I already reviewed this product in italian language, but a lot of you asked me to review this product in english language, and so here you are. This is my first video in english and i hope to explain correctly why we have to buy cursify and what is cursify, what we can find in package, the requirements to use it, how to set up this dongle in our car and how to buy it. I will start with the last point: how to buy it. You, as you can read here, is a crowdfunding product, so you can find it not on kickstarter, but they moved on indiegogo and indiegogo is the same co founding platform as kickstarter. So if you buy this adapter this dongle at the end of this video, it will arrive as soon as possible, because the queue that you have to wait is very, very, very short. If you wait, other people will buy it and you have to wait more days. So more weeks so buy it at the end of this video to receive it as soon as possible, then go ahead with the the first real point: what is carsify and why we have to buy it as you can read: wireless android, auto adapter! Yes, because this um dongle um allow you to use android auto with without cable, so you dont need to attach your android smartphone to your car and you can use android out wireless, but your car should support already android auto with the cable.

If your car doesnt support android, auto with cable, this adapter will not add android auto to your car. It allows you to use it wireless, so without cable, so the requirements to use this um this dongle are basically to an android smartphone, as you have to use android, auto vias wireless and a car that support android auto via cable okay. So if you have these two requirements, you can already buy it because it works for sure. Then what we can find in the packaging package, we can find a lot of things. The package is, this is a very, very small, and it contains a lot of thing before to show you the dongle. I will show you that the package contains also instructions to set up it, but im going to show you in this video, okay and in dongle you can find in the package. Sorry, you can find the 3m stickers, so you can attach a dongle, and so, while you, while you are driving, it wont, move all around the car two usb cable, one type c type c, and one type c that is attached to the dongle and normal usb. Why you found two cables because, for example, my car is a normal usb, but the newest car as a usb type c. So you have you havent to buy new, usb cable to use this dongle as you you receive it, you can already use it and the important thing is the dongle.

It is very elegant, very small, and it is six centimeter and half per three centimeter and half per nine millimeters and on side we can find only the usb type c. On the other side, it is uh, it has nothing and on the front side you can find the carsify logo a led and a button, but i will explain you after the purpose of this battle of this button. Yes, so start with the the start we start to set up, it is in our car. The first thing to do is turn on our car, so it is turned on. Then we have to attach this dongle to the our car, with the usb provided in the package. Okay, the blink will the led will start to blink and our car. Nothing happened. Why? Because we have to set up it with smartphone for this test im using the um galaxy a40 with android 9 installed, and the first thing to do on the smartphone is to install the carsify application. Then after we have installed it, we have to open the carsify application. The carsify application allows us to do a lot of configuration on this dongle. The main important for me is that we can enable, for example, split screen because my car doesnt support split screen, but with this dongle i can enable it. So after we have opened cursify application, it says that we have to buy it, but in this case we have already an adapter.

So lets start yes in this screen, we can add new device and uh in the screen. Classify application tell us that we have to enable the wireless android auto in the android out application on our smartphone, so we are going to click on open settings to enable developer option. We have to click multiple time on version of android, auto then in menu. On top, we can find developer settings and we have to check, add wireless projection to settings. We already had this flag enabled, if you dont have it enabled enable it then return on carsify application go to the bottom and click on next button. After this, the application tell us that we have to start carrying, and we already did it so it already turned on and we have to plug in cursify adapter into the usb, and we did it as you can see. The smartphone is not connected with the cable, but is connected only the dongle so go next and at the moment application is searching at the dongle. As you can see on the dongle. There is a lag that blink and we have to wait some seconds that application find the cursify adapter. This is the first time that i connect the smartphone to Music, the adapter okay, the smartphone, the application found the adapter that we had confirmed to link with the carsify and then pairing request appear on a smartphone, and we have to confirm this too and then at This moment, as you can see, usb cable is not connected to the smartphone.

We have to wait some some second few seconds to make this connection. As he said you, this is the first connection that i did with this smartphone in the italian review. I did it with a oneplus nurture. Okay, as you can see, on the smartphone, a new android, auto setup is started. So, okay, what happened? Okay, we have to go next, so new regulator, android auto, arrive again on our smartphone. We have to continue clicking the next button and yeah on the smartphone on the car. Android auto is started so, as you can see, no cable attached to the car, as you can see in the notification android out connected to your car. Okay, just to show you that this dongle works, like a bridge to bridge android, auto wireless to your uh to your car. Now what we have to do nothing! We have to use android auto on on our car, our normal android, auto, as if we connect with our device with cable but its only wireless. We can find all our applications so phone maps, in this case also game, snacks and and so on. We can use ok, google, in this case it doesnt work because its not my main smartphone, okay, okay, it works. Okay, google, its not my main smartphone, so something shouldnt work correctly because of this, but with oneplus not that you, that is my main smartphone. It works very, very good. You can find it italian video in um, description and yeah, for example, whats the weather like in body okay, this time the internet wouldnt work because, as i said, this is not my main smartphone.

I set up this smartphone the first time with you, but internet works correctly. If you have a sim into the smartphone. In this case, i have not seen my smartphone, and so i couldnt navigate on the internet and im not connected to wireless network. The icon that you can see here is because android wireless twerks need to be connected to the dongle, with the wi, fi and bluetooth. Both so you, if you want to have access to the internet, you have to insert a sim with the data network to use it, and i think that oh just another thing, the application. As i said you, the application allows you to customize the dongle. So, for example, you can change the network, the wi fi networks that the dongle create to make android, auto wireless work, and you can choose to use only 2.4 gigahertz wi fi, but i suggest you to keep disabled these options. So otherwise, if your smartphone doesnt support 5 gigahertz wi fi, you should enable this then allow you to change dpi of the screen. So, as i said you, for example, we can my screen doesnt support the split screen because its an eight inch, but if you change the dpi, you can enable split screen. I will show you after i show you the application. Then you can disable the top blockers. Yes, its very useful because, for example, android auto block q16 tap constructor consecutively, qui so uh. By enable this uh option.

For example, passenger can use android auto without any limitation. You can enable the this option to start android out automatically, and you have to do this by android auto. The application explains you how to do it and yeah theres an interesting option in pro first connection yeah because with if you – and this is an experimental uh feature, but if you enable it in five seconds and uh. Also in four seconds, your smartphone will connect to android out to the dongle and android auto its available on your screen. So its a great feature and yeah. You can update the firmware of dongle by the application, so you will receive all update that product owner release and then you can, then you can enable some debug option. So if you have a problem, you can enable this feature and send logs to the developer and to the support of carsify and support is fantastic. They help you and they fix all the problem that you have and troubleshooting section is the same as uh debug and allow you to fix uh some problem yeah. So you can contact support and you can change a few settings, but you dont need to change this. So you have to do this only if support tell you to change something of the settings so now im going to show you how to enable the split screen. For example, as you can see, my android auto doesnt have split screen and yes, im going to put 100 as value, because my screen need 100 to enable split screen.

Then, okay, what happened on android, auto it should reboot and will enable split screen. Okay, it is rebooting, the led now is blue. It is rebooting now its uh, it is searching for the smartphone. As you can see, the dongle start itself and split screen is now available in my car. So, for example, i can have music up on the right side and maps on the left side and with the bar on the left side and not on bottom as uh before. I think that this is all from from me, i think, uh. I hope that i explain how to use scarcify and why to buy it and yeah. This is uh. This is all if you have any questions write below in the comments ill. Try to answer for each one subscribe to the channel because uh in next days and next week, i will release new review on a lot of interesting products.