Its got dual speakers up to 109 decibel loudness nice camera selection. That is what i wanted to test the most the worlds. First antibacterial dual 5g wrecked phone. One of you will have a chance. One of you will have a chance Music lets check this out. I havent seen anything like this. I love phones well who doesnt, so i thought it would be cool to have a closer look. What do we have here? Phone ac power, charger, adapter data, cable, type c to 3.5 millimeters, audio adapter, sling, sim card needle manual warranty card accessory box has a cover, buckle and carabiner yep. This is built for adventure, ulefone armor, 12. 5G. What are you all about? This version is black and orange; they also offer a gray and black version of this android phone operating system is android 11.. Its got interesting design. You can definitely tell this is heavy duty. Well, you can certainly feel it. The weight is 296 grams. The screen display is huge: 175.9 millimeters by 82.5 millimeters. It is quite thick 14.25 millimeters. It has 6.52 inch display. Screen. Resolution is 720 by 1600 hd, plus its already got the protective screen on it, and an extra one is in the box. Lets look at the surface its super smooth soft. I dont feel any sharp edges what they say that it has a very high antibacterial ability, edit composite silver iron antibacterial master batch. Eliminating up to 99.9 bacteria can effectively fight against a range of bacteria in life.

Interesting. It is splash water and dust resistant according to their tests. This phone can handle 1.5 meters underwater for up to 30 minutes. You can take photos and videos and quickly switch shooting modes right under the water, buttons and ports type c. Charging port is right at the bottom. Next to it is microphone and lanyard hold, so you can attach a wristband, its got 5180 million per hour battery. It also supports nfc wireless charging once it is fully charged. Standby time is up to 311 hours, and talk time is up to 22 hours. Lets look at the sides. Power button, which is also your fingerprint sensor, is here volume buttons are here on the other side is sim tf card and a custom key. Its got two card slots, nano sim and nano sim tf card, the phone has eight gigabytes, ram, 128 gigabyte phone storage and you can also add an sd card up to one terabyte. What i am interested in seeing is this top area in the front and the whole around the back, particularly this area, and the back looking at the front here is the receiver on the right. You have a light proximity sensor and in the middle youve got 16 megapixel front, camera f 2.2, which is pretty large a picture. Let me turn around. This is main 48 megapixel. Camera f. 1.8. Next is 8 megapixel ultra wide angle. Camera field of view is 120 degrees, it is f, 2.

2 lens and the last lens is 2 megapixel micro camera, which is f 2.6 field of view, is 75 degrees. Focusing distance is four centimeters on the right is a two megapixel depth sensor on the top. We have two flashes. This little hole here is noise reduction microphone, another hole, lower is pressure relief, hole, and these two parts here are speakers. Its got built in speakers its time to turn it on. As i said, it supports fingerprint unlock and also face unlock. The touch screen is supposed to be very fast. The responsiveness is up to 0.1 seconds im going to display processor, cpu and gpu information on the screen. This smartphone supports 5.1 bluetooth, 2.4 fg and 5g wifi. Multiple positioning systems, gps, digital compass, galileo and others – the first time i turn it on. I was actually impressed that the responsiveness is fast. I was switching through different apps and i was browsing internet. I was watching a few youtube videos and i, like the picture quality. Its got this nice sharp look to it. There are some cool apps to begin with. First of all, the fm radio, you just turn it on and then switch different radio stations im going to do sound check on these speakers, but im going to play one of my youtube videos for copyright reasons. All right here. It goes im gon na put the speakers up to see how strong it can get im gon na put a little bit away from the microphone, because this can get loud, Music definitely loud, so the speakers can get pretty loud.

They are strong. I also like the outdoor toolkit folder, its got some really great and helpful. Apps compass gradienter, a flashlight hanging, painting, height meter, magnifier alarm, bell: plumb, bob protractor noise test. Oh i like that one. I was testing it on my kids depending how loud they got check out the levels. General room, conversation, noisy work, environment, nerf cells are destroyed and youd better leave. Now i was hoping i get to that. You need to leave now stage, but i only got to the noisy environment level. Last app is pedometer, so you can measure how many steps you make in a day. I really want to check out, though the cameras on the back now. I already know that this phone is for someone who prefers more photography over the video, its more for someone who is adventurous or works in a rough terrain. Someone like that here are some photos. I took with this phone just to see the look of the photos. You get quite large resolution up to eight thousand by six thousand pixels photo. Quality is actually pretty good for this level of a phone. The features available in native camera app are night mode. Video photo promote for manual photography. You cannot do manual, video macro photography, uhd portrait where you can adjust digital aperture setting and its got beauty mode, gif panorama, slow motion, time lapse and intelligent scanning when you want to edit your photos enhance and black and white options are available, as well as dynamic Portrait there is crop and other tools available as well adjust filters.

Markup lots of these features are only available with google one membership, though i just wanted to note that when you take photos, you can switch lenses 0.6 times, which is ultra wide standard. One time and two times telephoto, that is when you take photos. I want to talk about the video with this smartphone when youre recording video youre not going to get the ultra wide angle lens youre only going to get the standard one one time and telephoto two times now, im wondering why in video youre, not gon na get The ultra wide angle lens, when you record video with the front camera the selfie camera, you can only do 1080p, 720p and 480p at 30 frames per. Second. There are some other options like microphone: camera mute, gridline, volume, key feature, anti flicker and reset you get the same with rear cameras. What you will also get with rear cameras is 1440p recording, which is qhd youre, not going to get 4k with this smartphone. Out of curiosity, i installed filmic pro on this, so you can only use standard lens or selfie lens, and you can only use built in phone electronic stabilization youre not going to get the digital stabilization, the new feature in filmic pro, but you can get actually resolution. Qhd, 3k and 4k, so in filmic pro you are able to film in 4k on this phone. If i set 4k in filmic pro, i can do 24, 25 and 30 frames per second.

If i lower it to 1080p, i can get 120 frames per second. There is no 60 frames per second option with this smartphone. This is interesting to see how different android phones offer different options. That is why, whenever im reviewing a smartphone gimbal – and i show it with android phone – i have, i always have to say not to expect the same settings. If you have different android phone, they are all very different. This was very interesting to see im glad i had a chance to review this phone in this price range. I think this is very interesting option for someone who is looking for something like this built for rough terrain built for adventure by the way you can also get a night vision camera for this. Well, i am an adventurous person, but i already have many other tools here, so i think it will be appropriate to pass it on to someone who would put this phone in a great use. What do you think, giveaway time im going to clean it, reset the phone package it nicely and get it ready for one winner? Well, as i have only one as always, you need to be subscribed to this channel like this video and answer a question below the video in a comment section. The question is what particular features you liked on this phone and where? How would you use this? For those who would like to give this phone to someone else, why do you think this would be a perfect gift for that person? If you answer one of those questions you qualify, the deadline is here: you have exactly 48 hours.

I hope the year is right. It takes me a long time to always switch the year. I have to realize its 2022, not 2021 anymore. The winner will be announced below the video, the next video coming up in a comment section, the comment will be pinned to the top.