Now, if you have been following the channel for a while, then you probably know that i, you know absolutely love foldables. I still even have my z, fo, the z flip three here that i havent used in like a month or two months or so but anyway. So i was very, very much looking forward to you know using this guy here and experiencing it and so far i have to say that my expectations have definitely been surpassed now. Dont get me wrong. There is no perfect, you know foldable phone. In fact, there is no perfect phone right and we will talk about some of the reasons why you know some of the cons of this phone in a moment. But i want to emphasize the fact that samsung listened and they upgraded or updated a lot of things. So this guy here is definitely an upgrade compared to its predecessor. Now, if we want to go ahead and talk about just the design itself, you will see that nothing has changed its. You know obviously the same functional, but there are a lot of very subtle changes that you know separate this guy here from the previous two versions. Lets talk about the well about one, not so subtle change, which is a good thing for the customer, its the price. Seventeen, ninety nine or eighteen hundred dollars for the samsung galaxy z full three. Now, if you remember the z fold, two was selling for 2 000, so its a very nice move by samsung to try to get it as close to mainstream as possible its not going to be mainstream anytime soon.

This is what they did: a good job at bringing mainstream right in terms of the price and making it cost what you would pay on the regular phone. My opinion, i think this is the best foldable phone out there hands down thats why everyone is buying more. This than any other foldable out there, but anyways now one of the subtle changes that were applied to this phone would be the fact that its been upgraded to an ipx8 water resistant rated right. So you have this, it can be. It can sit in water at up to 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes now its, not something i would advise you do, but compared to the previous one, this guy, you can still salvage it as long as its less than 30 minutes and its not. You know deeper than 1.5 meters. Another very subtle change that you will see here is going to be the camera bump. You can see right there, its like a more refined look right, its not that bulky rectangular, look that we had on the previous one which, by the way i like, i actually prefer that one until i saw this one it is so you know not in the Way very subtle, very soft touch to it its it has a more a sleek look to it right, its just, i think its its just very cool now talking about the overall just user experience in terms of carrying the phone itself.

Everything is just you know that satin finish its so cool to walk around with it. The hinge has been reworked, so it is firmer as you use it and as you close off – and this is always so satisfying when closing it. So it feels good in the hands it doesnt feel bulky, probably because i do have large hands but its its just perfect. Now i know that some people do not like the fact that the screen is so narrow and were going to talk about the screen in just a moment. But ive always thought that if they were to make the screen wider, then it gets even bulkier, because even just with the size, a lot of people find it to be bulky. The next one here, the next change. The next upgrade that one may not be that subtle is the support for the s pen. Now you do need to buy the s pen for it. You need a special s pen so that you dont damage the screen, because on the tip of the s pen, it actually retracts so that when you are writing on it, it doesnt, you know, scratch the screen, as i mentioned earlier, you do have this outside display. Here, which is an amoled display just like it is the case with the one inside. So this is an amoled display. It stands at 6.2 inches and it is also pushing a 120 hertz refresh rate same deal as what you have on the inside, which is just insane, and the resolution here is 2268 by 832.

Now the display itself is really good. Again. Youve heard the specs right top level specs. You can do a lot of things here, just as you would on your normal phone now it would take some getting used to if youre coming from a larger phone lets say if youre coming from like a iphone 13 pro max. This is my iphone 13 pro max is about the same size, if not taller and its wider. So if youre coming from something that is wider to go to this phone right here, it might take some getting used to on a more narrow screen right now. Obviously, if you want to go for the more productivity you want to do a lot more, then you want to go ahead and just open and go for the wider screen. Of course, this here stands at 7.6 inches, which is just massive. It is what they call the dynamic amoled display. It has a resolution of 2208 by 1768 and it does support hdr, 10 plus and all that good stuff. It also does have a high refresh rate right, so 120 hertz, just like it was the case with the top. So now you have 120 hertz on the front screen on the front display and 128 120 hertz on the massive screen on the inside. On the previous one, you didnt have 120 hertz. Now you have it on here, so user experience has been top notch fantastic. You cannot find anything better than opening that gigantic screen, which is pretty much a tablet, and you know whether its entertainment playing games watching movies, whatever the case may be, or just splitting the display into multiple parts and working and increasing your productivity.

