25 inches max load 5 pounds Music. This is a mount for your phone little rubber pad, so you dont damage the table when youre clamping, the actual arm itself. There you go so this is an adapter for like a microphone. Its a 5 8 adapter theres a couple knobs here for going into this piece which clamps to the table Music. Well, i think the easiest way to attach this to a dslr is uh fold it up like this, get the dslr and then just uh screw it in like that Music, so theres it holding a dslr camera. No problem i mean its pretty stable, so i mean you can change the angles. You know if you wanted to change the angles you could do that Music and this rotates down here. 360 degrees. It has a ball head here, so you can adjust the camera to any angle that you want, so it also has some locking teeth here which helps to hold it in place. So you see those teeth: Music, thats, what you know when you lock it in place with this: its not just the pressure of this, its actually locking teeth that hold it in place so that it doesnt go anywhere. So you can mount your gopro on this now. Youve got your ball mount here that goes around Music, and then you can change the position to kind of anywhere you want. It also comes with a holder for your phone um, so you can put your phone in here Music.

I mean you can literally put anything like you could put light. You could mount a light on this thing. You could mount a microphone um like any type of camera, so its pretty versatile, its very sturdy. If you undo this, you can change, you can rotate. That way, you undo this part and rotate this way, 360 degrees Music. Like so i mean you can basically get any angle that you want with this, so this one also rotates like so Music and Music comes out as well, so i think ill be using this product a lot. It looks pretty good. It looks like its going to do what i needed to do if you enjoyed this video.