This is the 5g phone right here. Ive had it about two weeks now and in this episode i want to share with you. You know my full review. My take my thoughts on it. Should you buy this phone right here lets. Take it out of this s, view cover case, which is one of my favorites here, because it definitely protects it. It does give it some nice overall feel as well. So i did go with the olive green edition. This is the base entry 128 gig. It is combined with a snapdragon 888, and it also does have six gigabytes of ram on this phone right here. So definitely not the most ram in the world, but it does have a very high end cpu. Now the price point of this one comes in at 699 dollars and it threw off a few people because they said well. Why dont? I just go, get myself the galaxy s21 and call it a day and thats, because there is some selling points to this one. This one right here has basically a similar camera setup and it also does have the same cpu a little bit less ram, but has a larger panel screen on the front. Its also got a wider screen, 16 1959 on here versus, like a 20 by nine. This is a more narrow panel here for the galaxy s21, and also the galaxy s21 does have a smaller battery, but it does have a more premium edge on the phone there.

Overall, though the s21 fe does seem to be quite the bargain of a samsung phone, but you know when you consider that it came out at the time it did. It no longer feels that way to a lot of people, but let me discuss my take with the build the body the design, so we do have ourselves an aluminum overall. You know chassis here around the edges at the bottom. We will have a slot for our sim card. We dont have sd card support here, so that goes away usbc fast charging. This is capable of up to around 25 watts of charging. So you do have a solid amount of charge. Itll give you about 50. In 30 minutes – and you can do fast – wireless on the back here at about 15 watts, so you can get a fast wireless charger and then on the side. Here we do have ourselves the volume rocker 5g antennas we do have ourself. The power button also doubles as the bixby key at the top here. Youll see just another antenna right there or i really like the edges of it. It stays super clean on this phone, then, on the back, you will see ourselves that more polycarbonate aka a higher end plastic back here, but at least they went ahead and covered up the camera. So everything about this phone always stays really clean. I do like that traffic light looking camera right there, though at least they put some nice metal trim pieces around the camera edges to make it just look a little more premium.

On the whole, the weight of this phone is around 177 grams, so for its size it actually feels very light and its a fully flat panel right here on this phone, so youre getting that full flatness. So if youre into you know youre not into the curves, you dont got to worry about it here. This is a fully flat panel at 19.59. This panel is actually wider than the galaxy s21 ultra s21 plus and s21. Those are 20 by nine screens, which are a little bit more narrow and tall, so definitely enjoyed that. It gave me more of a spacious feeling, a screen here on the phone when you are reading articles and stuff like this, it just seems like the text was a little bit more spread out, gave it gave it a larger feel than it really is. Lets move to the display here. Look at these bezels super thin thats. One of the first things i noticed about this phone when i took it out of the box was wow. Those bezels are nice. It does have a slight the very slight chin, but overall, you feel, like you have such an all screen kind of phone, except for the punch hole but thats. I think better than some other solutions on the market. This one does have 411 ppi and 85.3 screen of body ratio, but it just feels like youre holding pretty much in all screen on here. The display itself is a dynamic amoled panel, which is very similar to what youll find on the more premium s lines.

This is a 2x as well, it does have the 120 hertz adaptive refresh, so you are going to get a very smooth overall feel as well or you can go on the standard to save some battery. This is wrapped in gorilla, glass victus here, and it does have support for an always on display. Mostly. What i noticed is that you know youre still getting that same, smooth factor that you would get from your you know: samsung galaxy s21 ultra, for example, something like that and whats really important about. This is, if you look at the competition specifically like something like the iphone 12 or something like the iphone 13. Those are giving you 60 hertz panels at the same price point. This is giving you 120 hertz, so you are getting technically a better screen here and its also very vivid because samsung display makes some of the best displays out there. So its super vivid – and it just gives you hdr, 10 plus support as well. The panel itself also takes good advantage of the screen because of the software thats implemented. Here you can have dual split screen: applications on board. I actually like to have two calculators, sometimes because i do you know these ridiculous calculations. Sometimes people ask why: why do you have two calculators nick well ill show you right here because ill be doing calculations, and i want to see another calculation on the bottom, but then the calculator i got to go into history and then its kind of covered up.

So ill do two calculations side by side to see you know the math im doing right here, so thats a good use of it. Also, if you want to put like browser and youtube at the same time, it takes real good advantage of the screen. You also have the ability to put it in auto brightness, and i do like how samsung does bring the brightness slider down here on one ui4. It makes it easier to reach that watching. Video on here is also a joy because again look what youre holding youre holding a barely you know bezel less screen here. You dont have really much bezels at all for this phone, so its mostly like youre using a full screen, and you do get a very nice vivid image overall and very clear detailed. You know its just a nice screen to look at stuff. Oled is beautiful. We know that by now, theres, just not much more to talk about it, im just saying if youre picking this one up, youre getting a very high end display so out of the box, you are getting the android 12 coupled with samsungs one ui4. Now that means youre going to get a lot of samsung apps on here, of course, youre going to get their stuff and then youre gon na get google stuff as well. So if you like android – and you like samsung youll – love this device, obviously now what i will say is that you know they really did clean things up.

