I know many smartphone review because you guys seem to love these reviews of many smartphones as theyre the most popular reviews on my channel. So here is the xs12. So this phone comes with three gigs of ram 32. Gigs of storage unloaded is a 62 gig version as well. I think, but it is currently out of stock on being good, at least according to the website. After has android 9 2100 milliamp hour battery okay. According to this one website, it has the mediatek 6747, which is a pretty old and weak chip um, but hopefully it wont be too bad. All right lets unbox. This thing this is how its sealed first regular tape. Okay, a bit chunky. There whole things a bit of plastic, which is very perfectly understandable, overall, a pretty good, looking phone. If i say so myself, it does have a power adapter but its like its the chinese plug aka us they both look the same, but they didnt give me this. Adapter that doesnt seem to fit. Ah there you go, and in this little box we have. We have a type c cable, this time a tpu case, and that is a screen protector, which is weird because it also came with this box. What do we have in this box huh? This looks like for an iphone 11.. Why did they get? Why did they give me a case for an iphone 11.? Well ignore the fact we just got a case for an iphone 11.

uh lets boot. This up and, of course it comes pre set up kind of suspend. I wont, do well too much about it all right, wait. This is the home, please dont worry but yeah. This looks like an app drawer, but its instead thats the home screen. So first impression display is pretty decent. All right. We have the play store at least uh, so im gon na set this up a bit. I can figure some stuff out and get back to you all right, so im trying to download a few apps here, but its an absolute nightmare, because ive tested mini phones in the past and they had pretty good touch inputs which made typing not a complete nightmare. But the touch input here is really trash because look im going to give you an example. Look i clearly pressed on k and it goes right to l. It keeps drifting look. Okay, look thats, thats it! Okay! Now, okay, now thats good nope thats, not okay! I dont want to press back. It presses search. Oh thank god. It pops up here. Okay, all right but overall, like im, pretty impressed with this of the speed of the phone like theres, no stutter at all so far or lag or anything like that. All right! No fingerprint unlock, but we do have a face: unlock thats how this works. No, i dont execute startup. I would have to hold the phone really like like ill like extend my arm all the way.

Just just so, it would record to my face so yeah. I do not have much hopes for this lets see, though yeah matching air. Oh there, you go all right now lets see if i hold it with my arm extended. Okay, this time error, let me try and show you guys yeah it like barely works. All right nephew does a no go. What about one rider touching it? Okay, there you go its like 0.1 frames per second yeah. I can. I can barely move all right. Gaming on this phone is just a big nope. Come on. I i tapped royalty, free, music search and it crashed. I forgot to record, but i tried using the voice activation, but it just crashed again. Why wont it? Just simply, let me search for music, oh my god. Finally, why is it showing me all of these videos? Just give me the typical royalty free music that i usually test. Yes, there you go id, have to scroll so down for that Applause, Music and youtube crashed again, but i was about to end it anyway, so the speaker is actually pretty good like it gets pretty loud. I mean its a bit tiny. But what can you expect, for? I mean just pricing and the size of the phone overall, you know all right. According to geekbench, it is android 9, but i mean it can. Okay, i guess it is android 9. i mean its very possible.

The software can still fool these apps into thinking that its android and when its really not but theres, but i think its android and it it seems legit its just that usually these phones would have like android 4 or android 5. But this i dont know: does the manual looks like android 9 dont, you think also the settings. They know how it looks like when theyre tricking you, but so yeah. We have the mediatek 67′. Now that were not the 37, so thats good to know, because the ‘ is a little bit better. All right anyway, lets run this benchmark. I guess its going to take a while, so im going to stop, recording and get back to you. Alright, so 119 single score, 5382 multi score, so im not up to date with what is considered good. So you guys be the judge of that. Are we we dont? Have our specs anyways were just gon na, take our pictures and and see how they turn out now lets go outside this is rear facing video and my end focus looks nice and front facing video. Let me know what you think so yeah that is pretty much it. So should you buy this phone? Well, i think for everythings around 90 bucks, i think uh its pretty good for that price. Like daily tasks such as you know, play store system. Apps, mostly, you saw how youtube crashed multiple times, but the phone is usable ill.

Tell you that just the keyboard is a bit finicky compared to other mini phones and the battery life seems to hold up fine, considering the the phone size and the amount we have just dont. Do anything too intensive on this phone like trying to play games or using geekbench, because it slows down the entire phone and it just does not like to do anything uh cpu intensive.