The global edition of the huawei p50 pro is powered by the snapdragon 88 chipset youve got a gorgeous 120 hertz 6.6 inch oled display some stunning design work, a dual matrix camera system, and here in the general european region, the huawei p50 pro will cost you 1199 Euros so certainly super premium priced so lets whip the huawei p50 pro and out of its box. Take you on a full on tour of the hardware and the software test out that camera tech, all the good stuff and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe and hitting that notifications bell cheers so first bit of business. Naturally, what do you get in the box? Well, youve got your huawei p50 pro youve got yourself a proper chunky, 66 watt power. Adapter got yourself on a usb cable and because youve no doubt spent a pretty penny on your fresh new huawei p54. You do get a bundled condom case in there as well, so you can wrap that around your expensive, shiny, new handset, just keep it safe from home and thats it all of the tastiest morsels that youll find tucked away in the huawei p50 pro box. Now, as far as smartphone design goes, huawei has basically nailed it for years and years now, so its not exactly a massive shock that the p50 pro is an absolute stunner and yes, certainly can be said, though it doesnt seem to have taken any risks for the P50 pros design its a very wow, we sort of look and feel, as you can see, pretty skinny bezels, surrounded that mighty 6.

6 inch display and the screen itself actually slopes around the left and the right edges as well, but touchwood. So far, no palm intrusion issues while gripping the p50 pro quite tight and certainly feels quite hefty as well, though its a shade under 200 grams, so its nowhere near as bad as some of the worst defenders out there, like the apple iphone 13 pro max and The s21 ultra fairly skinny at 8.5 millimeters and those camera lenses dont get a ridiculous amount out of the back end of the chassis there. Certainly nowhere near as bad as the likes of the iphones of this world youve got a shiny glass arse here on the huawei p50 pro which you can grab in a couple of different hues, either cocoa gold or this here golden black model, which to be fair, Is mostly just black, they have little hints of gold, basically for the text and around the camera rims there, and i do like a mirrored back on a smartphone uh, but unfortunately it does mean that it picks some greasy prints and scuffs and basically grime and dust. Rather easily so youre going to want to give this thing a constant buffing up to keep it from looking a bit mank and as usual, with huawei flagship phones and flagship phones in general, ip68, water and dust resistant. So it can get fully submerged and not cac itself. So on the software side. Well, you probably well know that huawei and america in general have been having a little bit of a spat a little bit of uh fisty cuffs adorned for quite a few years.

Now. Actually, if you havent heard of this chances are youre living in a cave and that actually sounds really rather nice. Given the last couple of years, i might join you in there in 2022., but anywho. The result is that uh, android and google services in general have not been present on wireless smartphones for quite some time. So what youve got here on the huawei p50 pro is a pure blood, emotion, ui 12., its not a launcher, sat there on top of android or anything its well, its very own ecosystem. One of the downsides of this is that you dont get the google play store. You dont get any of those lovely google apps like gmail or chrome. Google assistant, yadda yadda, but huawei has implemented its own alternative. So, for instance, instead of the play store, youve got huaweis app gallery and yes, this isnt anywhere near as well stocked as the google play store, mostly its a case of time. Of course, it is improving with every passing month that goes by fresh apps that we know and love are appearing on here and if you cant find an app that you know and love on app gallery, then you can search for it using the petal search. Instead, im certainly not going to search for newcastle united spits bits bit not sure what thats doing there, but you might, for instance, want to get a bit of netflix on the go. So what pedal search will do? Is they can narrow down the search to app? So they can bring up a list of apks that i think you might be interested in, so you can get the netflix apk from apk pure.

You do, of course, have to be really careful when downloading apks onto your phone youve got to make sure you trust the source. An apk appears normally a good source and your huawei p50 pro will scan any apks and other files you download just for any signs of miscreancy no threats. Fans looks like were good to go, and now she blows a good bit of netflix action here. On the p50 pro, although, sadly, we are topping off here at standard definition as far as the video content goes because the huawei p50 pro is just stuck at wide vine l3, not exactly the best way of showing off that rather stunning, quad, hd, plus oled screen And because theres no google assistant runway has provided it on who is named celia, so all you got to do to wake up. Celia is say: hey celia. How are you doing today? I am doing great. I am just surfing around for a bit shes. Quite the card that celia, can you sing me a song? How about you ask me to play something you like on huawei music? No, i asked you to sing a goddamn song. You may check the search results i found online. Fortunately, if you are hideously lonely and desperate for any kind of company, even thats, an artificial being where you do have the anime app on that huawei app gallery lets see if this is any good. Also weve got a choice of animals.

