What you really need is a tough ruggedized phone that is waterproof dustproof and shockproof hello, everyone. This is ethan from survivalgear. In this video. We round up the best rugged smartphones for extreme sports, enthusiasts manual, laborers and outdoor lovers, but first subscribe and hit. The bell now lets get started: number 10 eulophone power, armor 13.. The ulefone power armor 13 is a brick of a phone, but its a brick. You will gladly put in your cargo pants and carry all day long or shall we say all week long with that 13 200 milliamp hour battery. Indeed, the fortified power armor 13 is not for everyone, but its so versatile that we believe many people will like it. For the swiss knife, it is just like previous armor models. This one focuses on both durability with shockproof and waterproof body, as well as usability with support for endoscope attachment, powerful integrated flashlight and a laser distance meter, but its not just an armor, its a power. Armor model, hence the absolutely humongous battery a 13 200 milliamp hour cell. There is a 6.81 inch ips lcd fhd screen with a small punch hole. The phone relies on the helio g95 chipset, with eight gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes, expandable storage, which is plenty adequate for this type of device. Number nine nokia, xr20. The undisputed king of rugged, seemingly indestructible phones. Nokia has decided to make a bit of a comeback. Launching its first proper rugged, smartphone, the nokia xr20 in terms of durability, the xr20 packs in robust features such as an mil std810h rating ip68 waterproofing and a thick protective bumper surrounding its aluminum frame.

The screen is also protected by a layer of gorilla glass victus inside the nokia xr20 is powered by a qualcomm, snapdragon, 480 processor and 4 gigabytes or 6 gigabytes of ram and features large 6.67 inch, full hd plus lcd panel. However, what really sets the xr20 apart from the pack is the fact that hmd global has guaranteed that the device will receive four years of security updates with three years of os updates with 5g connectivity, a well sized screen and a design that should be able to Withstand some fairly tough knocks the nokia xr20 might be just the ticket for those that need a tough, yet competent smartphone that can keep up with their everyday adventures. Number eight cat s62 pro. This is cats top end rugged phone, but you might not know it to look at it. This looks like any other current smartphone, okay, so its a bit heavier and chunkier, but cat has worked wonders with its design meeting, mil std 810h ip68 and ip69 standards. The s62 pro is well suited to handling extreme situations. There is gorilla glass 6 to protect the 5.7 inch full hd display and an aluminum casing with non slip, tpu rubber on the rear, even with wet hands or gloves. The phone is easy to handle. The rounded edges are also aluminum fixed into place, with three screws on each side: its dropped, the laser distance measurement and air quality monitoring of the cat s61, but still features a thermal imaging camera which is better integrated to the design.

The camera is still protruded from the rear somewhat, however, and the battery capacity has dropped from 4500 milliamp hours to 4 000 milliamp hours powering the show is a 2 gigahertz qualcomm snapdragon 660 octa core chip along with 6 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage. Expandable via microsd card number, seven okatel wp5, the okatel wp5 pro is one of the budget friendly, rugged smartphones. You can get for under 200.. It comes with a 5.5 inch lcd ips display with a resolution of 720 by 1440 pixels lets not forget. This smartphone comes with various security features, including global version face id and a fingerprint sensor. The big 8 000 milliamp hour battery makes it suitable for adventurers and travelers around the globe similar to the previously mentioned rugged phone. This one also packs a mediatek helio, p22 chipset for a smooth user and gaming experience. This tough phone features an ip68 rating and mil std810g certification, making it one of the best rugged smartphones for hiking and underwater use. All thanks to the big battery. It is one of the best rugged smartphones for gaming. The triple rear camera can take decent pictures and videos from your recent adventures. All in all, it is a superb and affordable phone that comes with support for sos emergency calls to inform the rescue unit when youre in some kind of trouble, number 6. blackvue bv, 9900. Pro the bv 9900 pro is a top tier rugged. Smartphone built extremely well meeting mil std 810g certification.

