Now there is a slight change to the hardware, the chipsets no longer that kirin 9000, but the qualcomm snapdragon triple h, 4g, so slightly different version to the 5g triple h that ive been reviewing in the channel. So, with this model here we get 8 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of storage. It has wired 66 watt charging and its usb 3.1, which means video out great to see and wireless 50 watt charging the screen on it, which is 6.6 inches its an oled up to 120 hertz refresh rate, it outputs a billion colors, and it does have an End screen fingerprint reader, the camera department. Well, our selfie camera is a 32 megapixel one, and then we have a zoom camera, which is 3.5 times optical zoom, thats, 64 megapixels megapixel, main camera 40 megapixel, black and white one and the ultra wide is 13 megapixels inside the box. You will find a type, a to type c, cable, a tpu case, which is a clear style one and a it. So this is huaweis supercharge, its 66 watts, and it will take about 45 minutes to fully charge the p50 pro. Now the build quality of this phone very nice – you can see with this gold color, even though it looks more like a silver, does reflect a lot so its basically like looking at a mirror – and it is a complete fingerprint magnet. They show up so easily with these high gloss surfaces, so curved edges on it in hand.

The weight of it feels well kind of standard for flagships now, which is 195 grams thickness, is 9 sorry, 8.5. But then, with the camera modules, it is then about 9.9 millimeters and it does bring it right up a little bit there. So the power button, and then the volume button here on the side those are made out of metal metal frame around the outside and those buttons do feel really good the build quality excellent now it does also have an ip68 water resistant rating. So that means up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes that it can handle, which is really good. So the screen on the front 6.6 inches curvature to it means that the colors right in the edges do tend to shift out. You can see that happening just a little bit. I do find access to that power button with my thumb, easy very good. However, the fingerprint reader is far too low. It should be about here or maybe there, but look where it is down low. It works well. 10 out of 10 times, for me its very accurate optical one, and i really had no issues with it. The main thing is the location of it. For me, just bugs me a little bit that they didnt move it up a bit more. I guess they got something in the way is why they couldnt do that bezels dont, look too bad and weve got a front facing 32 megapixel camera and then our very distinct looking camera setup on the back here looks a little bit like binoculars, something similar there.

So the zoom camera, which is the module on the left here, this one 64 megapixels. It has optical image, stability, 3.5 times optical zoom and then the main camera that ones 50, megapixels, f, 1.8. Also optical image, stabilized weve got a 13 megapixel ultra wide 40 megapixel black and white camera, which is f 1.6. Then along the bottom. We have a usb 3.1 type c port here, so that does support video out. This is really good to have and great that theyre still keeping with this two antenna lines microphone our sim tray. So the sim tray will take two nano sims and it does actually support their nano memory too, which can be up to 256 gigabytes in capacity. But you have to give up on course one of those nano sims loudspeaker, which is one of two. You can see that the other loudspeakers here on the top. We have secondary microphones there and an ir transmitter. You can see another two antenna lines now ill display here. This one is an oled 6.6 inches and the resolution is 1228 by 2700. Now, when you go into the settings, we get your typical options with a display. Youve got scaling eye comfort, dark modes there, the display size, you can change the font size and the color modes, and temperatures too. I love that manufacturers include all of this, that you can tweak that display to your own preference there and exactly how you like it now.

The maximum brightness with this particular screen very good im measuring just over 900 nets, so you can see it in direct sunlight, not a problem. Now the refresh rate 120 hertz. You can set it or leave it. Should i say on dynamic, which is by default. So thats swapping between 90 hertz, i believe and 120 and down to even 60 or force it on to 60, but for the entirety of this review and my time testing this phone ive set it to 120. Hertz same goes for the resolution as well. So under resolution you can set that to be a lower resolution or smart resolution, which is by default, but i forced it here on to the maximum just so the display always looks its sharpest and its best, so its a very nice panel. Here i do like what im seeing with it the curvature with the glass im, not a huge fan with that on the edges, but i do see why they do it because it makes swiping for gestures just a little bit easier, and you can see that that App is not working. There completely display tester doesnt like hms here. It wants google. Now, speaking of that with the ui, i can get on just fine now without google, with huawei, so weve got pedal search. The app gallery, as ive mentioned in my previous huawei reviews its getting so much better that literally all the apps that i want and and games now are there more developers are coming on board.