It has been top notch. The one thing that i would love for them to do would be to create a spot here where they could put that s pen rather than having to walk around. I mean it does stick to the phone itself, but rather than having to walk around with it, i would have loved it if they could find a spot too. You know just like it is the case with the galaxy note right, so the note series that they took out top notch chipset youre, looking at snapdragon 888 on here. It is wicked fast. It is super fast. It is coupled with 12 gigs of ram, which of course, is way more than you need right. Performance has been. You know, i havent been disappointed, whether it be just multitasking on a regular. You know regular mode or pulling up the big guns right, samsung dex, when you use samsung dex, you take your productivity level to just the moon pretty much now. Let me quickly go over some of the physical features that i didnt mention before we have a physical fingerprint sensor and if youve been watching a channel for a while, then you probably know that i adore physical, fingerprint sensor super fast, very, very secure and the positioning For it is just perfect, it is just very, very fast. In addition, of course, you do have the other ways of unlocking the phone. You do have a volume rocker there up and down dual speaker setup lets say when you have it like this one speaker on each side.

That means you do not cover it. As you are, using your phone lets, say: youre playing a game or whatever the case may be, watching movies, holding your phone that way the sound you dont block the sound when it comes out and all around the phone here you do have a bunch of mics. All over the place – and of course you do have a usb type c port for transfer, fast data transfer and, of course, for fast charge, also and speaking of fast charge through that usb type c port. It is also wireless fast charge, capable, i believe, at up to 11 watt. Its also reverse charge, so you can, it has reverse charge. It is wireless fast charge. Now i do want to go back on that camera module there. Now i talked about the fact that its been upgraded to just be more refined. Here you do have a telephoto a wide and an ultra wide lens there they all well, each of them is 12 megapixel picture. Quality. Dont expect it to be a galaxy tab. S21. Ultra but still expect picture quality here to be top notch to be flagship picture quality. It is really really good heres, another fantastic another, great thing about this thing, if you like taking selfies – and you want to take your selfies – obviously you could just open it. This way and use that display the front display as the preview and use the main camera for your videos or pictures, whatever the case may be so in terms of camera quality, it is still very sharp and still speaking, of front facing camera, even though you can Do this and use that display, as your preview to use this main camera as your selfie camera? You do have a selfie camera itself on that front front, display there and were looking at 10 megapixel for that front.

Facing camera also good quality, good picture quality, and as if that wasnt enough, we do have a third camera on the inside. Here you can see here under the display, which is pretty much cutting edge technology, and i absolutely love that samsung is always pushing the envelope. Now i know a lot of people because picture quality is not as good as what you would get on like that 10 megapixel on the front here or what you get from the main camera. But i like that. Samsung is already doing that because thats how you start and then you better it and then you better it right. I believe its four megapixel and picture quality. You know it takes pictures with. You know well lit you can take decent picture, but its just not what you would expect from a front facing camera from a you know, flagship camera right, but then i get up from a flagship phone is what i meant, but then again, like i said thats Just where they start and then theyre better now lets go ahead and talk battery here, which is another thing thats, not so great about this phone. You know ive listed a lot of good things and a few bad things about this phone, but the battery is another one of those its just its, not terrible, but its not great right, so it all depends obviously of your users. You have to think about the fact that theyve added, you know a bunch of new things that especially that high refresh rate on the front now so, depending on how you use it, you might not have great battery life now and with my usage over the past Few weeks ive been in pretty close to five hours of sot.

I cant tell how long its gon na you know what your usage, what your battery life is gon na, be like so its gon na depend on your usage, but keep in mind that its not top notch but anyway. So this is probably my favorite phone. So far out of all of my devices, i would say, but anyway, im certainly hoping that this was informative, im going to catch you in the comment section. Let me know your thoughts on this.