com. Today we are going to review micromax in note 1 smartphone. So this is the box, so lets do the unboxing and well talk about the features specifications and also our experience with this smartphone. So when you open the box, you can see that there are a lot of accessories, so you also get a back cover. There is a transparent back cover. You also get a user guide, so you can give it a read before you start using the smartphone. So there are a lot of instructions in it, so this is the smartphone, so we have got the green color variant. This is the sim card, tray ejector pin tool. So it is very much easy to remove the sim tray so that you can change the sim cards, so we have switched on the smartphone, so it is having a very nice display, so it is having a 6.67 inches display. So also you get some accessories. So this is the usb type c cable. With this cable. You also get a 18 watt fast charger, so you can do fast charging with this charger for your smartphone, so the phone dimensions are 165.24 by 76.95 by 8.99. Millimeters weight of the smartphone is 195 gram and it is loaded with android 10 operating system, so lets check out the applications which are inbuilt in the smartphone. So you can see these are all the inbuilt apps which are installed in this smartphone. So it is very easy to open an app and also exit it.

So in this way you can open that, and in this way you can exit it directly, so you can see how im opening the app – and in this way, i can actually switch on between other apps, also so im opening the apps and you can actually shut Down all the applications in this manner, so in this way you can see all these applications are running, and now you can one by one close it or directly click on this button to close all the apps. So this smartphone is loaded with mediatek helio g85 processor and it is having a cpu frequency of 2 gigahertz octa core cpu. So these are the settings. So there are a lot of settings available, so you can tweak according to your needs, so it is having 4 gb ram and the internal storage is 64 gb, so it is compatible with 2g, 3g and 4g. You can also connect it to wi fi. This is a full hd plus display with 1080 by 2400 pixels punch, hole display and the ppi is ‘5 and the aspect ratio of the display is 20 is to nine, so you can see its very easy to navigate between the menus, so that was the settings In the meanwhile lets run some benchmark tests, so we will run a benchmark test and lets see what are the results, how it is compared to other smartphones, so you can check out the results over here so in the meanwhile i will talk about the battery performance, So it is having a battery capacity of five thousand milliampere hour and the battery type is leon, polymer non removable and it is capable of reverse charging and this type c slot and you can use 18 watt charger for fast charging.

The smartphone with type c cable. So, as you can see, these are the results with the benchmark test, so we have run this test and you can see these are the scores which we received. So, in this benchmark test result you get to see all the scores of how the cores are, processing and all the stuff. How is the battery performance and everything so multi core performance also can be seen over here. There are a lot of connectivity options available in this smartphone, so it is having 2.4 gigahertz plus 5 gigahertz 802.11 ac, and it is having wi fi direct wi, fi hotspot and also it is using the latest bluetooth. That is bluetooth version 5.0. It is having usb otg, also volt and vo wi fi as well, and a lot of sensors inside the smartphone. Some of them are gyro gps, so it is having gps and magnetic e compass as well. Also, it is having a gps. Accelerometer sensor. Proximity sensor, light sensor as well as fingerprint sensor, so fingerprint sensor is available at the back side of the smartphone. We will show it to you, so these are the numbers from this benchmark test. So well also open a cpu z test and show you what are the numbers from this test. So this is the cpu z, so you can see a lot of information about this smartphone over here. So you get a lot of information about the device system as well as the battery performance in this test.

So you can see the numbers for yourself how the smartphone is ranking and also this is a budget smartphone. So the display brightness is 440 nits and the colors are 16.7 million. So this is a very good display, full hd, plus display and talking about the cameras. So it is having a quad rear camera setup. So there are rear cameras which are 48 megapixels primary camera. 5 megapixels wide angle, camera 2, megapixels depth, camera 2, megapixels macro camera pdf and the aperture for 48 megapixels is f by 1.79, 5 megapixels has f by 2.2 and 2. Megapixels has f by 2.4 and another, which is the macro lens, has f by 2.4. So there are many photography modes like night mode, hdr panorama, ai scene, detection, beauty mode pro mode, gif time lapse, slow motion, also portrait mode, theres, a front camera of 16 megapixels with f by 2.0 aperture, and there are a lot of modes in the selfie camera. As well, which are the gif beauty mode and portrait mode, theres, also a screen flash. So we have clicked a lot of pictures with this smartphone. If you want to check out dont forget to follow us on instagram page, which is technicom so on the left side of smartphone theres, a button which can be used to access, google assistance and on the right side, there are volume, key buttons and also there is A lock button below the volume key buttons, so there are two variants available for this smartphone that is 4gb ram, 64gb internal storage and another variant is 4gb ram and 128gb storage.

So the price of the smartphone is just more than 10 000 rupees and if you want to purchase it for a discounted price, dont forget to check out the link in the description below. So we have used this smartphone. It is having a decent performance and good camera as well, and you can purchase it at a discounted price, as mentioned earlier, dont forget to visit our website, which is kindly like this video.