So we have pedal search. So if youre after something. So if you, for example, you want youtube, you wont, have the youtube app okay without google, but it will give you an alternative here. You can see its coming up with youtube and app gallery. One thats been verified as well. What that is going to do is just simply open it up in the internet in its web browser. Okay, so we do have youtube that way. You can do the same with gmail theres work around for everything using the email app. You can access your gmail too. As well, google maps is now pedal maps all right, so thats. The alternative, apps youve got pedal search is also very good at finding apk files for the apps you want, so you can install them. So you can run things like netflix, you can run whatsapp and those kind of general apps that most people will need. They are all there now in app gallery, which is really good. Now performance of the phone. I found it to be excellent, running android 11. So its not on android 12, yet theyre, not there and the snapdragon triple 8 4g version performs well with eight gigabytes of ram and the 256 gigabytes of storage. So just go into some of my little benchmarks that ive used here and youll see that charge. Time is 44 minutes exactly from five percent to 100, and if you have a look at the antutu score phrase, snapdragon triple eight ive seen them actually get eight hundred thousand points so its a little bit lower than i expected here, but still its reasonably fast chipset.

It did in that one test, though, go up almost seven degrees running that so its still a hot chip and ill get on to just how it performs later on battery life. So this was with the screen set to 120 hertz with my fixed battery life benchmark. Here it will go for almost 10 hours now realistically youre, looking at real world use of about seven hours. Okay, youre gon na get 120 hertz. You set it to 60. You will get a lot more than that, and wildlife also ran that little benchmark there. Just to compare it to what the newer gen chips are, so the new snapdragon, 8 gen 1 can get an average frame rate in this test of over 50 frames per second. The gpu really stepped it up, but this gpu, the adreno 660 still good in all kind of games and its only the snapdragon. The newer one thats good for bursts, geekbench score. So the newer chip, the latest gen, eight gen, one sorry uh – is over a thousand point single core score, but were not trust. Me were not missing out on too much out of the newer devices. Ive been testing now the oneplus 10 pro and the xiaomi 12 and the 12 pro those three snapdragon ones, theyre about the same when real world use performance is this, so here we have the internal storage very fast. You can see great speeds, not going to hold up or bottleneck this system at all, and it does have a wide level.

1 cert, which is good, so netflix is working in full hd amazon, prime video isnt thats standard definition. It hasnt been approved by this device by them they have their own separate white list. It seems so wireless speeds very good. What youd expect out of a flagship peak speeds around almost getting up towards 900 megabits per second and the average speeds in the area where i test downstairs still getting very good speeds and ive had no problems with the range of it: gps, typical qualcomm chipset. Here you get the accuracy cap of three meters; it gets a lock really quick quickly and it does see a huge amount of satellites with that one, so thats it for the tests, the ui the task manager just want to point out its very, very quick. So the whole time ive been using it ive experienced no bugs no issues no glitches or anything like that. Its stable task manager doesnt seem too overly aggressive killing apps, so you can multitask there quite nicely and yes, some people they cant live without google. Well, i can at least i know that ive got all the alternative, apps and app gallery. Pretty much has everything now that i would need in the phone in there which is good to see, then i do have to point out this, and that is bloatware. We do have quite a few on first boot. You can see snapchat weve got theres an another few things, and then all of these youre looking at right here.

Those four folders are placeholders for applications that arent downloaded, but you still have to go into them and then remove those individual apps so trying to get us to download all these apps is what theyre thats their aim. Isnt it. Why theyve done that? So i wish that huawei could tone down a little bit on this, and you do see a few ads in app gallery too as well. So bloatware is there and just the advertising in the app store app gallery. I wish they could just ease back a little bit on it. Now then, our audio, so we have a downwards firing speaker here and then weve got the one at the top and a bit of it comes out the earpiece too. Now these speakers, i find sound excellent, got a bit of bass to them as well, and the volume is very nice, so heres a sample of them at 100 volume gaming performance with the p50 pro is very good, so the snapdragon triple eight is yes. Last gen, the adreno 660, is still a very good gpu. It is a hot chip, so gaming with pub g ive managed to get a few kills, not a problem at all and ive experienced no lag. You can look down the scope and no issues im running the ultra frame rate option, so other games, titles out there that do support 120 hertz. They will be playable, of course, on this phone. So what i will do now is game pubg here for at least an hour and report back on just how hot is the p50 pro going to get the hottest point on the front of the screen, ive just exited out of pubg.

