Techno has really outdone themselves here out of the box. I was really impressed by the textured finish, because some device manufacturers are leaning more and more into glossy fingerprint, attracting casings techno didnt get full marks totally in this category, because the camera pump has a glossy finish, but its pretty easy to avoid touching it Music. Before we go any further, i think its important to stress that the spark 8p is still in the realm of very cheap smartphones, all relatively cheap smartphones. The 64 gigabyte version starts at around 155 dollars, while the 128 version is going for about 185 dollars. So if youre expecting face melting performance and display this, sadly, is not that kind of device. However, what the device itself packs for the price point is still pretty impressive, so first impressions more of a part two, because i kind of covered that in the intro, but you might be deceived that this is an entry level device. I have to hand it to techno for constantly improving the design and, to some degree, the build quality. It doesnt feel like the flimsy device of the sdf, just feeling it around its quite solid and well put together. The technospark ap has, in my opinion, an ergonomic button layout. You have the volume controls on the right side of the device with a side mounted fingerprint scanner. This is really good because the departure from devices that have a rear mounted fingerprint scanner, but not as good as devices with an in display fingerprint scanner.

That aside, it has a dual sim tray on the left side of the device with an sd card slot that has a gasket. Now. The addition of the gasket kind of took me aback because i kind of feels like techno is trying to waterproof the device or give it some sort of water resistance. But, to be honest, i wouldnt be taking this phone for a tip anytime soon at the bottom of the device. The techno spark 8p has a micro, usb port, a mono speaker, 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and the microphone so specs. The spark ap has a 6.6 inch screen. There are 64 gigabyte, 128 gigabyte and 256 gigabyte variants locally. Ive only seen the 64 gigabyte in the 128 gigabyte variants across the board. All of them have four gigabytes of ram in terms of processor. They have a mediatek, mt6769v helio, g70 processor running ios 7.6, which is based on android 11.. The device i tested was on android 11 and, i hope theres an android 12 update, but that is still up in the air camera wise. It has a 50 megapixel main camera 2 megapixel portrait and an ai lens, making up a triple rear camera module. The spark ap has an 8 megapixel selfie cam and, interestingly enough theres a flash on both the rear and front facing cameras. Maybe this is technos way of trying to say, take more pictures or breaking the mould of other smartphone manufacturers, but i think its an interesting touch battery wise as anyone really cares about devices like this is concerned, its got a 5 000 milliamp hour battery.

So how did the techno spark 8p perform? Well? To be honest, it did really well with operations in its weight class. If you want to surf the web watch videos on youtube netflix, you want, you wont, have much of an issue by the time i had the device there werent very many hiccups when it came to simple tasks: youtube playback and video playback was pleasant enough on the 1080P display what i really had the issue with was audio playback. The mono speaker on the bottom is not the best. The audio is very bad in the low end and very tinny. This wont stop people from using it on loudspeaker, especially for calls, but i think this is where the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack comes in handy. The audio playback was a lot better in the headphones than it was on loudspeaker when it comes to gaming and other stuff, it doesnt really handle heavy gaming really well or the heavier titles. Youll need to use conservative settings or not use them at all, but for the run of the mill games like i was testing out, it did alright like there was no hiccup it didnt lag. It was pretty well even when switching from app to app, i was pretty impressed with the performance battery wise. The spark ap did well to be honest in the endurance test. It stood up to video playback and gaming. I lost about 20 percent, alternating between gaming and watching videos for about half an hour so which isnt actually too bad moving into software in the user interface, i was really impressed with ios, i mean for the price point.

The device ran pretty smoothly and i, like the little stretch animation when you go beyond the limits of the menu. I wasnt expecting that its really a budget phone, but it was a nice little touch and even animations. That said at the out of the box specifications. I didnt experience too much lag. There was one instance. I remember, though, when i was closing multiple laps and the phone kind of stuttered, but it wasnt too dramatic. The only gripe i have with the techno spark range of phones are the pre loaded apps. They send a lot of notifications and they are incessant. So if you are buying the spark app, i strongly suggest you uninstall or you know, mute the notifications for these apps because they will keep coming and very often moving on to the camera and the spark ap. Essentially, has one camera, the 50 megapixel main camera, the other two just kind of ate things along and while using it for a little bit, i can say it: wasnt really meant for low light daylight, wise itll do very well, but in low light, its very grainy Image quality is possible, i mean, if using it for social media and just random photo taking yeah itll do pretty well so final thoughts and verdict for what youre getting between 155 to 185 dollars. The spark 8p is a really competent device. It wasnt really designed to handle heavy gaming and massive amounts of operations, its more suited to being a basic function daily driver, so this is more suited for people who are just entering the smartphone market or bridging the divide between feature phones to smartphones.