You can purchase one of this for between around 120 250 pound uk currency, and this has a lot of great features packed into it. There is one feature that really stands out compared to the rest of them and thats the battery capacity. Now i reviewed a lot of android smartphones, the even the smartphones im using high end smartphones, dont even have that kind of battery capacity. This has a built in 7700 mah battery capacity, thats a big battery life that gives you 30 hours of talk time. 465 hours of standby time, gaming wise, i would say, half of the talk time so around 10 to 15 hours, but thats still a lot of usage time per full charge and thats. What i like about this, it also does it doesnt have a fast charge, but it does still charge up pretty quickly. It also has a screen size of 6.82 hd display, so the screen quality is very good and it has octa core processor built in 4. Gig ram and 64 gig internal memory as well so operating wise. It operates very smoothly, mostly if you download very um high end games, for example, fortnite or call of duty mobile, then you might struggle with the smooth the smooth operating, um, etc. Okay, because these games require high ram uh to operate very smoothly, so you might get a lot of lags regarding certain games, but overall, this is a smartphone that you can download majority of the apps and it shouldnt slow down.

The quality of the smartphone itself is brilliant as well. I love it its big, its nice to hold slim um charging ports at the bottom, usb type c, charging port and the speakers at the bottom here as well. On the left side, youve got the a sim tray, you have to use a pin to open it and it takes two nano sims and a micro sd memory card at the top. He also takes a 3.5 millimeters headphone jack, so you can put wired earphones in or you can use bluetooth earbuds. If you want on the right side, you take, you got the volume control there and you go the power button which acts as a fingerprint unlock as well. Like the sony smartphones. Now you got triple camera at the back with ai and flashed here: its a 30 megapixel, 2 megapixel and 2 megapixel the front one is a 8 megapixel camera and he operates on android 11.. Now this is a smartphone that operates very smoothly. Like i mentioned a few times already and inside the box, you would also get this silicon case, because if you go online and search for this model, you wont really find cases for it, so they provide one. So you have to worry about that. It also comes with a screen protector already on, so you have to worry about that as well. It comes with a usb type c: charging cable, a mains plug and user guide there as well.

Now this smartphone one thing i like about this smartphone – is that its the build quality and the fact that it has a big battery life, 7 700 mah battery capacity, maybe the um, the phones that are coming out in 2022 – might have. These might have these big battery capacities, but you know it all depends on the brand, etc uh. But these days you need big battery life because you know theres a lot of things to do on a smartphone and you dont want a smartphone that the battery runs out quickly, even if you have a smaller battery capacity. As long as you have fast chargers that charges up within 20 minutes thats, so thats, fine as well for me uh, okay, so um, you got kids mode um. If youre gon na give this to a kid to use, you got a child mode there. It operates exactly like any android smartphone and i just want to go to the storage, so the storage, without downloading any apps or updating any apps um. I havent even connected to wi fi, yet um its already used up 14 of the storage out of the 64 gig thats, with the built in apps already and this. If you go to the security, you got the screen lock, like all the basic screen locks there, pin pattern, password, swipe, etc, and then you got the fingerprint unlock and thats on the right side here and you go to also go a face unlock as well.

Now lets go to the smart control, so ive got um, lift to check phone smart motion pocket mode, so you got a few extra features that i love other smartphones dont have. So i like i like this smart um, this model, especially because its affordable, and it does have a lot of great features, packed into it about phone here. It just gives you their system update here, and it just gives you. It just tells you that youve got 4g ram, android version etc and lets go to the privacy bit here, and this is basically like any other android settings here. The sound battery apps connected devices now connected devices. You got um the, for example. If you want to um wherever you go on your screen, um on your smartphone screen, you want to cast down to it like a tv that has the option you can do that as well. Um, let me go back. Let me go to the network bit here. So youve got hotspot, airplane mode, etc. Here now, ive also recorded with this as well, so um ive done a recording just to show you the quality of the camera and ive taken pictures in the low light and with the light and with the flashlight on so i will show you those now. Let me just go to the file file manager, so, Music. The images are here so theres thats, the first one ive taken. Let me swipe down so this.

This is on full brightness at the moment, wheres auto rotation. Now this is how it looks. Ive taken this picture, then this so the quality of the camera is pretty good. This was with the flashlight on without any other light other than the flashlight, and the quality of the pictures come out very good as well. So these are the pictures and let me show you the video. I just done a quick tutorial of how the quality of the video is. So you can hear the sound quality as well recording, so that was just a small clip and the sound quality is was very good. It does pick up your voice very clearly and theres no distortion or anything like that. So you can watch films play games on it, watch youtube, etc without um, with without the speaker being um poor quality, because there are some um smartphones that have very poor quality speaker where he has a very high treble and lack of balance of bass and surround Sound system, but i, like the speaker, i, like the speaker, the feature: the fingerprint unlock face, unlock the big battery life and just overall this smartphone, its brilliant. I mean theres, nothing, theres, no theres, not much. I can really say about this in a negative way because its affordable it has tons of features packed into it and its a phone that would last for a while as well. So thank you for watching my video.