. I have to wait for future updates, like nkbsd, say: dont buy something before promise stuff in the future, buy it for whats how it is now, and that is this device, which is already perfect. In my opinion, when i picked up the device from best buy um last week, you know i got this. I got. I got actually 100 gift cards from best buy for us for a deal.

Look free money im going to take the hundred dollar gift card about sending us really. You know what im saying thats a perfect deal to me: um and then on amazon right now. Theres also, i think, a few days ago, i dont know if its still there, but you could get a hundred dollars off from amazon, which is also dope too um. So the the phone been out for maybe like less than a month – and you already theres already deals like that to save money you could train devices with samsung. You could get hundred dollars from best buy, maybe hundreds off from amazon, maybe other places might be doing the same thing too. Free money is out there. This phone is pretty much priced perfectly with the group with the pixel six at that point. Samsung put seven hundred dollars, but but if we look at it, this phone is going to go on sale so often for samsung that you probably will never have to pay 700 device. You might be paying air between 600, maybe 500, maybe 550.. So to me, it cant go wrong with this bargain im. Sorry, this is the perk phone released at the perfect time. I will keep saying it because i think it really is – and this is me coming from someone whos, primarily an iphone user. Like i love my iphone whenever i pick my iphone up, you know its quality, its substantial. You know i get the pixel 6 fps plastic a little bit cheaper, but the quality and the the software you get with this device.

Its still too good to to like to not want to use it, you know – and you know, im coming from the buggy. Also a buggy mess, the duo too um and using android head just does not feel smooth. Doesnt feel nice. Microsoft is not really good were tweaking android to their to their best of their abilities, to make it good for them. We know who is samsung. Samsung is clearly the top android saw a manufacturer out there for does the software and um. He really cant go wrong. Even googles trying the best, but the pixel 6 is slowly becoming more of a dud, then a win, but the fe, in my opinion, is a perfect win in the mid range market so, like i said before, perfect device user perfect time, um youre gon na get Three updates because it was released in 2022 and the snapdragon triple eight to me is gon na, be a processor thats gon na last you for those three years um and just gon na hope that samsung continues to make sure the software runs smooth on the six Gigabytes of ram that the fe has and it samson achieves that – achieves that and theyre probably up. This is a timely manner. Um, its gon na be really good device that you can have for the next three years, maybe two so who whos this advice for consumers out there whos looking for a nice clean, a device that wont crack back when it drops crack back when the phone that Wont have a crack back when it drops decent battery life.

Good cameras awesome display future proof for the with the processor and the updates uh well go on still fairly often so, even though you dont want to spend full price look for a sale um. This is the device for you. This is awesome. I love the s21 fe um. If you have the s20 fe look into it, you know it might be nice. If you get for a cheap price move before trading, look into it, you get youre going to get more updates for it, youre going to get a new trip and youre going to get some decent cameras out of it too and good software. So i think its a great device. I think this is the perfect time for people who want to get into android looking for a secondary device to pick up the s21 fee for a cheaper price. Um skip the pixel six dont wait for the s22. If youre on a budget, it is not worth it youre going to spend way more money than you want to um, and i think you should just stick with effie. So this is my review of the gassy s21 fe fan edition. Hope you enjoyed this.