Today i have a really cool smartwatch from a company called new beer to review. Now there is kind of a funny story behind this company name. It comes from new cow bee. Vagina wait a minute. Why would you call well newbie is slang for awesome in chinese. It used to be a bit vulgar, but its common. Now i mean maybe dont say in front of your chinese in laws, but otherwise its okay anyway ive never heard of nubia. Until they made this watch. We have a lot of cell phone companies that made generally good, but unremarkable phones. This product really sticks out, though, and theyre calling it a wearable smartphone lets unbox it and see if it lives up to that. So i watch a lot of unboxing channels and for some reason the dudes always want to use some crazy deadly. Looking light to open the box when the box cutter is the y2 for the job, since it has an adjustable depth, so the braid wont hurt the contents. I mean i can really throw stones in my glass house. I unbox things in funny clothes, so i cant talk, but i decided i should try it out myself and see if it makes the unboxing better chinese style. The best part is, i actually borrowed this from the auntie next door, its her extra one. Only in china can you get in an elevator full of old people on or for wall off to do their morning.

Exercise. Okay lets, give it a shot uh. So so this is the new beer, bluetooth earphone, because the nubia watch doesnt have an earphone jack lets, uh open the box and see. I think this one has the watch ta da, so heres the youll be a watch. Okay. What is in here, or just to make it solid to protect it to protect the watch? Okay, theres. Let me peel this off Applause, so i took some link down because before it was too loose now its still, it is still a little bit loose, but it is okay for this. Okay, the instruction comes in chinese, but dont worry. They also have the english version. In this video, i will guide you step by step, so the first step, of course, to power it on to power it on. We need to long press the power button until we see it on okay, all right. Okay at first, they asked you to set the language im going to set it as english, okay, next user term. Next, please scan to star your oh sorry, theres a little bit of reflection of the light. It says its pairing. Please accept pairing requests on variable phone pair pair with oneplus, 5 pair, so uh on my phone. It says pairing success and on the watch it says please complete settings for your wearable phone on your phone, okay, gender female next birthday, so lets go back to watch. Okay lets take a look at the interface so theres phone on on the first page, theres phone camera and i dont know whats about the heart two finger pinch.

I know: okay, detecting half. Oh sorry, detective, so this is for detecting my heart rate, 81b per minute. All right, okay, cool! So if i do that, i pinched it it exits right, okay and then theres the picture. So you can see there is the front camera right. Oh im, also recording myself. Okay stop and there are like four filters for you. Four filters for you to select, and after i after i took it, and i just took a picture. Where do i see? Oh okay? So this is the picture i took before. I think yeah thats the picture deleted all right, thats, the video so for the video. Oh okay, theres the volume for you to adjust it. I think, for when youre watching your own video, you can adjust the water and also you can share your video, full recheck or delete okay and then do the same thing pinch. So you pinch it and then exit okay lets see so on my phone for the app there is account management, device management, device, management, okay, but i dont see like they have a sync management. They can sing your phone book and your messages to the watch. Music management: you can sing the songs uh through your phone and then to the wearable one. I mean to the new video todays step number. If i walk it, will uh record your uh steps and then i think you can. I dont know if you can share it with your friends and like compete with each other, because some other watches do call.

So if you want to call anybody, you can, you know call from here and because it is connected to your phone, i think you can uh accept calls from your watch. You speak to the speaker on your watch when you receive a call from your phone. Okay see messages, we check, we check. Okay, they can use recheck on here, so go map alipay thats, pretty convenient. They have alipay in here so that i could like show people my curacao and people can scan it for my watch so thats the first page. The second page is more about fitness, health, outdoor running outdoor working work, working, yeah and im, not gon na well work out, not in a million years music. So this music definitely connected with my phone lets, see if i can play some music here. Okay lets see imported one. I imported one in it: okay imported one song. Okay, now i imported one song from my phone and im going to play it and see whats going on. I just click it. So if i hit play okay, theres sound so because i just think i just imported the song through my phone and it automatically shows up in my watch. Oh wow, i i clicked the search phone. Your phone has been found and its now raining stop ringing holy crap wow. That was so convenient. You know i. Whenever i try to um, find my phone i have. Of course i have to use other phone to call it, but if its parrot i dont, have to wow so ive talked to my friends, and i asked her to call me because on uh – and i noticed one thing on my watch – my recheck does not have The conversation uh function only like the talking function, i can hold to talk, but i cannot hold the type so yeah, Music, Laughter, bye, bye, bye, okay, pros the touch interface is beautiful.

Im really surprised. I dont often see such a nice ui from a chinese company. Whatever happens with this watch as a product, its interface sets a high standard. The form factor is great. A screen that wraps a third to half way around your wrist is fantastic and very usable. Build quality is excellent. The watch is fast and responsive. Okay. Now the cons honestly, the watch is a bit big for an average woman. I mean let alone long small women. Like me, i dont think they were being sexist women by 48 of all smartphones and only 30 percent of watches. I think it was just a business choice based on those numbers, but i also think at 30 percent plus teenagers and men with slimmer bills. I would have made two sizes thats. Just me, though, and tooling is expensive. Next, i am a cyberphone geek. I want a wrist computer. I love wearing my phone on my wrist, but i want a full size screen. Take this screen, make it wider, go all the way and give us a real full brown slick, futuristic wrist computer, all the deck to do it. Is there now just not willingness to take a chance on a new form factor: okay, thats. My review of the nubia alpha smartwatch ill put a link in the description box. Thanks for watching the more followers i get, the more cool stuff i can reveal. So please share my video. All my videos are creative commons license so, provided you have my name and the link clearly displayed.

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