Samsung software is no longer a mess, its really its really quite clean, and it has a lot of advanced features on board such as link to windows. You have the context on other devices where you can kind of sync them together. You have samsung dex, which is a major feature for samsung phones that allows you to turn your phone into. Essentially a computer. All you need is a monitor, a usb cable and a keyboard, maybe a mouse. You could even use the phone as a mouse honestly and the keyboard on the phone if you want, but that makes it a little bit weird. You have motions and gestures that allow you to lift the weight this one. You can double tap to turn the screen on. You can see palm swipe to capture which is a samsung classic feature scrolling down, youll, see theres even more so theres always a lot to do with this device, and then you have good battery care management on this phone. You can even go up here. You can go to automations and you can have auto restarts on this phone as well. So a lot going on here they have the storage laid out quite clean. You can see everything its taking up on here. Unfortunately, no sd card support so that might anger some people, but get the storage that matters to you. Then you could check your memory. You could scan for malware stuff like that, its a very privacy focused phone as well.

You do have yourself digital well, being controls here, which are from over on android 12.. Definitely quite nice on this device. You have a whole privacy manager up. There were not going to go in there and you can change your wallpapers and with android 12. You do have the different color palettes, so you can kind of theme this out without having to do any launchers extra launcher stuff like that. You can apply it to the app icons as well its really up to you and then, if you swipe home up at the top theres a lot going on up here as well, you have the ability to quickly access decks right there. In addition to that, we have the enhanced processing mode, which will really take advantage of the cpu other than that it will run at a more efficient rate. To give you good battery life, you have nearby shear. You also have a bedtime mode, an extra dim feature, which i find to be very amazing. It actually was on most of this, this video so thats, probably why my screen was looking a little bit dim. But, yes, this is a great feature at night time. It really comes in handy, you dont want the phone blasting in your face, and that feature is great. Also, you do have the eye comfort shield, which i really enjoyed because before it was kind of just like this blue light filter, where you had to tweak it yourself.

If you put this on adaptive, it does give you this nice overall color when, whenever the environment changes itll automatically adapt to it, so i do like that feature ill turn it off for the video. Then you have dolby atmos to improve your overall audio quality. When you are listening to the speaker – and i recommend always turning this on on samsung leave it on auto, the audio sounds much lower when you dont have adobe atmos on so just go ahead. First thing: you do when you get a samsung phone, go ahead and turn on adobe atmos and you have the ability to wireless power share. You have a kids mode. You have a lot going on for this phone theres. Also a secure, folder, theres. So much features on this phone and it doesnt end there. Those are just some of the samsung things if you go over here to themes, samsung also has a theme store where you can change your icons, youre always on displays. You can change your wallpapers stuff like that theres just so much customization. You could do this one right out of the box and you dont even need to access the play store to do any of this. Its all built right in you can also explore more wallpapers right there and itll link you right to the galaxy theme store in addition to that, we talked a little bit about it earlier, but the edge panels do make this quite a nice multitasking experience you can, Edit these panels, as well put your own.

You know different things right here. If we click this, you can hit a tap for that theres. A lot i mean i could go on and on – and i usually dont cover software that deeply because im pretty sure a lot of you know about this stuff, but its just fun theres a lot to do it never really gets boring. If i hit over here, youll see its easy to turn it off as well. Not only that, if i go ahead and hold down the settings for this fe, you will have different grids. You can do here like you, can do on most samsung phones and a lot going on here in the way of customizing your home screen. So yeah you can see the software is fun, its very productive, its a workhorse of a software. You just dont have an s pen for this phone thats about the only thing that you will be probably missing for this device, but other than that everythings customizable. Everything is super clean and the software for this phone will more than likely be updated for around three to four years, probably closer to four years samsungs been saying: theyre gon na do four years, so thats pretty good, but look at these angles. This phone just looks really clean from a lot of different angles, even though its you know pretty standard slab style, it definitely has a good overall look now. The under display fingerprint sensor is an optical variety, and i find it to be very accurate.

Honestly, sometimes i dont know where it is when the screen is locked. You know you just got to remember these placements, but you know its pretty much flawless. I thought it was going to be a little worse because its not ultrasonic, it is optical, but its been fine. You know it unlocks very fast all the time, not only that you do have the face unlock, which will also unlock quite quick. If it can find me, let me see if i can find me really quickly im on a weird angle because of the camera youll see right there. It does get me pretty much every time as long as it could detect me again, youll see right here. Im a little bit blocked by the camera. So if youre wondering oh its failing now, im kind of blocked by the camera right here, the face unlock is pretty quick but its not super secure. I would rely on the fingerprint or the passcode. If i was you real world performance for this phone ive, had it a couple weeks and i got ta say its been not perfect, but its been very good and im not disappointed with it. There is the minor occasional blip here and there sometimes you know something. Will like chop a little and do some weird stuff, its very rare, though its not like common, like you, have to kind of like wait for it its going to take a while and one time i did have the camera crash on me when i did a Double click to get to the camera.