It features a compact utilitarian design with a metal frame for added sturdiness. Looking at the front of the device, we can see the teardrop 16 megapixel front facing samsung selfie camera, positioned centrally, on the 5.84 inch display, with the 1080 by 2080 pixel resolution covered with a corning gorilla 5 layer, the bv 9900 pro swaps, the p70 for a P90 processor from mediatek the system memory is raised by a third to eight gigabytes, and while the storage capacity remains the same at 128 gigabytes, it is swapped for one supporting ufs 2.1, which should translate into a much faster storage subsystem. Similarly, bluetooth 5.0 makes a debut in lieu of bluetooth, 4.1 elsewhere. The 48 megapixel sony sensor stays in place, as does the type c connector 802.11 ac, wi fi the 10 watt wireless charging capability. One big disappointment is the fact that the battery capacity has decreased by almost a third from 6.58 amp hours to 4.38 amp hours. Number five uni hertz atom xl the atom xl is the top of the line, rugged phone offering from uni hertz and offers a noticeable bump to a 4 inch screen from the 2.45 inches of the original atom built for rugged work. The phone is ip68 water and dust resistant. It also has an mil std 810g rating for protection against shock vibration, heat cold, humidity and more. The display is made from oleophobic gorilla, glass, 3 and the phone ships with two plastic screen protectors.

It comes with a helio p60 octa core cpu, six gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of expandable storage, as well as a 4300 milliamp hour non removable battery at only four inches. The display is much smaller than the six and seven inch displays found on most modern flagship smartphones. However, the atom xl still weighs in at a hefty 243.5 grams as a result of the big battery and protective layers of metal and rubber casing. Biometrics include a fingerprint reader face, unlock and a heart rate sensor number 4 eulophone armor 9 fleur. The armor 9 fleur is one of the best rugged smartphones with a thermal camera. The thermal floor camera used in this phone captures and creates an image of an object by using infrared radiation emitted by the image this ip68 ip69k rated and mil std810g certified outdoor smartphone features a sturdy design that looks and feels brilliant in hand. It comes with a big 6.3 inch display with a resolution of 2340×1080 pixels, this ulefone armor phone packs a mediatek helio p90 chipset. That is good performance wise and offers a flawless multitasking experience. As far as the camera is concerned, youll find a 64 mp primary camera for shooting amazing photos from your adventure trip and a front facing camera of 8mp. It comes with 8 gigabytes ram and a 128 gigabyte storage capacity. Yes, it is expensive, but the features offered in this waterproof and dust proof smartphone, are worth the investment number three samsung galaxy xcover pro this rugged smartphone was made specifically with frontline workers in mind, from its slim, durable design to its advanced walkie, talkie functionality and mobile Pos compatibility: this phone is perfect for business applications.

Unlike bulky rugged phones of the past, the xcover pro has dimensions that match other standard smartphones, while offering better protection from the elements and accidents its powered by a samsung exynos 9611 processor, with a 6.3 inch display. Dual rear cameras and more rugged features include mil. Std810G 1.5 meter drop test, certification, ip68 dust and water resistant rating, a large capacity 4050 milliamp hour, removable battery and pogo pin support for accessories. It also supports push to talk with upcoming support from microsoft teams. Number two doogie s97 pro affordable toughness and dual sim functionality are hallmarks of the doogie s97 pro weighing at 350 grams. It ranks as one of the heaviest outdoor handsets packed in a body that measures 167 by 81 by 15.5 millimeters, in other words its a chunky piece of technology that is likely to survive a lot of physical abuse before giving the ghost thats thanks to its ip68. Mil std810 rating at the heart of the s97 pro is the mediatek helio g95 paired with 8 gigabytes of system memory and 128 gigabytes ufs 2.1 system storage, courtesy of samsung, the phone uses a 6.4 inch hd plus display with a corning gorilla glass overlay as well As an 8500 milliamp hour battery that supports 33 watts fast charging, the rear houses, a 4 led flash and a whopping 4 camera sensors. One of the reasons why it is so big can be found on the top edge where a laser rangefinder is located.

This feature is useful for diy people and handymen and works up to distances of 40 meters. The laser range finder works very well and can be used to calculate volumes, surface areas or angles. Number one motorola defy few years back. Motorola defy was one of the best waterproof and shockproof smartphones you could buy. Motorola has revived its best rugged smartphone back to life, with the new motorola defy this mid range. Rugged phone comes with gorilla, glass, victors and an ip68 rating. If youd ask me, it is one of the best rugged smartphones for underwater activity and for users who work in a heavy machinery workplace. The motorola defy runs on android 10 and packs a qualcomm snapdragon 662 processor to offer best in class performance for the users hooked with gaming and social media apps. The company claims that a 5 000 milliamp hour battery can last for two days on a single charge. Not to forget the waterproof rating allows you to submerge this phone at a depth of 1.5 meters for almost 35 minutes did we mention the 48 mp. Camera can take some amazing photos of your adventurous water activities. All in all, it is a durable smartphone. That is very much affordable as compared to other rugged phones out there and thats all. We hope you enjoyed the video and would like to know which is your favorite rugged smartphone.