It features and oh, if you are planning to buy one plus eight, then why you are planning to buy it. So lets start it so, first of all, if we talk about its price market price, then it comes with 700 and approximately 600 pounds. And if we talk about australian dollar, then it comes with 1100 billion in uk, its released on 21 of april and 29th of the plugins us. So yet uh australia launch is still unclear, but this mobile phone is launched because now its 2022 and i am not reviewing it in 2022., so the oneplus started. I just talked about this price and initial price is for the http ram and 120 hdp storages, and if we are planning to buy a 12gb ram, then it comes with 2256gb storage for its port 5g. Yes, its ported ive, given activity, you can use 5g in this oneplus 8 phone and it comes also with flagships like iphone 11.. If we talk about this design, then it comes with polish design, vertical rear camera pump tall in the hand, but light 160.2 millimeter and 72.9 millimeter and eight millimeter, so they dont have any pop up. Selfie camera instead of less flashy punch hole, so it dont support a fluffy camera and, moreover, the oneplus 8 is more iterative, take on its in the oneplus 7t. So if we talk about this display, then it comes with 6.55 inches display with amoled display. We talked about this regulation, then it comes with fst, plus 90 hertz refresh date, and if we talk about this curve rate, then it comes with curved waterfall side stages.

If we talk about this camera, then it comes with three rear cameras: 48, megapixel, 16, megapixel ultra wide and 2 megapixel macro. And if we talk about this video resolution, then it is 4k and sported 60 frame per year temperature console and if we talk about its camera, then it comes with 16 megapixel front facing camera. Camera samples, the oneplus 8 camera, are generated towards medium wide and up close photography when the stored is changed. Here are some of sets of camera samples showing off its contrast, as well as limited telephoto capabilities. So it have lots of capabilities. You can use these capabilities in these cameras. If we talk about its text and performance, then it comes with snapdragon 865, cheapest with the 5gb modem in fast all round, so it supports 85 map tokens. This is too much. If you are a founder of gamings, then i think that this mobile is for you, because its ported snapdragon of 865, which can provide you the best graphic result and smooth gaming quality in 90 frames per second rate, 8gb ram port with 128gb and 5gb ram support With 256gb of storage, if we talk about this battery than its 4 300 milliampere battery beyond our full day, it has wrap charge 32 charge fully recharged in hours. So when you buy this oneplus 8 phone, then the company gives you one extra charger that charger just pulls your battery in 30 minutes. If you want full charger, then you just put into charger for 30 minutes, and your battery is full.

So when, if you are planning to buy one plus 8, then must buy this fully charged charger. Doesnt support wireless charging, its a pro, only feature so wireless charging. It doesnt doesnt support it. So if you are, why uh you are planning to buy this if you want high specs and 5g at low cost, much like it produces the oneplus 8 pack in great specs at a lower cost, then completing flagship which, in the case of this years, crop of 5G phones can get especially pricey if you want the best in terms of key specs. One dont need a complete set of belts and whiteness. The oneplus 80s are great, so Music, there are lots of features in this uh phone. The battery features is extraordinary and if you talk about specs and performance, then its also some next level performance in this specs and performance also using snapdragon the samples in camera curved. If we talks versus display, then its also amazing designing also amazing 5g connectivities for tape, and we talked about this price, then its also a reasonable price and its completing iphone 11 in this market. If we, if we compared it with apple iphone 11, then i think its a strong competitor. Oneplus 8 is a strong competitor of apple iphone 11. So i think that this is the best choice for you hope so that you like this video. If you are new on my channel, then please dont, forget to like comment and subscribe.

My channel. I will uh planning to review some more mobile phones latest mobile phones, which are coming this year, new launching so for that dont forget to like subscribe and comment to my youtube channel. Thanks for watching, see you in the next video.