It is christmas eve merry christmas to everyone whos watching this, and i got a special gift from santa claus. A brand new apple watch series, seven and im gon na be unboxing it and reviewing it. For you guys its the apple watch series, seven midnight aluminum case 45 millimeters nike edition thats, how the box looks like i really like the nike, also because of the black box, pretty cool ive never had one of these Music got a Music, oh, like this youre Gon na push it out there we go whoa the app watch. It is right at the top and i got the blue nike band. I really like this colorwall but thats, pretty cool, pretty cool, so lets unbox the band. First. There we go Music, we get the band that that color actually looks really good wow wow that she looks pretty nice. All right lets do some satisfying asl, oh Music, so wow thats, how the inside looks like and ive never had an apple watch. That came like this, designed for athletes by apple and nike. No apple stickers got the chojo, this ones with the usbc and and then here is the actual apple watch itself. Is this leather? Oh, no looks like leather kind of Music, wow Music. This blue color looks good lets. Turn it on all right lets, get the apple watch back Music, Music. All right lets grab my phone Music all right. This is how it looks like now.

Its setting up lets retire. My series 3 apple watch. This is the series 3. nike, and this is the series 7. Music, wow, Music, thats cool wow feels nice, so yeah, if you enjoyed dont, forget to hit that like button smash the subscribe button and see you next video peace out all right, the apple watch is All set up thats, the always on and thats the all screen it just goes.