Well, we reckon that we still have the responsibility to let you know that. How does the standard version of xiaomi 12 performs whats its biggest selling point and is it worth buying, while there are so many other options are available. This xiaomi 12 that im holding is the standard blue version. The build has definitely become more and more premium. Its visually very simple, but really well built the back is with the matte glass finish and easily gets some fingerprints, but its not slippery. Nor gets scratches easily. The shape feels so right. This time, the thickness of the phone feels very comfortable in the hands and the camera module has a very nice shape. The lines give it a very neat and organized feeling. It looks slightly different from xiaomi 12 pro speaking of the total size, but mostly similar. The most impressive part is the overall size that comfortable and firm feeling that it gives you, when you are holding it in hand, is what i enjoy the most also design looks very different than before this time it surely looks like a premium design. The screen is a 1080p 6.28 inch, 120 hertz oled display. It also comes with the latest ltpo technology for improving battery efficiency. About the detail you can check it from our xiaomi 12 pros review were not going to going into great depth in this video. It has the highest touch: sampling rate of 480 hertz peak brightness can go up to 1100 nit its an edge curved screen, but there is no obvious color problem at the edge of the screens, but the brightness drops a little bit.

The fingerprint location is also on the fairly comfortable spot and it reads very fast: it also comes with corning gorilla, glass, vectors protection, so yeah the screen can give you anything. You can possibly desire, and i have nothing to pick up on so far except from it. Not being 2k resolution performance wide in a normal room, temperature antutu benchmark scored 947 000 wildlife, 9800 geekbench 5, simple core 1100 multicore, 3500. again snapdragon 8gen1 is very powerful as long as we can deal with the heat problem properly in the gaming test, with the highest Image quality of pubg average frame rate is capped at 51., maybe not a very impressive number, but the phone didnt get that hot after the testing and the whole process was pretty smooth and even and at the highest quality of gangshin impact. The average frame per second is ‘.13. It was like that 45 frames per second at the beginning, but it dropped to 40 frames per second, as the phone grew hot and went back to 45 again, the whole process was pretty smooth and the phone is also kept at the pretty acceptable temperature in brightweights Case average frame rate is kept at 30 frames per second, but once the phone grew hot, a little bit frame rate has started started to became very unsteady and there were some really annoying frame drops while in gaming, so im assuming you really have to depend on A good software optimization to unleash its full potential, or at least get it worked properly Music.

Well now we know that, for those of you who are dedicated gamers, these numbers are probably doesnt seem very appealing. However, the phone temperature is kept very steady instead of growing glowing hot. So if youre more on the side of keeping your hand cooler, you can think about it, but xiaomi 12 is certainly not a dedicated gaming phone. Considering there are other many options that are available at the moment. Speaking of the camera set on xiaomi 12. The main camera is a 50 megapixel sony imx 766 sensor with ois. The other two cameras are 5 megapixel macro camera and 13 megapixel low travel camera. The main camera has a very eye, catching style of tuning contrast and saturation is relatively higher. Sharpening algorithm also works pretty. Well, though, the trace is a bit obvious. This kind of image style is, no doubt, is the most pleasing and the first look for sure at night. The good performance is even well presented. Dynamic range is very good and colors are still natural and correct, except from being a little bit too saturated and motion. Blur was hardly an issue, except from the object of the photo is moving itself in ultra wide mode. 123. Degrees lens is not as annoying as 150 degrees ultrawide. The field of view is just right and i dont have to worry about, including too many unwanted objects. In my image, the color is less intense, comparing with the main camera at night.

The performance is still good, images are still sharp, though the colors are less intense, but there is no noticeable big problem with accuracy of the colors. Dynamic range is not as excellent as the main camera, but still quite better than many other flagships. Also, the autofocus of ultra wide camera greatly increases the shooting experience this ultra light. Camera definitely is my most satisfying pick among all the other flagships we have tested recently and you can pretty much ignore the two times telephoto lens the image is not sharp enough. The crop image from the main lens looks better than the two times elevator lens, so i didnt really spend much time bothering with this camera. As for the overall camera experience, the software was wonderful. I didnt encounter any bugs while im using it, and the whole process was very smooth and satisfying after the camera test. Lets talk about the speaker test. Speaker is loud enough. The sound quality is also one of the xiaomis very proud, strong suits of the series, so lets give it a try, Music. As for the battery, it comes with 67 watt fast charging and it takes 43 minutes of fast charging to fully charge the phone wireless fast. Charging is 50 watts and supports 10 watts of reverse wireless when its fully charged playing pubg in highest quality for half an hour uses 10 of the battery using the camera for health and never consumes 10 playing videos for health, never five percent, navigating social media, seven Percent and its still left worth 68.

This battery life can be considered to be one of the best battery life on any android smartphone on the market so far, even better than xiaomi 12 pro in the conclusion, youre also probably not going to pay too much attention to xiaomi 12. While there are 12 pro and many other options are available, however, if you have more affection towards a small screen and if you value a better battery life more than anything else, then xiaomi 12 is doubtlessly. Gon na beat xiaomi 12 pro easily even beats. Almost all the android smartphones thats available right now at the market, but without disadvantage. Xiaomi 12 pro is obviously a better option with the bigger screen, better specs and more features, and the price is not that high either. So this is going to be it for today.