This is the retail uh box unit. I just waited for this one, so uh put my sim in this one so ill be doing that, and the good thing is that now we get a 33 watt charger in the box and like older moto phones that used to come with 15 or 20 watt Channels so thats, actually a nice thing so like here is the device itself and ill divide it between the pros and cons. What did i feel about this device while using it – and i just yesterday changed my primary sim from this one to the oneplus 9 rt? So use this for over a week, so ill share. My experience so lets start about the good things that i noticed. Then we moved to the cons and some of the cons are pretty silly that i noticed on this one. Okay, the first thing is regarding the screen guys its having a 6.4 inch screen and by the way guys here are all the specs for the moto g71 that is available in india and, in fact, watch the unboxing video. If you want to get a general overview about this device, because here im directly going to jump between the pros and cons, okay, the first thing is regarding the screen and its an amoled screen, guys and its a normal full hd amoled screen and its a good Quality screen, in fact i mounted this on my bike and i also used it for navigation and stuff and if you leave it on auto brightness, the screen is bright enough 700 nits its visible, even in direct sunlight.

So in terms of the amoled screen they havent compromised, but again guys. This is a normal. What do you say? Uh 60hz screen not a 120 or a 90hz screen uh. But overall i like the amoled screen on this one and it can also go pretty low at night, so it doesnt stop. What do you strain your eyes, so its a good uh quality screen that they have given on this one uh, but again guys? No in display fingerprint scanner or anything uh on this one. You have the moto display. So, whatever notifications you get you get over here, fingerprint scanner is here at the back. I would say uh so its a little bit odd position now ive gotten used to it, but you have to pick up the phone uh. They could have gone with the in display fingerprint scanner. It would have been a lot better but yeah. This is what it is, but in terms of screen quality, its a good quality amoled screen that youre getting the next thing is regarding the call quality and the earpiece, and as ive told you guys, i dont know about you guys, but i do take a lot Of business calls on the phone so having good call, quality and earpiece is very imperative to me, and here i have to say the call quality and this earpiece was very good uh. Even for long calls. I did not have an issue and no proximity sensor issue on this device, so that way for long calls also its a good one.

The microphone quality is also good on this one. It also has the secondary noise cancellation microphone. So i took long calls on this. One and nobody complained about the call quality on this one. I also took some calls for the bluetooth headset you dont need to because it has a 3.5 mm headphone jack and the bluetooth performance was also good. So, in terms of call quality, it was good uh. I also took some calls with the speakerphone, its a single speaker, guys no stereo, but it was adequately loud. So in that respect in terms of call quality, if youre particular about call quality its good. Another thing is that many of you keep asking me this. One does have a carrier aggregation uh when i had my atl sim on this one, i used to get that 4g plus symbol on this one and another thing that i like when i think so. This is the best in this price range uh. This is for 19 000 in india, and this one actually is having 13 bands of 5g, so its a proper 5g uh phone, and i also like the fact that this is coming with the brand new snapdragon 695 soc. This is a brand new soc, and the performance of this one is very, very good. Dont mistake the six series on this one. This could have been easily called a snapdragon 760 or something like that, its that good and its based on six nanometer process.

If you recall, the diamond city 1200, which is sort of the flagship from mediatek, is based on six nanometer process, and this is also on six nanometer process. So its an excellent great processor uh and its also very very power efficient, ill talk about the battery life, but in terms of day to day operations and everything, no issues the processor handles everything you throw on it and even for gaming, its decent im, not a Hardcore gamers guys, so if you want to know about hardcore gaming check out some other channels, i played some casual games here and there a little bit of call of duty and stuff, and it played fine on this one. Okay, uh next thing that i have to talk about is uh the battery life that i was getting on this one. This one has a 5000 milliamp hour battery and its funny with this fast charger, so it charges pretty quickly uh, but the battery life that i was getting on this phone is spectacular again. This comes back to the processor, as ive told you 695, its based on six nanometer process, so its a very power efficient processor and i was getting excellent, excellent battery life. I couldnt actually drain it in a single day uh. So in terms of screen on time. Nine to ten hours of screen on time, you should easily get with this one, but to give you an idea again guys, i just dont sit the entire day on the phone.

I also use a laptop for my work, so its a mix thing. So this is my usage that i was typically getting. Let me actually show you ive seen saved some screenshots. If you go to the photo and if you go to the library you have some screenshots over here and okay uh, it was at 13 and the last charge was two days ago so over 48 hours and noticed the screen on time, seven hours. Sixteen minutes and still had thirteen percent left. So this is the kind of battery life im getting and in fact it was heavy usage guys if you notice two hours 59 minutes thats almost three hours. It was mounted on my bike for gps navigation, so thats very hardcore usage. Then also, i got this sort of battery life, so battery life is a big strength of this one and easily for normal users, one and a half to two days. You will get so battery life is not an issue on this smartphone excellent, excellent battery life that i got on this and i didnt have to baby around or think about the battery on this one. The battery life was so good. Okay. Now, moving to the next thing is regarding ram management, guys ram management as its a stock android phone guys, no ads. No, nothing clean stock, android experience that youre getting thats the beauty of a motorola smartphone, so youre getting that uh. The ram management was also good.

