Here are some papers. The packing is really good. It is warranty registration, details, Music at com, give a good rating and share review to get 10 percent discount of future purchases. Okay, some stickers and a user manual Music here is another sticker Music. It is a lens kit box. It is a really premium quality hard case. You can easily carry it while traveling without any problem. Music, Music – it is a lens. Cleaner cloth here – are lenses Music. This is a clip of the lens made with durable plastic. This golden ring is metallic Music. The backside gripper is adjustable. It is 198 degree fisheye lens. The lens body is metallic. It is protected with a plastic lens cap. It is a 2x telephoto lens or zoom lens Music. It is a cpl filter. Here is an adjustable ring. I will show you about the cpl effect. Music. Here are two lenses together, which is a wide angle lens. You can separate it for use a macro lens, so in this lens kit you can get a 198 degree fisheye lens 2x telephoto lens or portrait lens, a cpl filter, 0.63 x, wide angle, lens and 15 x macro lens. Before using a lens, you have to remove the phone back cover now check which camera is working, because there are four cameras now place. The clip on the camera Music. The clip circle should be exactly middle position of the camera lens Music. You can use it also on the front camera Music.

Now it is ready for testing. I will test lanes one by one at first 2x telephoto lens Music. Here you can see the view from the camera. With this 2x lens, a natural depth of field is appearing. Now i am removing the lens. You can see the difference after seeing this picture carefully. I noticed color reproduction is not bad, but i noticed some black spots on the all four corners. I noticed also some focal distortion on the corners of the pictures. Music. You can see some more pictures using this 2x lens Music. I am not happy with this 2x lens, so lets test the next macro lens here you can see pictures taken using cad com macro lens macro lens quality is really good. I like it. I did not notice any problem with this macro lens. Even it is better than the inbuilt macro lens of my redmi note. 9.. Music. You can see the view using free silence. It has a black ring. I think it is okay for this prices at com full screen, fisheye lens is also available, which is a little bit expensive. Music. You can see the view from the camera with the wide angle lens. Now i am removing it and it is without lens. This lens is specially useful for bloggers. I noticed some black spots on corners with this lens, but these parts does not appear on some phones, so i think this lens is not bad.

Cpl filter is a circular polarizer filter. It can reduce glare from the reflected surface. The cpu filter is attached and i am adjusting the wheel. You cannotice some contrast: changes specially you cannotice the blacks portion of the picture Music, except for the 2x telephoto lens. This lens is overall, not bad for a mid range lens kit.