I havent posted a video in the last month or so just because i got really really busy. I was working on two massive projects as well. The holidays also did not help as well but anyways. I am back now and so without further ado. The next product im going to be talking about is this small rig. Smart vlog, smartphone vlogging kit, so lets dive in so small rig did send me this product to review, but everything im going to be telling about is based, on my honest opinion. So first off lets talk about the build quality. Now this thing is made out of entirely almost entirely of metal, so theres nothing cheap about it at all. I dont feel, like anything, will snap off if i drop it, so this entire thing is fairly hefty. Its got some nice weight to it and when i throw it onto the scale it says about 500 526 grams, so it does have some substantial and nice weight to it. So there are two pieces to this kit: theres, the tripod and head that come together as well as the actual phone holder. Again, both of these pieces are made almost entirely of metal. So lets take a look at the tripod first now, first off the feet on the legs are made out of this kind of rubbery material, so it doesnt scratch whatever surface it is, and it just feels you know pretty good when you set it down onto your Table or a ground, it offers some nice kind of traction, so it wont slide around now.

The next thing is that the legs they are fairly tight, um when you open and close it. However, it does come with an allen key which is nice, so you can loosen up the legs if you wanted to moving along now onto the actual head itself, it does have this nice fluid panning part to it. So you can smoothly pan your your head. No problem ill tighten that up and then right here there is just a regular standard ball head, which is great and on to the actual quick release part. There is a level which is nice. If you want to get your shots, nice and level – and it comes with a quick release plate now – you this could go on the bottom of your camera. So you can use this for your camera or you know its it. Oh yeah, so the the mounting part is an arca swiss. So if you had any other arca swiss, you can actually mount whatever orca swiss thing you can. But the bottom of this uh phone holder is actually arca swiss, so i can actually just slide that right in there and tighten it up and there is your phone holder now. How does this phone hold to work now? There is this one kind of main hinge right here, which kind of opens and close closes up to about 180 degrees, so it folds out flat and out and also has a swivel point right here, and this is kind of where you would mount your cell phone.

Now the one thing to note about it is that when you are pulling it out now it is you know when i put my phone in there, such as when im putting my phone, my iphone 13 in here it is kind of tight and i do have To pull it out, just kind of the very, very part of the full part of the spring, and the one thing to note is that it does hurt my fingers when im, opening and closing, and so when im taking my phone out pretty much the same thing. You just kind of have to pry it open just a little bit just to kind of let your phone out and uh yeah thats spring loadedness um. You know i wish there was some kind of way just to kind of do. A quick release where you dont have to use your fingers to kind of pry it open, but thats just my opinion. Now other cool things about this phone clamp is. There is a cold shoe at the very, very top right here, so you can mount on a mic or if you had a light or anything like that, you can mount it right there at the very bottom right here. There is a small little screw thread adapter. So you can mount whatever camera accessories on to their tripod plate, whatever whatever it is, that you want on there and um the bottom. It does have these kind of like rubbery grips right here, so you can actually stand your mount just on the table, as is without the tripod legs, and to get some extra stability.

The legs fold out like a little v right here so thats, pretty neat small rig – did also send me this uh plug in lavalier mic as well as this rgb led light to improve your vlogging quality okay. So this is me doing a test with the built in microphone in my iphone 13 pro testing testing one two three and now im doing a test right now with the cymore l3 wave, lavalier mic clipped right over here and yeah. This is just what the audio sound quality sounds like. So, with this lav mic, i do see an improvement with audio quality. However, i probably wouldnt use this myself and the reason is just because i dont like having you know, cables and wires, and things like that. Just dangling around so i probably would suggest you guys getting an on camera shotgun mic instead and lastly, lets talk about the cymore vibe p80 light. This is doing a test with the light completely off, and this is doing a test with the light at one hundred percent so heres the light its nice and small, its the size of the palm my hands its made out of plastic. It has the adapter on the bottom, so you can mount it on top of a camera or rig or whatever it is that you want. It is powered via a usbc charging port and on either side theres. These two kind of slots right here which have magnets built in so you can that on either side it does have a magnet.

However, the magnet is not very strong, so when you put it onto anything metal its, not like a great or really really strong magnet. The magnet could be improved, um and the very very top theres just on this one side right here. There are all the plus and minus buttons to increase or decrease uh. Whatever setting youre at there is a main power button and theres a mode button. So when i click the main power button on for a few for a few seconds now, this is right now at 100 percent and you can change it. So you can go all the way. Change, your color temperature, sorry and ill just go ahead and do that so lets go to the very bottom right here. So this is at 2500 kelvin and you can actually increase it in increments of 100k all the way up to 9000.. So it has a nice little spectrum and each one you can dim it from zero to 100 percent and when you click the different, the the mode button or sorry with the the power button, one more time it switches to the opposite side. And this is when you activate your rgb light mode, so uh at the very, very top right here on the lcd panel theres. Actually, three things that you could cycle through number one is actually the intensity of the light. So you can go from all the way from zero to a hundred percent, so ill just go all the way down to zero, and then you can increase it all the way up to one hundred percent.

Now, if i click um the mode button, it will go down to the so now i can cycle through the different color spectrum. So you know this is a red, orange, green, blue and purple, and it goes back to pink. So you can cycle through the different color spectrums and then the last um mode right here is the color spectrum or sorry the uh saturation level. So you can totally desaturate it all the way down to you, know zero or you can increase the saturation all the way up to a hundred percent, and you can do that with all of the colors in here now, when you click the mode button. One more time uh you actually enter in or sorry not the mode button, but the power button you enter into the special effects mode, so uh, theres, im not gon na, go through all the effects, but theres quite a few in there that you can do like A police, car or ambulance you can do fireworks a tv, a fireplace light, just uh. You know just a bunch of random different effects. So, in terms of my final thoughts about this rig, i i do feel like it is extremely well built. It is very ruggery. Rugged its made out of full metal construction, its built to last the only downfall. That, though, is that it is going to be a little bit heavier when youre carrying it around in your bag. The lav bike works.

Well, however, i just dont like dangling cables in terms of the light, its nice and small, its lightweight, and it definitely packs a lot of features anyways guys. I hope you enjoyed this video and, if you want to see me, do more, please like and subscribe and definitely dont forget to follow me on instagram at desi 31.