Uh, some of the apps that this need to be in memory like truecaller, this might get that have to use and other stuff are were actually in memory, and i didnt have to worry about it. So the ram management is done very well on this device. So you dont have to worry about that one uh, one new thing that motorola has started doing this one with this smartphone is the rambus. We have seen this with a lot of other chinese manufacturers. They claim that ram virtual ram kind of thing, so motorola is also implemented with this one, but i think so its sort of buggy. Let me actually show you uh if you go to the settings and if you have this moto g70, but try this and let me know if you go to system and if you go to uh sorry, if the performance here uh youll see the ram boost by Default, this is switched on and youll get a ram of about 7.5 gigabytes, that 1.5 gigabytes its sort of virtual ram, and i just played around with this one, and once i switched off this now its that using that regular six gigabytes of ram, i definitely felt That the phone was a lot more snappier and even that, with that six gigabytes of ram uh, i didnt have any issues of ram management. So if you have this phone uh disable that ram boost thing and use it and see if you see a performance gain, i dont know its just me, but im noticing its a lot more fluid with that one, maybe its a bug, they will fix it in A future update, but that ram boost was enabled by default guys its on by default.

Okay, uh moving to the next thing and uh. This is regarding the camera. Uh we have the triple camera set up. The main camera is a 20 megapixel. Then we have eight megapixels thats ultrawide. Then we have a 2 megapixel macro. The front facing is a 16 megapixel thats, a punch, hole that we are getting and overall, i would say here are some of the samples with this smartphone and i have to definitely say the camera rear facing camera performance has improved by leaps and bounds. If you compare with older moto phones like the moto g60 or even the moto uh, what is that h20 fusion, or something like that? Definitely, i would say the camera performance has improved, so its good to know that motorola is spending a little bit more time in after image processing because thats the area where they were lacking. Im moving to the front facing 16 megapixel camera here are some of the samples and again, i would say the camera performance is decent, but sometimes i notice slight blurring with the front facing camera. Hopefully they can lower the shutter lag thats to remove that. But overall i would say the camera performance was actually pretty good. In fact, i also like the video that we get from the front facing camera. It just zooms in, but here is a sample shooting the video with the front facing camera of this moto g71 and the audio is also being recorded via the same.

So what do you feel about the video recording with the front facing camera of this moto g71? It zooms in a little bit in the video mode. I feel so guys. These were the good things that i noticed about this device now lets move to the cons of this device, and this is a very peculiar con and ill give you my practical, uh experience. This smartphone, for some reason, does not have a compass sensor, whereas some of the earlier moto phones, the moto, g31, etc had that uh and i did as ive told you use this for gps navigation mounting on my bike, used it quite a bit. So, on google maps its not like the maps do not work, they work once you have a gps lock and generally these get gps lock very quickly within 15 20 seconds, so it works whenever youre moving. Also it moves. But the problem is that, as it does not have the compass sensor when i was going over flyers over flyers, where you have where you dont have a direct line of sight and the gps signal is lost. So if you make a turn, it does not know that you have made a turn so um. I miss the fact that it does not have a computer sensor its not like. I was not able to use the gps. I used it quite a bit as ive used it for several days. In fact, when i was using this phone uh, but again it misses the compass sensor and that can be lacking in certain situations.

I have to say lets say you dont get a gps signal. Uh youre going under bridges and bridges and bridges. You have multiple lanes like that and because, if its a compass sensor, it knows immediately when youre moving, because it does not have that it has to rely on gps, and if the gps signal is lost, it does not know if you made a turn or not. So that is where i missed the compass sensor uh, so i dont know why they did it because in the some of the uh, what do you say? More, affordable, motorola phones, the gps sensor is there. So that is something that is missing on this smartphone. Also again, as ive told you guys, uh, the screen is good, its an amoled screen and after disabling that ram boost its a lot more fluid. To be frank, i would say, but i wished it had an option of 90 hertz screen uh its just a wishlist. This is nitpicking guys not strictly a con, but yeah thats. My wish list, i would say uh next thing is regarding and again this is a nitpicking, because the moto g51 had the side mounted fingerprint scanner, and i felt that was quicker. This i have to pick it up, and this is strictly old style guys couple of years ago it was cool having it like the back its not like the fingerprint sensor is not responsive or something but uh. It would have been better because most of the new modern phones are having it here and that thats quicker than they did with the moto g51, so thats slight net picking and the next thing is regarding the uh video that i got from the rear facing camera And for some reason i did not like the video quality that we were getting from the rear facing camera front facing camera.

Video quality was fine, but for some reason the video quality was not that good. These generally happen with some mediatek smartphones. The video quality is not that great, but here also i did not like the video quality. It is a quick sample of the video that i took with the rear facing camera now, a quick sample with the red facing the camera, uh shooting the video with the same and, as you can see, guys, im just walking around audio is being captured via its Internal microphone, so this is a quick sample of the video with the rear facing camera and, lastly, guys its. Regarding the update situation. Motorola team has said that this out of the box comes with android 11, not android. 12. motorola team has said that android 12 update will come out to this one, but we simply do not know when and also uh many of the other vendors are committing of for android updates for two or three years that theres. Nothing like that. Uh with motorola and generally what ive seen neutral smartphones are a little bit slow on the update. So this is something that motorola needs to take into account. Considering the competition is faster and giving android updates. So i hope they improve in the android uh updates situation. So guys um. This was my review of this moto g71 smartphone. But still, i would say this is a very, very practical smartphone and certainly one of the best smartphones under 20 000.

You dont get that bloatware or any junk on this uh smartphone. So, if youre, that kind of a person that does not like bloatware and unnecessary stuff craftware that comes on your smartphone, this is something – and i completely forgot uh. This also comes with the motorola think shield security, so that way also its good. So, overall, its a good phone now youre getting an amoled screen. The processor is fast, the battery life is fabulous. So overall, i would say a very practical smartphone and also the camera performance. Specifically. The rear facing camera has improved quite a bit compared to older motorola phones. So definitely, i would say, a very practical uh smartphone that youre getting uh with this moto g71. Apart from some of the cons that i have mentioned, anyways guys thats it for now. For this review, and if you guys are still not subscribed to this youtube channel, hit that subscribe button, anyways guys take care catch.