So i have it on my phone and on the baby time baby monitor screen. We are able to view from both devices at one time. It has been quite some time since i have did a product review, video on a baby monitor, but the folks at baby time reached out to me with this baby monitor now. Normally, these baby monitors only work on this little tablet, but this one actually has both, as you can see, monitor, connection and app connection. So with this one, you could use the monitor, maybe when youre setting in your bedroom and if youre away from the house – and you want to check in you – can use the app and still check in, i think, thats great. I have not seen another baby monitor with this feature yet granted im not looking that hard, but i think thats a really great feature that a lot of people will enjoy so were going to get on the overhead rig unbox. This thing get it set up on the wi fi test it on the app test it on the monitor and uh. Show you exactly how it works. So click like click subscribe and indulge in your life and indulge clothing for the merch lets check out the baby time. Baby monitor all right baby monitor from baby time. Did you see it kind of looks like a cat which is pretty cool, supports, monitor connection and app connection? I think that is the best feature of this: nothing on the top, nothing on the sides.

The back shows you how you can mount it. You can either use the screws and mount it upside down, and then you invert the picture or you can just place it on a flat surface and then heres your manuals on the app store and google play store. It does only support 2.4 gigahertz, which is fine. I guess this is the bottom 5 inch color display 1080p camera full hd, infrared night vision, pry, detection, temperature and humidity feeding reminder nursery, rhymes, app connection, two way talk, one touch calling zoom and video encryption, so you know youre safe, so lets uh lets get into This i havent did a baby monitor in like a year. I think the last one i got was actually last january now. Well just slide this out baby time on the box, oh and its one of those. So we lift up all right. So quick start guide right on top a couple: different languages and then the camera, its actually uh, this parts, soft and rubbery, and a little baby time logo there. There is an sd card slot right here at the top very nice and theres the uh mount micro. Usb port on the back and the speaker, that is the camera, well theres speakers here too, so one speaker may be for like two way: communication, one speaker maybe for like the nursery rhymes, not certain, but theres, two speakers here and speaker here. It looks like lets. Look at this tablet: oh man, very nice, looking micro, sd card on the tablet and uh your micro, usb port got a little stand, a little antenna and uh.

Well, it feels very, very nice quality. All right, then two micro usb cables for this one. For this, this is that little mount that you can drill into the wall and then uh goes into here two uh usb bricks and our screws all right so thats, essentially it for the baby time. Baby monitor unboxing, now um, im gon na get this cleaned up, and then we will get these im going to get this charged up and well get everything connected and get on the app and show you how all that works. All right so were going to get everything plugged up, starting first with the actual camera. This usb cable goes just above my head, so i would say its about six and a half feet, maybe close to seven feet well plug in here on the back and then well plug the other end here and then well plug this into a power outlet. All right, thats got power. Lets give this some power got a red light on the front here now. This cable seems to be the same length, no difference in the cables from what i can see. Oh all right plug in on this side, and we will peel this on off and then same here and plug into your power outlet, and there we go. Both devices are plugged up lets put out our kickstand here. Look at that got a nice little charging indicator. Now we need to go through the setup process, all right so on our camera.

Here we have a steady flashing light peel this on off now, weve got our tablet, got a power button here, on top were gon na hold that power button. It should power on this tablet and then prompt us to connect this. Maybe it needs more time to charge and collect the charge so its already uh set up. How do i ive got a memory card here got an antenna here. Let me go back into it. So its already synced to this device, i didnt have to do anything as you can see when i press the buttons it turns. The camera look left, look right. We can even look up hello, very cool now. If we go in the menu here so theres our were gon na mute us. We can turn the brightness up a little brighter theres, where we can take a picture. Oh you need the sd card for a picture. Okay same for a video – and this is the playback so since theres no sd card, theres, no playback wallpaper, reset device, information, camera management and a nice back button here, feeding reminders: you can set uh feeding, reminders, amenity detection, so itll tell you uh if it gets To a certain degree, smart care motion, detection, noise, detection, cry, detection, alarm volume, thats, sd card management, sleep mode date and time indicator light. Well, you can turn off the indicator, light a little blue light on the front and then language wallpaper reset device information.

Now this one, i thought, said hello, so theres, the feed that looks pretty nice now were gon na, go through um the setup process with our phone, so youre gon na get kind of two angles here. So im gon na go into my play, store, which cloud edge all right make us an account all right. So now that ive downloaded the cloud edge app and created my account, i can add a device and im going to select baby camera baby camera wi fi. Please power on the device: okay, okay, all right, so it wants me to hold the reset button on this device for four to five seconds, which is right here, underneath the chin so um all right. I think i found something small enough to use get down in here all right. Its flashing blue wait for a flashing red indicator light i got flashing blue, so were going to say next anyway, put in our wi fi password and then were going to show this camera. The qr code scan the qr code. I heard the tone, and so now this camera should be connecting to my wi fi network, where i could view it through this app. As you can see, we got a blue light now and there is our device: hey hello, thats, a really nice picture. Look at that current place is good, good signal strength, well, name it babys room. Now. If i want to view it, i can click right into it.

I got an intercom option. I have my phone muted by the way: screenshots humidity, ptz, pan tilt and zoom. So thats how you can move it around very nice. You can see my wi fi signal is 89 percent calendars. Now lets look at one other thing i want to see. I want to see what does this do now? Look at that it still works. So can we view both at the same time, look at that we cant all right. Look at that, so i have it on my phone and on the baby time baby monitor screen. We are able to view from both devices at one time. If we slap some memory cards in here, we should be good to go. So this is an audio video test on the baby time baby monitor in that video test on him. This is a speaker test on the baby time baby monitor Music, and that should essentially do it for the baby time baby monitor. That is the setup process. As you can see out of the box, this worked right away. I then use the bobby, pin reset the camera, to get it flashing red and was able to get it to connect to the cloud edge app and, as you can see in my video, somebody could be at the house using this device, while youre away from the House using the cloud edge app to also view the baby monitor. So personally, i think this is an amazing amazing baby monitor with tons of features with the feeding reminders and the tones and all of that kind of stuff.

I would definitely highly recommend this.