We can uh have uh one of a selection here this ones almost like a younger version of me, eyebrows arent as good though some of these are kind of scary. I got ta say theyve got that real sort of im gon na murder. You in your sleep kind of vibe, oh now i get to tweak the personality as well. Should we go for shy or flirty well lets flirt it up, select my goals. I would like to talk, shame free that would be lovely and there you have it. Youve got your own ai friend huzzah, it looks like were already hitting it off, although she seems a bit judgy on the whole youtube thing. As for the rest of the amewi ui, well, its very straightforward stuff. Swipe this way, and instead of a google discover, feed youve got the today feed, which basically gives you fast access to a whole bunch of widgets that you might find pertinent and also the latest headlines, most of which seem to feature a scruffy walrus as usual. Unfortunately, youve also got fast access to all of your notifications right here and if you swipe down the right hand, side youve got a kind of control center, similar to what youve got on ios and, of course, with xiaomis miui launcher. And yes, you do have an apps tray that you can fill up to your hearts content. You dont have to have all the apps scattered all over your desktops and if you jump on into the huawei p50 pros settings, theres lots to play around with here.

Lots of personalization that you can perform from here. You can change up the theme. You can apply a different icon pack change the wallpaper mess around with the always on display. I really like some of these artistic ones which it feels like. Well, we only brought them in about a year or so ago, but its probably much longer ago than that, because time doesnt really have any meaning in a post covered world. Oh you know you can get an inspirational message on the go. Instead, although, thankfully you do have the option of editing the text to make it something a bit less wanky, and if you want to have something a bit different on your lock screen, well, youve got the magazine unlock feature which i really like as well. This offers up a variety of different themes. You just select the ones that interest you and you can also add in any images that you happen to really like from your own gallery and then every time you switch on your phone youll be presented with another image that just helps to brighten up your day. Make you feel a little bit happier inside as for your fingerprint sensor? Well, it is an in display effort, as usual here on the huawei p50 pro quite easy to find when the phone is hibernating and super responsive and thats, backed up with some very good face and lock as well. So if, for whatever reason you cant use that fingerprint sensor just tap the power button, i will immediately identify you and away you go as for the storage space.

Well, my review model of the huawei p50 pro came with a generous 256 gigs of internal storage. Right there, a large chunk of which is free for your apps and media, and if you pull open that sim tray, you will see that there is space on here for one of huaweis own nm memory cards, because one way always excels when it comes to the Display tech, and once again the one where p50 pro does not disappoint youve got a 6.6 inch oled panel, which, as i mentioned before, curves gently around the edges of that smartphone and its absolutely stunning for kicking back with a movie tv show. Whatever you want, resolution is 2700 by 12 28, so supremely crisp images, apart from in netflix, with its sd shenanigans and bright vivid, colors, absolutely gush at your eyeballs as well. So this thing is perfect for a bit of animation bit of anime, although, if you so desire, you can jump into the one where p50 pros display settings and you can tinker around with those colors subdue them a little bit. If you prefer play around with the color temperature and theres, even a smart resolution feature as well, which can scale the crispness of those visuals to save on battery power when necessary same story with the refresh rate. This panel does top off at 120 hertz, but you cant have it dynamically swapping, as you can see, that scales from 60 hertz up to 120 hertz, depending on what content you are consuming.

As for the audio well, youve got a stereo speaker set up here on the huawei p50 pro, and it is really really good lets. Just bump up the volume see what were working with full final galaxy, s21 fe review and for more on the latest and greatest day. Please do folks, subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers. So my top volume puts out quite a crisp clear, sound still. Definitely no tinniness going on whatsoever and uh super loud as well, so youll easily be able to hear what is going on, even in quite a raucous environment. Suddenly there is bugger all headphone jack action here on the one way p50 pro. So if you want to get wired up where youll have to use a dongle, otherwise bluetooth connectivity seems absolutely fine, as well as for your performance, well, its the snapdragon 888 packed inside of the huawei p54. Sadly, not the latest freshest snapdragon, 8 gen 1. But you know performance seems absolutely fine for whatever you want to do, helped along by the eight gigs of ram packed into this thing, and you do of course, on the gaming assistant as usual here on the huawei p50 pro, which adds in a selection of gaming Tools so first is youve, got the uninterrupted gaming tool, which just helps to prevent any notifications from trickling through when you dont want to be disturbed, you can lock the brightness, take a screenshot and theres a performance mode as well.