After now an hour of gaming, so it did get up to ive, seen 37 degrees thats the front so flipping it over on the back. You can see clearly where the chipset is that hot patch and its currently about 35 degrees, maximum or so that i have seen so for a snapdragon triple eight, which is a hot chipset. Huaweis done a good job of keeping this cool for gaming and moving over to our video performance now. So this is the front facing camera. It can shoot 4k, 30 and 4k 60.. It does have electronic image stabilization. So as i move ahead, it is steadied out, as you can see its not shaking and trimming all over the place and its good to see. It does have this 4k, because so many other manufacturers that i commonly review, namely xiaomi dont, still do this theyve. Just only got 1080p with their front facing camera, so here we have our ultra wide camera, its 30 frames per second, you just sometimes see a bit of jutter when you pan around with it now the good thing about this is. I can now go into one times and you see it swaps over to then the main camera here and were able to zoom even further. So once i get to 3.5, you see it clicks over and goes over now to our zoom camera and ill zoom into this sign thats ten times zoom in factories actually eleven about nine.

At the moment there live video. So this is the main camera so walking here. The electronic image stabilization is doing. Okay, of course, in these conditions it doesnt look quite as good as daylight and ill swap over now to the ultra wide. There you go so you can simply just pull back and youve got the ultra wide camera you dont have to stop recording it does swap over to those cameras which is really good to see so im going to use a little bit of zoom now well, go Back to the main lens which is about to swap over to now, you can see that change and then to start to zoom in on the sign here there we go. We swapped over to the other, the zoom camera right there thats five times digital zoom low light footage with the front facing camera. It is using the screen as a flash for video, so thats why it looks so light. Well, im stepping right next to some lights. Right there, too thats why im lighter than what it would normally be now, if i was to turn off the flash just do that now press it off there we go thats without using the screen as a flash. You can see quite a bit darker now here now, judging from all the photos that ive taken that this p50 pro just like the other p series phones has excellent cameras and it really does take a very good photo.

So i like the zoom camera the 3.5 times, weve got the main camera, then the ultra wide, so quite versatile in that camera department, so its good that we can shoot with the front camera 4k, video and 4k video, of course, with the rear cameras and the Stability and that optical image stabilization does seem to be quite good with the main camera and the low light performance very pleased with some of those shots. Even the zoom camera did surprise me at 3.5 times normally with the lens aperture. It wouldnt be as detailed and bright as it was when it came out so good processing there on the software side of things and great to see that theres still with leica, with the optics being used here in the p50 pro performance of the phone snapdragon 8. Yes, it is last gen now and its only 4g. I dont think too many people are going to be put off by that. Because do you have 5g in your area or maybe you are someone that does use 5g. You download a lot, then well youre, going to be missing out on those 5g speeds. Unfortunately, this now i do jump on to 4g plus and ive had no problems with it there so battery life for 120 hertz screen and an oled isnt. Actually too bad. You can typically see around about six to seven seven, maybe even eight hours of on screen time, but you will normally have to charge it after a day of heavy use and thats typical.

So the 66 watt charging quite fast about 45 minutes. Then you have the 50 watt charging, which takes just over an hour, which is quite quick for wireless charging, thats great, build quality, really good ipx68, so thats great and the fingerprint reader no problems, although, as i pointed out, i just think the fingerprint reader location is A little bit too low for my personal liking, i think they should have placed it a bit higher would have been a lot more comfortable. I guess they expect people to hold it in one hand, then scan and not try and do it one handed. I guess thats what the design team thats this wired is there. So all up. I think this is excellent phone but of course yes its for someone that maybe can live without your google apps now hms and then the app gallery definitely improving. I can actually live just fine without google on my phone because most of the apps that i would use the common general ones and your messenger apps, and all that theyre there in app gallery and then pedal search, can pick up and find the apk files that You can install and a lot of developers have changed the way that their games are and some of their other applications. So they dont demand that they have. Google services, which is good so in a way, were getting around that and were getting a lot more support from developers coming through too, with flowers at gallery price wise.

This is where i think yeah okay – 1200 euros. I do believe its a bit steep dont. Get me wrong its fantastic hardware, really nice, but it is a last gen chipset flagship one but its last gen and then, when i mentioned that well youve got hms with this one. So i think its a bit of an ask that price tag there so thats.