It looks really premium with this camera bump and it offers features not normally seen in this segment like stereo speakers. Does that mean that this is the best phone you can buy under 15 000. Right now well, lets find out Music. The camera bump on the back gives this phone a really premium. Look this layout that weve seen in more expensive, oneplus and realme phones makes it look like something in the 30 to 40k price range. The back material is plastic, and has this striped effect design? The sides are plastic as well, but dont feel cheap. The build quality overall is quite impressive. At 190 grams, the phone feels quite sturdy and good to hold in the hand the bezels on the front are also not too large. In terms of button layout, you have the volume buttons on the left of the phone and the power button, which also incorporates a fingerprint sensor on the right. I quite like this prism, blue color theyve sent us, but this phone is also available in black on the front. Is the 6.6 inch full hd plus lcd panel? Now this is not an amoled, yes, but its still a really good lcd display colors are quite vivid and even the viewing angles arent that bad. You also get the 90hz refresh rate here, which keeps things quite smooth, and i really do appreciate the full hd resolution at this price point. You do have whitevine l1 certification as well, so watching full hd content on streaming.

Apps is a treat the killer feature here. That really raises the bar in terms of the audio experience is the stereo speakers, something which is really hard to find at this price point. The output isnt completely balanced the bottom firing speaker is still louder, but overall it gives a nice stereo experience when watching content. The speakers themselves are also fairly decent in terms of quality. You also get a 3.5 mm headphone jack, which is one of the benefits of buying a phone at this price range Music. The real me 9i is powered by the snapdragon 680 chipset. Now this isnt as powerful as the helio g96 that we saw on its predecessor the real me 8i, but it is a lot more efficient. This is based on the 6 nanometer process, while the g96 is a 12 nanometer soc. The real games that we should be seeing here are in battery life, which well get to in a bit. Do note, however, that this is a 4g chipset and theres no 5g support on this phone in terms of gaming, the chipset can do call of duty mobile with medium graphics. If you want a high frame rate, though you have to go to low graphics, the gameplay is quite smooth with no jitters, and this phone will definitely not come in the way of your gaming skills day to day performance is pretty snappy and i didnt notice any Slow downs or lag when using social media apps and the like multitasking is fine with this 6 gb ram unit, but even the 4gb version should be ok for most users, you can get up to 128gb internal storage in this phone, which is also expandable with a Microsd card slot, the real me 9i comes with real me, ui 2.

0, based on android 11.. There should be an android 12 update coming pretty soon. The real me 9i gets 3 cameras at the back, with 2 of them being a 2 megapixel macro lens and a 2 megapixel depth sensor. The real start of the show is the 50 megapixel main camera in bright daylight. The real me 9s camera produces some very good shots that punch well above its price range. Colors are nice and vivid and even dynamic range is pretty decent, its quite good. At taking videos too in low light, you can turn on the dedicated night mode to get some fairly bright, looking shots, although this does add a fair amount of grain. Theres. Also 16 megapixel front camera, which takes very decent selfies quality in video calls, is also not a problem. Now there is no ultra wide camera on this phone. That feature has become pretty common, even in phones in this price range. Honestly, though, there are always some trade offs when buying a phone at this price on this device, you get a really nice screen and stereo speakers, but you dont get an ultra wide camera. You have to choose whats more important to you. Real me is packed in a 5 000 milliamp hour battery in this phone, which lasts about forever seriously. It easily lasted me well above a day and a half in regular usage with 33 watt dart charging. It charges up pretty quickly too only taking 70 minutes to go from 0 to 100.

The real me 9i is a phone that is very focused on giving a great multimedia experience. You get a nice full hd, plus screen and stereo speakers. The design also looks really premium and the camera is good as well. Theres, no 5g and theres no ultra wide camera.