Moto is r10 and you can purchase one of this video doorbells for less than 40 pound uk currency. It operates very smoothly. Has the amazing slim lightweight design to it, and it comes with a lot of great features built into this now before i do the demo ill show you how it operates. I would like to go for the features that it comes with and how to set this up so inside the box. Youll get the video doorbell now thats the attachment. So you put this on here and you put put the screws on through these, and then you insert this here. Okay, so lets dive away around this way and once thats done thats how we get set up now get a few things here like, for example, this theres some sticky pads for the top and the bottom here of save for this bit. One here and one there, and then you get the screws here as well – a micro usb charging cable, a pin here to reset this so thats the bit. We can reset it before you set it up. It comes with a micro, sd memory card 16 gig. You can put a higher memory if you want, but they they just provide this now at the back here, you dont have to take these off. You cannot you take you off once to put the rechargeable batteries in, but before you put the rechargeable batteries in uh, the memory card goes at the back as well, so you insert the memory card put the rechargeable batteries screw them on and you dont have to Take them off because its rechargeable you have to recharge it.

The charging port is at the bottom here now. I like this, because it has a knife vision and it records good in night vision and in daylight, as well with the lights on. So i will show you a demo with both the with the lights on and in night vision. Now you press the button. You got the speaker here where, when you download the app whoever whoevers at the door, whatever youre saying through the app they can hear you and whatever theyre saying you can hear them through the app as well so weve got that feature there. Now, when they press the button uh, you would automatically get like an incoming call for your app for your phone, and it will give you the options to pick up the call with the persons face as well. So as soon as the ring comes, the picture comes up as well on your phone and you can hang up or you can give you can set up a voicemail. So you can press the voicemail if youre busy and they will get the voicemail through the speaker. There so ive got that feature there as well now inside the box. You would also get this that connects to this bit. This is more like a like the doorbell buzzer, so wherever you press, it will come up here and it comes with this user manual. Now this user manual is very useful and very important because the app you need to download the app its called cloud edge, its suitable for compatible with ios and android.

So you download the app you have to register through the app etc. Bear in mind you can use this microsd memory card plus it has cloud storage as well, but that way you have to have a subscription to use that now. Theres, a few good features that it has built in, for example, ip65, waterproof feature so raindrops going on etcetera, it wont get damaged and in cold weather, hot weather you wont get damaged as well. It also has the recording function as well, so from your app. You can press record and will record in 1080p resolution, so the recording the resolution is very good and it also has a motion detection feature as well. So if anyone walks past or comes to the door, it will automatically give you notification on your smartphone that someone was at your door and it will give you a picture of that person as well. Now also, it has 140 degrees wide angle recording. So we record 140 degrees and a one charge would give you up to six months of usage time because it doesnt continuously um record. You only record when theres any motion detected or if someone presses the buzzer. So these are all the features that it comes with.