We can once again go out and see people we know in real life and drink obscene amounts of alcohol with them in pubs like we used to just in the past week alone, ive probably taken more photos on my smartphone than i did in the hall of 2020 and if nothing else ill at least be able to then relive these memories when the next massive disaster drives us all into underground bunkers forever and now that were all going out and doing stuff in real life. Again, you might be wondering what are the best smartphones for actually capturing beautiful photos and gorgeous home movies of your mates and loved ones. Well, ive tested and reviewed dozens of the biggest mobiles around and heres my pick of some of the very best that you can grab yourself right now in 2022, ive got full reviews and unboxing videos of all of these smartphones right here on tech. Specs definitely check those out and for more on the list and great sec. Please do poke subscribe and hitting that notifications bell cheers now. Without a doubt, the google pixel 6 and pixel 6 pro are two of my favorite smartphone tuners right now, with a majestic camera, spread right across the ascent of these fantastic flagships for the newest generation of pixel blowers. Google has completely overhauled the camera hardware. Cramming in a 50 megapixel sensor, thats two and a half times bigger than the pixel fives, so google isnt, relying quite as heavily on the software smarts when it comes to grabbing great, looking picks in low light and tricky conditions.

No matter your choice of standard or pro, you can bet your nipples that youll get natural, looking shots both day and night, complete with accurate skin tones and impressive results in hdr situations, its straight up a case of point and shoot here. No brain activity is needed at all. Now for the pixel 6 series, google has added in some fresh new camera features that you can have a bit of a play around with the likes of the action pan, for instance, which just adds a bit of motion blur to your more dynamic scenes. And unfortunately, these new features did mostly turn out to be a gimmicky sack of pants. Although i did love the editing tool which wipes out any pesky background stragglers now, while both the pixel 6 and the pixel 6 pro sport, an ultra wide angle lens, which offers a pulled back view when needed, only the pro offers up an optical zoom lens for Getting closer to the action, besides that youre getting basically the same great bit of camera tech, either way home movie results arent as strong as some rivals, and if you are after a dependable, selfie cam, then you will definitely want to look elsewhere as those front fires Are a bit of a let down, but if youre all about everyday stills, well, the pixel 6 and the pixel 6 pro are simply the best out there and ive done a full in depth. Camera review of them comparing the two right here on texpert now, google also still offers up the pixel 4a and the pixel 5a for roughly half the cost of those flagships, and while it is all the camera tech packs in there, these mid range mobiles are still More than capable, in fact, theyre, the best camera phones around at this price point once again pumping out fantastic natural, looking snaps in pretty much any scenario.

If youre on a bit of a tight budget, well, stick around because well be covering some of the pixel 4a and the pixel 5s biggest affordable camera rivals at the end of this video. Otherwise, i guess you could just use the chapter feature to skip right to that bit. If youve had enough of me banging on about expensive stuff now, a hot rival for the pixel 6 smartphones comes courtesy of apple with its latest iphone 13 blowers and theyre, just as flamboyant camera design. If you want the beefiest hardware out, there, youll need to spunk out a grand orca for the pro or the pro max models which sport a triple 12 megapixel setup like the pixel 6 pro. This can capture picks with an ultra wide angle lens or a telephoto zoom when the standard view isnt quite enough, while colour reproduction isnt as accurate as those pixels, you do get a reasonably natural result again with a simple point and shoot vibe. The iphones are almost as good in low light and ambient light with a nippy lidar sensor for fast focus. However, the real benefit here is the video chops as the iphone 13 pro, and the pro max can both record some very slick. Looking footage at 4k resolution, especially impressing with some dependable image, stabilization dont have the cash to spunk out on these super priced apple blowers, or maybe you simply dont fancy cramming something roughly the same size and weight as an average house, brick into your pants every day.

Well, no worries because the iphone 13 mini is actually my favorite of the new phones, because its pleasantly compact, if still somewhat chunky and the camera tech is still proper. Decent apple has scrapped the lidar scanner and the telephoto shooter, and the primary 12 megapixel sensor is slightly different here on the iphone 13. Many, but youll still get some solid everyday shots, even in quite testing conditions. Your photos wont be too far off what you see with a naked eye. Although subjects in motion do often come out blurry if the lighting isnt just right – and i personally found the iphone 13 mini – was just as capable as its much bigger, much more expensive siblings. When it comes to selfies as well, once again, sporting a 12 megapixel front facing shooter, and if you want to know more than your full reviews of the iphone 13 mini as well as the iphone 13 pro max right here on texpert now, samsungs fresh new s22 Flagships all lurking on the horizon ready for launch, but even one year on, i still rate the galaxy s21 series. They are pretty damn good at camera phones and they come pack in a absolute wealth of bonus. Camera mods as well. If you want to tinker around and get all kinds of, jazzy results, the standard, galaxy s21 and the s21 plus serve up a brilliant 12 megapixel sensor, just like the iphones, which does a great job with living and more static subjects night and day.

Whatever you need again skin tones and other hues on quite 100, accurate, especially when youre shooting indoors, but only the pixel, really does a much better job in that regard. Theres also an ultra version of the galaxy s21, which costs a shag load extra, but also upgrades that camera text youve got a 108 megapixel primary sensor, which can capture even more detail and nice bright shots even in really low light conditions. Youve also got the ridiculously good and also somewhat just ridiculous, 100 times space zoom. If you really want to get close to something thats very, very far away. Indeed, all three samsung handsets offer an excellent range of camera features. So, for instance, youve got the single take mode which shoots up to 20 seconds of footage and then spaffs out all manner of stills and comedically random clips, which always seems to work well for living subjects. Video recording tops off at 8k res on all of the s21s. If you have a deep desire to absolutely kill your remain in storage, otherwise, the 4k res mode works. A charm samsung always seems to nail the video capture on its flagships, and the s21 is once again dependable, with the option to swap between all three lenses to get the perfect shot and also now fresh for 2022. We have the samsung galaxy s21 fan edition, which sports very similar optics, but it actually upgrades the telephoto shoots. So now, youve got a three times optical zoom.