It just went black. I was annoyed by that. I was like come on samsung i threw the phone picked it back up and we got back to business. You know theres little stuff like that, and i never experienced this with phone samsung phones that have like 8 to 12 gigs of ram. So i think it might be something to do with the memory on this phone, so you might want to go with the 8 gig of ram version if youre a little concerned about that, but the overall performance, i would say very quick. You are getting a high end. Cpu. You can run anything. You want from android on this phone and its not going to give you much of a problem. You can play games very quickly. You can, you know, do social media, you can split screen. This phone has got enough power to do it its just sometimes here and there you will find that the phone itself does have a little bit of you know. The animations will look a little choppy or something will just blip, will just freeze for a second and then come right back so its very rare occasion, but the performance overall is definitely very good. Its up to the part of 2022 youll definitely be happy with it. Here so when it comes to the actual storage and the price i just want to touch on this again, 699 will net you the 128 gigabyte model, and it goes up from there.

Now i will recommend you get the higher storage if youre keeping this a long time, simply because theres no sd card support on this phone. So do keep that in mind for this phone and if youre gon na pay a little bit more youre getting closer to an like a s21 plus line of phones, you can consider maybe getting one of those instead, however, you know this is still a pretty good Value overall, when it comes to what youre actually getting here, so i would recommend a little bit higher storage if youre going to keep it quite some time now. The actual battery life on this phone has been something i was saving for this review towards this point. In the review – and thank you if youre still here, but if we go over here to the battery ive, been very impressed here, this phone drains pretty slow for a samsung phone. My s21 ultra is not doing better than this phone for some reason. So this phone right here giving me a full day easily, i mean easily – i was like, i think the lowest i finished with was like 37. This thing is, this thing is strong in the battery here. I actually think its better than the galaxy s21 on battery life and its probably up there closer to that of the s21 plus, so definitely very good. In this respect, let me get on to the camera experience of this phone.

Now i got ta say the camera in here is just like the ones on the s21. You have the ability to go 3x optical. Then you could go all the way up to 30x on the zoom theres a lot of zoom on this phone. So if you want a lot of zoom and you want it at that 6.99 price point – this is like your option right here. Youll definitely want this. If we go to more youll, see samsung, always hooks it up with a ton of options to tweak the camera. One of my favorites is food mode and mostly because when you put some food in here, itll make everything vibrant youll even see that hacky sack right there getting a little bit more vibrant. The food mall will make the inner the the photo within the circle. Just punch more so its very fun to use that mode, and then we do have more modes like pro video lets go back. We got pro video here which will allow you to tweak the settings and stuff pretty awesome. Let me go back to more. We have slow motion, dual recording portrait, video pro modes night modes ar doodle and then over here youll see you can bring them down here. If you want, in addition, samsung does allow you to change the aspect ratios of this phone. In addition to that, if we go to settings theres a lot more, you can change right here.

You can even change your selfie color tone. If you want it bright, you want it natural its up to you theres a lot to do, and i think this is a very versatile camera setup. Some people think the results and some other phones do beat it out. But for me i think its very sharp and its definitely no weak camera. This is definitely one you could use. I actually shot a few thumbnails with this phone already for the channel. You wouldnt even notice, you didnt even notice at all. So definitely nice camera setup. Its in a plastic body, but they didnt they didnt, go weak on the cameras, theyre pretty darn good. Take a look at my samples and let me know your thoughts on how this thing actually performs: Music, Music, Music now lets talk about the audio. Now i talked about having dolby atmos on you need that on. Let me go ahead and raise it up software, so its not really going to be a major deal. I dont find this to be anywhere near as loud as something like the s21 ultra, for example, or the galaxy z fold, but itd be pretty good performer as well, even though it didnt have the highest stuff inside in terms of for what it is. Itll get the job done for what you need to do. Itll definitely get that job done for you now, one area where this phone was incredibly good was the signal strength, the 5g.

It always had full bars. So if you want really good phone call performance really good, you know signal strength. You got to worry about that. This is the phone that is like everything, ive learned and wanted to talk about. With the galaxy s21 fe now theres a ton more features, we could go really deep and dive into everything, but thats, not the point of this video. The point of this video is to help you decide. Should you buy it? And you know, a lot of people are complaining that this phone is late, its way too late. They dont even want to talk about it. The s22 is going to come over here on the scene and just take over and stuff like that and yes, but you got to remember the person buying. This is not your techie, the person that wants to buy the latest and greatest phone the person buying. This is somebody who wants a high end, samsung phone, but they dont want to pay a high end price or its just not in their budget thats. What this option exists for, and i think, its a great option, its really good value and as somebody who uses the of the line, samsung galaxy s21 ultra, i will tell you that i dont miss too much features when using the fe from this phone. I only miss some of the you know 100 times zoom, and you know a few things about it.

It feels more premium, but other than that, you know this phone still offers about 80 to 85 percent. Of what a s21 ultra would give you, and if you want a slimmer, lighter version of this, you can consider the sometimes cheaper, depending on where you look galaxy s21, its basically a similar phone, almost identical with a few more features and a smaller overall build. Let me know your thoughts down below in the comments section of this video. If you found it helpful entertaining and forming. Do me a favor click.