Recently, these phones are becoming more popular as they are not so chunky, as used to be in a matter of fact, the size of the 2g v20 is a similar to a gaming smartphone. This phone is packed with a lot of cool and useful features. It comes with a night vision, camera and is the first rugged phone with a secondary display on the back, and if you pre order it, you can get it for 300 us dollars, which is a pretty good deal. The link is in the description in the box. We have one usb type c charging cable, as well as usb a to usb c adapter. Next, in the box, we have a 33 watt power adapter to charge the massive 6 000 milliamp hours battery last we have the manual and extra screen protector as well as sim tray removal tool. The phone already comes with pre installed screen protector, but its nice. They have included a replacement. My first impression is this thing is solid. You can immediately feel that this phone is built to withstand all kind of abuse or harsh environment. We have an aerospace grade, carbon fiber finish on the back. It looks really cool. The phone comes in three colors black grey, and this one with a red accent. The gray model doesnt have a carbon fiber finish on the back. I guess, if you like, more stealth design, the gray one will be for you. The 2g v20 is ip68 and ip69k graded its water resistant in up to 1.

5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes and protected from dust dirt and sand. The ip69k lets the phone withstand the thermal steam wash test resisting high water pressure and temperature from 40 degrees celsius to plus 80.. The phone has also obtained military standard certification and can withstand drops for up to 1.8 meters. What can i say guys? This thing is made like a tank from all the specs. I want to point out a few things. First, the phone is fully capable of playing the latest games. As you will see in my gaming test later, it supports wireless charging and actually weights only 40 grams. More than iphone 13 pro max, which is not bad at all, for a phone in this class, the v20 brings some new features for the first time in a rugged phone, we have a one inch rear display its great for checking the time keeping with the notifications And music control as well, you can accept or cancel incoming calls. There are several watch faces that you can choose from its a touch display, so you still have some interaction with the content. You see, of course, with a phone like this. You have to have a loudspeaker thats how it sounds: Music. The 2g v20 comes with two security options: to unlock your phone, a fingerprint on the right side of the phone, which is also a power button and a face recognition, bot, work well and unlock the phone.

Pretty fast Music on the left side of the phone, we have a programmable custom button that can be assigned with various functions or launch any applications you want. I found it quite useful, especially in situations where you cant use the phones display. We have three options: single click, double click and long press, i like to add the underwater camera as a single click, double click for a screenshot and a long press to open the flashlight. The phone is water and dust resistant, and the attention to this is really high. The usb type c charging port is well protected. We have to remove the cover to be able to charge it. The sim tray also has a silicon protection to prevent watering grass. The phone has a triple ai camera system. We have a 64 megapixel main camera, a 20 megapixel night vision, camera and a 8 megapixel wide angle, camera the main camera supports hdr night mode and is capable of 4x zoom Music. We also have a pro mode where we can control the iso in the exposure. There is also slow motion panorama and time lapse. Music. However, the coolest thing here is the night vision camera you can see in my test in complete darkness, the night vision camera is pretty useful and not only for photography, but also for a video. We can take night vision, videos – this is pretty cool Music. Here is a test of the flashlight of the phone with the massive 6000 milliamp hours battery, you can use the flashlight for many hours and not worry about running out of juice guys.

I like this next video, its pretty cool lets check it out Music, Music. Now its time for a gaming test, as i said, the phone is fully capable of running all the latest games. I played a few different games, including call of duty and everything is running smoothly. I can see people pick up this phone as a gaming phone. The battery is massive. We have a high quality samsung amoled display, as well as pretty good sound and, of course, the most important factor is the price which is about half of the price of the most gaming phones. So – and here is a test of call of duty, pretty smooth gameplay and one thing is for sure you wont run out of battery power anytime soon, so so guys, i think the rugged smartphones are finally getting more exciting the size and the weight are getting closer To the common smartphones, but dont get food, this phone is made for adventure. You may not get the best camera system or thin slick design. However, if you are out there in the wildness, you will wish to have one of these. The main purpose of this phone is still to be used in the harshest environment. The phone also comes pre installed, with some useful apps, such as compass, height, meter, magnifier, noise test and more. I cant wait to see what the future will bring for this class of smartphones.