I dont know how many of you have been in front of the camera, but the cringe energy that is packed inside is ridiculous. So, basically were here to review this its a lens couple of lenses inside. Actually, i was planning content for the channel. I was thinking i probably needed a wider lens to capture more of the scene or if i want to get into tight corners and all that, but the price for wide lens is a damn cost. Okay, let me see if there are alternatives for iphones, because the iphone camera is actually really really good, but if you didnt get the iphone 13 pro, you have a poor depth of field on the widest lens. Maybe there are lens options, and maybe they are not too expensive, like someone its quite popular cant, really remember. The name now probably put the link in the description of that lens its like a hundred dollars and im, like, i think, thats too much, but then i saw one for 25 and it was the best one thats. Basically, this from a company called apexo. I dont know if i pronounced it right, but lets move on. It comes with six lenses and to be fair, i only needed two out of it. I wanted a wide angle lens and a macro lens, basically, because i wanted to be able to get a wider field of view when im shooting reviews or get detail shots when i want to get closer to the subject so thats all i needed, but i got Four other lenses which im not going to complain, and some of them are actually interesting which well get into in a moment.

So lets talk, build quality. Now it was 25. I wasnt expecting anything amazing out of the box, but its good to be surprised every once. In a while, the lenses feel well made, they are all metal, as i would expect. The clip is made out of plastic, but good quality plastic so its not like it feels flimsy or anything and actually has a steady grip on your phone to screw. The lenses onto the clip is pretty easy. The threads are well done as well. Everything about the build quality is fine. It feels nice has some decent weight to it. The only thing i didnt like were the whats. It called the star, the star filter lens and the cpo theater lens. These two lenses have a ring so itll allow you to get rid of reflections, actually change the contrast, a little bit, which was pretty interesting. I didnt think i would have any use case scenario for it, but does it feel good dont mind me. This is just me picking its fine, it does the job. If, for any reason, you are adjusting and capturing audio, then you get that, but i dont see you doing that in the first place, so, overall, the build quality of all the lenses are really good. They dont feel flimsy at all, so in terms of build quality. For me, 100 now lets talk about image quality. Now, theyre really good, like really really good, but theyre not perfect, and they dont need to be.

There are some issues which ill get it to in a moment actually dont mind. I like some flaws in there to give it whatever creative effect its going to have. It can get a bit blurry around the edges, but it didnt happen all the time once youre able to center it properly on the iphone youre not going to have any issues now. The macro lens is by far my favorite out of the entire bunch, not because it has better quality, but i just love how macro shots? Look the shallow depth of field. The extreme focus on something very narrow in the center of the screen is just the best thing in the world for me to see like. I can never get tired of that, and i was surprised at how good it was. It was pretty sharp, it was blurry where it needed to be theres, some slight chromatic aberration again, i didnt really mind because everything in the center of the screen is pretty clear. So if it happens around the edges, its fine, i think it can add some flair to your shots, but i had no complaints about the macro lens. It did exactly what i needed to do now. It is slightly distorted in the sense that when you are moving through the microsoft it can get slightly distorted. But i think these are things that you can fix in post. It doesnt really take from what you are trying to create at the end of the day and if these are still shots, youre not going to have any issues.

There now lets talk about the white light. My experience was very similar to the macro lens. Again. It gets distorted its, not the sharpest image, so i could correct whatever softness imposed, but overall the lens was good. It gave me the wide field of view and the difference is very stuck ill put something up, so that you see that you cannotice that all you can see in this shot is the camera thats. A big difference now lets talk about the fish eyelids. So when i got this lens back, it was something i thought i would never use, but the quality is good, its not perfect. Again, i dont really have a frame of reference because it has a circular crop around the frame, its going to sound like a broken record by now. But all these lenses have some amount of chromatic aberration for the most part, youre not really going to notice it, and as long as you place it carefully on the center of the lens of the phone youre not going to have issues with like vignetting or extremely Blurry edges now one issue i did notice and i think this is something that may not necessarily be peculiar to these lenses. I think it may exist on all other mobile phone lenses, especially on the iphone. The clip may block the led light at the back. So if you are going to use the flash, its uh youre out of luck, youre either going to cast a shadow or its just not going to look right.

That should be something you should be aware of. So my final thoughts, i think its a good investment. You can get more variety of shots for just spending 25, its six lenses that are useful in various use case scenarios. I think it can really give you lots of variety and for 25 you can get so much more out of your main phone camera. So if youre interested in getting these lenses, ive left links in the description, obviously its at no extra cost to you and it will support the channel.