I just wanted to give you an update on this phone again. This is made by the company blue blue the model studio blue studio x 10, as you can see right here, kind of just an update on the phone, a budget friendly relatively budget friendly smartphone, which unfortunately um has stopped working this phone kind of just it was A little bit problematic from the start, if you dont know this company blue, they specialize uh blu. This is a blue x10. They specialize in budget friendly smartphones, basic phones which not smartphones but but mainly uh things that ive been buying recently from this company are budget friendly, smartphones, certainly less than a hundred dollars, maybe as low as sixty dollars. Fifty sixty dollars. Seventy eighty. Ninety you get the point really phones that are maybe hundreds of dollars less from other than from other brands. You might be saying well, is that a problem? Is there a problem with buying a 60 to 70 smartphone, and the answer is no, unless it breaks like this one, so this video is not about saying anything bad about this company, because actually this is the fifth comp. This is the fifth phone i have from this company. I have five phones, so im the last person, whos gon na, say anything bad about this company, and this is really just to tell you that out of the five phones, this one of them kind of just stopped working um, there was even from the beginning.

I mean its a very, very, very beautiful device, very nice looking device. I like the color. It was really came with some nice accessories like this case that you can see here, but it really just kind of stopped working. So let me just tell you exactly what happened so the story with this phone i bought in november 2020.. It was fine. A few months later, i started seeing all these errors application errors with the applications like this application has stopped working. Google play services has stopped working um, google calendar is not working, somethings, not working, and the applications are just constant error messages that wasnt necessarily problematic, but the problem was then. I started to receive my my my metro north ticket, my train ticket electronically, so ill get all these messages saying applications, arent working applications, arent working and when i was trying to show my ticket to the conductor, its kind of kind of awkward, because i got all These messages, flashing, saying error, error, error, im just trying to show them my ticket, so that wasnt very helpful. But what was really a problem is when really towards the end of last year, towards the end of 2021. I started getting this message saying: google play services has stopped working. I did all the research i could couldnt figure out. Couldnt could not fix. It was wondering if it was just something wrong with the application i was using to get the train tickets.

I just figured. Maybe its an android issue, maybe its an issue with one of the apps i had on my phone, so i reset it to factory settings and everything was then fine. So before you asked did i reset it to factory settings? I did i reset the phone, so in terms of the software it was like, i had just purchased a brand new phone a few months later everything everythings fine. A few months later, it started happening again, and i was just kind of like i dont know what to do here. I was getting these some of these startup messages, like really huge error message like something wrong with android, so i was ready to say well its android its. Maybe i didnt install the updates correctly. No, i did everything correctly. I reset it to factory settings and again i started seeing these errors, so eventually it just wouldnt turn on just stop. Turning all together, not very good. If i have an electronic train ticket that im trying to monthly train ticket hey, i have a ticket. Oh, where is it? Oh, my phones not working, so i kind of had to switch to another phone um again, im, not saying anything bad about this company. Its just keep in mind that if you do buy lots of 66 dollar phones, this ones about 66, keep in mind that not every cheap smartphone is going to work perfectly forever. This one lasted maybe a year, but there were lots of errors, its just a little bit unfortunate.

This is again the blue blue studio, sorry, so the blue studio x10, its not really like a big deal or anything im, not very upset, but the reality is. It did stop working. I did reset. The factory settings went through the whole setup process again only to see that its just to see the same same uh, same errors happening again and then eventually, not only were there errors, i mean it was possible to use the phone just not possible to access the Internet because it just kept crashing the browser kept crashing. Oh google play services stopped working. I know its a common error. People might see. So i did look around try to Music try to try to figure out what i could do to try to maybe um sorry to turn off the flight here. Try to fix it, but the the truth is that it was just. It was really the phone because i switched to another phone, another cheap blue smartphone and that one ended up working perfectly with my train ticket, no issues with that application. So i figured this was just this device. I dont know if every one of these devices has an issue, but this particular blue studio x10 that i bought just didnt do very well and its just im not trying to give you advice or tell you to buy or dont buy its just. This is my experience with this phone. It was a 66 dollar smartphone that ended up not working after a year and its okay, its okay, because thats really the benefit of buying these cheap phones is that they really are one of the purposes you can just use.

It for some internet browsing light applications here and there, and then you really are buying a cheap device. So if it breaks then youre, maybe not too not too upset and thats the reality. I wasnt very upset because i had another several blue smartphones with me. So i got another one got another one. I had another one with me already. It was the blue studio x9 right here, the the blue studio x9 hd, which is a fantastic device sleek its just like really really good. So so so sorry so fortunately um. I had one already had another device handy and started using that one, no issues with the train ticket, no issues with anything any of my applications. No more error message messages. So this is what im, using now the blue studio, x9, really just a wonderful device. So just goes to show you just just understand: if youre buying lots of cheap smartphones theyre not all going to work perfectly, i mean maybe more expensive, smartphones too, but thats just the truth. Electronics, not really 100 reliable. This is a blue studio. X10. A little bit disappointed that this stopped working but at the end of the day, its only 66 dollars – and i have several other phones from this company and theyre working great. So no complaints. But if any of the other phones that i have with this company. Blue stop working ill, be sure to let you know just because its just good to know that sometimes things dont work but again its not anything bad about the company im, not trying to say dont buy this particular model.

Its just saying im just saying this model didnt work for me thanks for watching this video, not sure if it was informative but anyways, i do like cheap smartphones im a huge fan of them so ill just keep making these videos maybe ill buy some more anyways.