When things get proper serious and yeah games like asphalt 9, you can of course expect blistering speed and absolutely flawless performance. That frame rate does not stumble one bit. Graphics, look absolutely stunning, of course, as youd expect. As for the battery tech, well, the battery crammed inside of the huawei p50 pro is just shy of 4400 milliamps or not the biggest capacity around, but absolutely no trouble with that battery life at all. Clearly, the likes of a miui 12 super energy efficient, as is that snapdragon 888 chipset, because ive been gaming on this thing, ive been streaming video all kinds of shenanigans and its only dropped about 10 in the last hour and when the huawei p50 pro is finally Deceased, it supports 66 wired charging and 50 watt wireless charging, which i could confirm is fast as balls. So lets finish up this huawei p50 pro unboxing and full tour with a squint at the camera tech and what youve got here is a dual matrix. Camera system, headed up by a 50 megapixel true chroma camera, with optical image, stabilization built in and thats, complemented by a 40 megapixel, true chroma camera, which is a monochrome shooter, whereas camera app is fairly straightforward, although it is absolutely packed with different tools and features. Most of which you can just ignore, if you want, we do have the likes of the master ai mode, which you can switch on, which just changes up the look and vibe of your shots.

I left this off for the most part, because i find you get more realistic shots without it, and the first thing i love about the p50 pros camera is the fact. Youve got zero latency on that focus whatsoever, its super nippy, and when you hit that shutter button, the p50 pro actually seems to capture the photo. A split second ahead of time, like its constantly buffering an image, its an absolute godsend when youre shooting kids and pets who seem to have a knack for moving or pulling a face. Just as you take a snap. Another great thing about the p50 pro is that the photos it spaffs out definitely rival the pixel 6 smartphones for realism. These colors basically look exactly as they did with the naked eye. Absolutely stunning capture plenty of detail, packed into every shot and the p50 pro is once again incredible at night as well. This scene here was proper dark, but the phones managed to capture some serious detail while the night mode, if you switch onto that, helps with the colour reproduction as well. You get some serious pop in your shots, even in quite low light movement subjects will of course look blurred, but if they can sit reasonably still, youll once again get good returns and surprising amounts of detail as well heres. A few cat based examples just to brighten up your deer unless you have to hit cats of course, in which case sorry, at any point, you can swap to the huawei p50 pause ultra wide angle, shooter as well.

This is a 13 megapixel effect. This does a pretty good job of capturing natural, looking colors as well, not quite as strong as the primary sensor, though, and if you want to get up close and personal with your subject, youve got a 64 megapixel telephoto shooter. As you can see there, you can zoom in up to 10 times just by tapping these little icons. Otherwise you can also zoom up to a hundred times. If you pinch right in personally id say, though, youre best off sticking to around the ten times level, which pumps out pictures as sharp as those taken with the primary lenses, it really is fantastic and then, as always, youve got the usual selection of bonus camera modes. As well, including a full on pro mode, which, as you can see, i can shoot in raw format if you like lots of other bonus bits too, and of course, snap. A monochrome photo if you like, using that secondary monochrome lens and if we swap to the video mode, where this shoots at up to 4k resolution at either 30 or 60 frames per second theres. None of that 8k bollocks on here and again no real complaints with the video output. I found that my home movies looked absolutely fantastic. You can slowly zoom in and out, if needed as well. The p50 pro will skip through the different lenses when required. With a brief transition, its not quite seamless but its not too jarring, there is a clear dip in the quality of the visuals.

If you do swap to the ultra wide angle lens, but again, nothing horrific low light, shooting isnt quite as impressive, but you still get respectable amount of detail when the situation isnt too challenging. Sorry, some more cat based action here, few feline haters and the image stabilization is fantastic when youre moving and shooting as well. No issues with the audio quality, all around its just great stuff and huawei has very kindly included a video editing tool here on the huawei p50 pro as well known as a petal clip. This allows you to skim through the video and chop it and change it around. You can even add in little animations and various other effects as well. So its great, if you are gon na just quickly tinker with your video before uploading it to social media and then last up. If we jump back to the photo mode and swap around to the front facing camera, where its a 13 megapixel effort again with auto focus on the go, as you can see there, its tracking my eyes at the moment, youve got beauty board and all that other Bollocks on there, but i just flat out ignore that, because lets face it, you cant improve on perfection and again this does the job absolutely nicely for your shareable shots and all that the portrait mode is a little bit confused by headphones and other foreign gear. But apart from that, all good – and you could also shoot up to 4k resolution video using that front facing camera here on the huawei p50 pro as well.

If you want to get a bit of your vlogging action on the go, lets walk it through a park. Again, lots of stairs from strangers because, frankly, you look like a bit of a lunatic and there you have it. That, in a nutshell, is the huawei p50 pro a very clever bit of tech. Indeed, some very premium hardware on there and some quite nifty software as well as long as you can obviously live with the lack of google services. What do you guys recommend? Are your thoughts on the huawei p50 pro and stay tuned for my full coverage of the huawei p50 pocket as well, which rocks similar sort of specs, but its a bit more bendy for more than its a great tech? Please do box subscribe and ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a fan, bloody tastic rest of the week. Cheers everyone love.