In there and ive done you a full unboxing of this bad boy. My full review as well should be coming imminently if its not already live now, one camera phone – that is a bit trickier to track down here in the west, but well worth that effort is the vivo x70 pro plus those lenses are coated in zeiss t star Glass, which can help to prevent gaussian and other lighting issues that will bugger up your shot and youve also got vivos 5 axis gimbal stabilization built into that camera hardware as well to help you get really nice crisp, detailed, low light shots with help from that clever Hardware, the vivo x70 pro plus 50 megapixel samsung gn1 sensor, combined with the v1 image processor spaced out, gorgeous looking picks in practically any conditions. My photos were packed with fine detail and colors that look practically the same on that mighty display, as they did in real life, the best ive seen outside of googles, fresh flagships, even in strong daylight. I was really impressed with the results practically no flaring or saturation to speak of and in more ambient light when youre shooting indoors or in the evenings. You can once again expect a crisp photo with limited noise and accurate color reproduction. The vivo x70 pro plus also packs in a 48 megapixel ultra wide gimbal camera, which once again captures both bright and dark scenes with respectable results alongside an eight megapixel periscope lens with three times optical zoom, which is great for getting detailed photos from a distance.

Like the samsung s21, you can record video at up to 8k resolution, but i stuck with 4k for most of my testing time and i was more than happy with what i saw. You get plenty of detail, punchy, colors, highly respectable image stabilization, while audio came through just as cleanly and last up the 32 megapixel selfie cam is again a bit good, whether shooting in low light or brighter environments. Basically, i struggle to find much to complain about with this camera tech at all its reliable at pretty much any time of day for less cash than the pro plus model. You can also grab yourself the standard vivo x70 pro, but you tend to lose that eyebrow reason color accuracy with this. Instead, it rather boosts those uh colors to make things. Look a bit more vibrant and also vivo has also paired back. Some of the other camera features, but ive done a full side by side comparison of the two writer and textbook. If you want to see the difference and ive also just reviewed the fresh new vivo v23 pro, which was launched at the start of 2022, which, like the x70 pro plus pumps out beautifully natural picks, but for a cheaper price now so far, all these camera phones That i mentioned are best suited to people who just want to point and shoot, maybe play around with the occasional bit of camera, feature bonus action like a portrait mode or something like that.

But if you are a photography pro – and you really really want to get involved with tweaking your photos and get a very precise kind of result where you cant go wrong with the sony, xperia 1 and sony xperia 5 mark iii, these serve up a whole extra Level of control with the photo pro mode, which gives you a proper dslr style interface, complete with proper, dedicated alpha camera tools. Moving subjects are kept in focus with super fast eye tracking. Although low light performance does pale in comparison to the best camera phones in this roundup, if youre into your video and again, you want greater control than the competition offers well, sonys blurs will certainly appease. You can shoot glorious cinematic 21×9 footage with a variety of filters. Clever manual focusing and a bevy of other tools overall magnificent stuff. However, the actual xperia smartphones themselves arent, quite as impressive as some of their rivals, and in fact i actually preferred the previous generation id say. If you find a good deal on the xperia 5 mark ii, well, definitely jump on in there because most of those mark 3 features they do trickle down to the previous generations, and i also absolutely have to give a shout out to the huawei mate 40 pro, Which boasts some incredible optics that are superior to pretty much anything out there when it comes to low light and ambient conditions. However, the mid 40 pro can be a bit of a bugger to find, certainly here in the uk, and definitely in the us, where huawei us relations still not the best out there shall we say, plus.

Of course, you dont get those lovely google services which will be a deal breaker for many, but anyway you can check out my in depth unboxing right here on textbook. Now, of course, most of these smartphones i mentioned are pretty bloody expensive. They are basically premium and flagship devices through and through, but of course, youve got the likes, the pixel 4 and the 5a, if youre on a tighter budget – and there are plenty of other great, affordable camera phones and that sort of 300 400 pound price point. If thats, what youre, after so, for instance, theres the poco f3, which is an all around excellent blower with a 48 meg snapper that can churn out sharp shots with punchy colours, working well with live and breathe and endlessly bopping about the players, subjects xiaomis redmi. Note 10 pro is another excellent snapper as well. This time around the 250 quid price point, which serves up a 108 megapixel primary camera, which works wonders day or night youll, be wondering just how it can be this good. When you see your detailed packed brightly lit photos with even pesky moving subjects coming out surprisingly. Well, more often than not and the redmi note, 11 series is hitting the uk imminently as well, so heres hoping they can push those optics even further to get even better results and ive also got a lot of love for the oneplus nords 2 and lots of Other mid range mobiles, but anyway i wont spend any more time banging on about the more budget friendly camera phones.

In this video i will be doing a dedicated video on the best, affordable camera phones in 2022, so stay tuned for that and that right there is my pick of the very best camera forms that you can grab yourself right now in early 2022. Have i missed off your own favorites, though? Definitely let me know in the comments below ive only included camera phones that i have personally tested and reviewed myself, but be great to hear from you guys and please do poke subscribe ding that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest. I can have yourselves a bloody wonderful rest of the week.