, So we met up with the guys from DEFTEX and they were kind enough to provide us some samples for testing and feedback purposes.. One of those samples is their so called Smart Pouch which well be talking about in this video today.. Now guys, as always before, we dive into the subject, make sure to subscribe to our channel hit the bell button to stay notified and if you want to support us, even further make sure to get all your quality tactical gear on our shop. Shop.Reconbrothers.Com.. Now, Defense, Textiles or in short DEFTEX, is a very young company.. So lets give you a heads up on this new brand. DEFTEX was founded by the people behind two other German companies, namely Avustaja patches and Black Lion Gear, who focuses more on gear for everyday carry.. Together with DEFTEX, they aim to serve some very special needs of the tactical market.. Once we learned more about the guys behind DEFTEX and had a look at their samples, we decided to meet up with them in their hq. In germany. There we had a little chat. Looked at their products and talked about their vision. Now I must say both my brother and I were pretty amazed with the amount of detail that went into every single product. Theyre, also pretty cool guys and above that, theyre open for feedback to even further improve their Products. Now from the prototypes we have got to see that day. We must say that they are really onto some very well made and modular designs.

. As for our relationship with DEFTEX, we highly believe in what those guys are doing, and thus we decide to become a reseller.. Now you will see on our show that we only have a small selection of their products available already, but as they progress, we will be adding more of their products on our shop as well.. Now, as always, we want to be open and objective with you guys when it comes to reviewing a product. So, even though we got this Smartpouch as a sample, this will not change how we review the product. Now, as always. Well, first give you an overview of the product, then we will review it and then we will share our personal experience with it.. Now, one last thing before we dive into this, there was no financial involvement in the making of this video. So we purely make this video at our own cost.. So thank you guys for buying your stuff at our shop lets get to it.. So what is the Smartpouch? Well, its basically an easy way to carry and use your phone on your plate carrier.. This is especially interesting for accessing digital data, such as your navigational data mission, specifics or if you want to check out Reconbrothers social media and learn something new during your break. Now what is so interesting about this Smartpouch compared to similar solutions in the market? Well, basically, this smart pouch allows you to use almost any phone with or without cover.

So when you get a new phone, you dont need to buy a new Smartpouch, since it is adjustable in size.. The pouch is made of 500 denier, Cordura, laminate and Velcro. For regidity and protection. They added a sheet of thermoplastic TEGRIS in the front and the back of the pouch.. You may know this TEGRIS material from products made in the USA by Ferro Concepts.. Now the guys at DEFTEX simply love that so decided to implement it into their designs as well. As for this specific product, they decided to implement the TEGRIS material due to its features, being impact resistant and protecting against fragmentations.. Furthermore, the stitching on this pouch is very neatly done, and it is even triple stitched on stress points to avoid the pouch from falling apart after a while of usage., Taking a closer look at the pouch itself, it has some very smart design, features. To start off With the back features MOLLE to mount it on PALS slots. Do keep in mind. You will need 4×3 PALS slots in order to mount it.. The pouch features a loop pull tab on top to easily open up the pouch and use your phone.. Now you will notice that it doesnt open further than 90 degrees due to the strips theyve added on the side. To insert your phone. This is very simple. You just have to put the edges of your phone under the shock cord and then you can tighten it underneath the pouch.

. Obviously we couldnt test every phone that exists these days, so we decided to measure the inside of the pouch. To give you guys somewhat an idea of which phone and cover would fit. Now the inside measures 145 cm by 7 cm so keep that in mind. In order to fit a pouch to your phone, small or large DEFTEX has provided gaps on the four sides of The inside of the pouch to reposition the shock cords and thus make it fit to your phone. Above that the pouch comes with an implemented sun cover, so you always have an optimal view on your screen, no matter the conditions.. The last feature of this pouch is that it has a big front, velcro spot for you to attach your patches to.. Having said that, lets have a look at our personal opinion about this product and lets start off with the cons.. The first downside of this pouch is that it has a Velcro closure system, so it isnt silent when opening it, and that may be an issue to some of you guys out there. The second con we could think of, even though this product is modular to phone Sizes, it isnt always easy to adjust the shock cord system, but luckily you will only have to do this once maybe once when you get a new phone. Now that was also the last con. So lets have a look at the pros of this product.. Obviously, the first pro of this Smartpouch is that you will only need to buy one such pouch, even though you might be changing phones over the next few years.

. Another thing is that it is very slim in design and easy and quick accessible., Unlike similar products on the market, your phone is fully enclosed by the pouch and it is protected with the TEGRIS material against impact and fragmentations.. Now, if you need to take out your phone for whatever reason that is pretty fast and easily done., You can also put it back in very quickly and it sits secure.. It is great that they added a sunscreen and above that there is absolutely no way you will lose your phone by accident during the action, because it is very secure in this pouch.. Now. As for our conclusion, we have to say that DEFTEX made a very high quality and universal smartphone holder, and this product represents very well how the people behind DEFTEX find new ways to innovate. Tactical gear. One last thing we want to mention in general, with these type of pouches, is that they are hard to access when placed on top of your plate carrier due to the magazines and also, then the magazines are hard to access due to the pouch. So we think it is a very good idea to place it on top of the magazine. Pouches., and the nice thing about this Smartpouch is that it is very slim in design, and thus it stays slim even when you place it on top of your magazine, pouches.. So guys we definitely like the way DEFTEX has designed a smartphone holder, but were curious what you guys think about it.

. So let us know in the comments down below and also let us know if you even use such a pouch or why you would use one.. So guys, if you fancy yourself the Smartpouch from DEFTEX, it is now available through shop.reconbrothers.com in the colors multicam coyote brown brown gray, which is their green variant and black.. If you guys, like this video, make sure to give it a thumbs up.