Music with rog phone 2 were launching a brand new game controller. The rog can i gamepad. It consists out of three parts: the kenai controllers, the kanai holder and the konai bumper. The bumper makes it easy to connect the konai controllers to your phone directly with a usb connection, so you just slide it in like this, and the benefit with using a usb connection is that it will connect every time with zero dropouts and low latency. The bumper is also compatible with the aeroactive cooler 2 and also the twin view: dock 2 accessories now to map the buttons on the controller to your favorite game. All you have to do is first go into the key mapping feature press the button that you want to sign, which will then make a hotkey appear on the screen. Just drag this hotkey to wherever you want it to trigger and redo this same process with all the buttons now its really that simple to assign your controller to the game. Now i also want to show you how easily it is to remove the bumper now. First, you have to look for this small rog logo, and this is where youre gon na want to make a bend, and then you slide the phone out. So, just like that, now to transform back to the gamepad mode, you just bring in the holder like this slide in the controllers, and you can connect your phone using a bluetooth or usbc connection.

So i mean just how awesome isnt this controller, the new can i i mean you want to buy this right right. Music call, my name. Yes, come and say my name, Music.