I believe so. We have the phone itself well come back to it in a minute. Lets see the contents usb type c cable, a case i havent used it actually yet plastic bags a screen protector. I havent used it because i put the phone in a case another case, a greeting note from the creators, the founders of fx tech. We have a quick start guides. You can see its right here. You can see how the phone and the keyboard unfolds well see. The phone in a minute we have here was the phone itself. We have a charger which supports qualcomm quick charge. 3.0. We have various adapters for different standards of socket plugs. This is uk type. I believe this is us and im using the european union standard and thats about the box, so heres the phone itself about the exterior of the phone we have stereo loudspeakers on the both sides. You can see now heres the one heres the another. We have usb type c charging port. We have a microphone on the other side, we have a dedicated camera button, a fingerprint reader sensor or reader im, not sure we have a power button volume up and down buttons. On the top. We have a 3.5 millimeter stereo jack, something thats very thats that doesnt exist in modern phones anymore. Unfortunately, on the other side, we have the tray for sim cards and sd cards on the back. We have dual rear rear camera, a flash uh.

I think this is a second microphone for noise, noise, cancellation, but im not sure and its designed in london of course now lets see the beautiful keyboard. The phone opens like that. It takes some time to get used to. You can see the hinge mechanism, so the keyboard is a beautiful five row keyboard qwerty. It also has variants for german quartz. The keyboard has a backlight lets turn on the phone, so we can rotate to landscape mode. With this button and lets lets check the keyboard. We can type something like its relatively easy to type on this keyboard. You can either use the keyboard with both hands typing, with your thumbs as i do, or you can put the phone on a flat service and use your these fingers to type on the keyboard. Like like a computer like a small laptop, i rarely do so so lets close the phone. The menu is very fast. The phone is very fast itself, so we can close it. We can switch to or no we will not switch to portrait. We will use it at landscape mode. You can see the settings so this phone. As i said, the model is from 2019. It had pretty decent specs for 2019 and it still has i mean it – has uh six gigabytes of ram 128 gigabytes of rom storage. The processor is qualcomm snapdragon 835 um it has. The phone has all the uh typical amenities of modern smartphone has wi fi bluetooth, nfc its a 4g phone ive been using it with the bulgarian mobile operator vivacom.

It has pretty decent reception signal receptions everywhere. I go about switching from portrait to landscape mode. Not all applications are optimized for landscape mode, but some are, for example, there is no problem with facebook messenger with Music, for example, using the browser it supports. Both portrait and landscape modes lets switch to to portrait. This switch can be automatic. I mean uh when you depends on the orientation of the phone, if its like that it will switch automatically to portrait if its like that it will switch to landscape. But i made it manually on purpose because its more comfortable for me to switch manually from portrait to landscape now its not dark, but so i can tell you that the keyboard has backlights. It has all the typical typical settings of android 9. Yes, it runs android 9.. This phone is very rare. Actually i think only a few thousand units have been built and so its a unicorn phone. I mean its very nice to know that you own something that not many other people own it. You can see the back side of the phone here assembled in china, designed in uk london uh. It has very good build quality. I mean uh theres, no wobbling or um its very nice very well built phone hardware wise. I have not have any problems with it. So far, the battery lasts long enough, like three or four days, but maybe thats, because i turn off mobile data every time i put the phone in my pocket ill.

I do this with all of my phones: thats for two purposes: first extended battery life and second, i will not receive notifications and at the night, when i sleep, so the mobile date is turned off now. I will turn it on now and and although this phone has a keyboard, basically it consists of two parts keyboard and screen they manage to make it quite thin. I mean, of course, its a little bit thicker than modern smartphone without keyboard, but uh, considering the fact that it has keyboard uh the engineers that designed this phone made, it very thin. I think i think so. The battery is not user replaceable, but i have havent noticed any decrease of the battery life for one and a half years since, since i have this phone and thats about it, guys, if you have any questions post a comment and bye for now by the way. Next time ill be reviewing another modern, android qwerty phone uh.