In 2022, this table already been passed 10 years and so without further ado lets get started. This is ipad. Mini 1 was released in 2012. This is how it looks like for the front side and at the back side now lets turn on this ipad mini and lets see. How long does it take to turn on its really slow because it runs ius9 quite long. The slowest boot up time ever is 9 wow, very, very slow. Almost there. Where do you reach the lock screen before we proceed to the ui? Lets talk about this pack, its a 7.9 inch with ips, not a retina display 750p for the resolution at the below. It has only home button at the center, but no touch id. If your effort c like this with square center, it means its not a touch id at the top. It has only 1.2 megapixels of the camera. This is a wi fi. Only lets move to the back side, fully aluminium 4490mah for the battery at the center. It has a apple logo with chrome at the top. It has only the 5 megapixel rear camera no led flash at the below. It has a ipad with chrome as well, and this logo none removable. Of course, at the right side it has a volume up and down silent switch left side, nothing, but for the sim sim version it has a sim here at the top. It has a power button.

Mic will be here, three performance, jack and last but not least at the below it has a dual speaker. This is the true dual speaker: um charging port with lightning type 308 gram, 500, fmb of storage. So for the storage it has a 16 32 64.. My one is the 32gb in the center one and apple a5 chip. The processor is from iphone 4s a little bit down lower compared to the iphone 5. press home button open the screen lock screen – and this is the old style very nice select to unlock. And this is the home screen. Music first thing: first, lets go to settings check out the version, so the version is the latest ios 9.3.5. The latest version yeah. This is the setting lets check out. The camera, like i mentioned, is now 1.2 for the selfie five megapixel for the rear. Also, it supports zoom only for the photo mode and square as well, but for the video theres, no zoom seems like iphone 4s selfie, and i cant believe this is how the looks like for the 1.2 megapixel camera and stay clear, quite clear. But of course, this one is way more clear, rear camera. Of course we have a square photo video and time lapse, but no slow motion. Of course, some setting shotgun hdr timer off selfie mode, shutter and gallery um lets check out the play store. Im. Sorry, its the app store all right, my wi fi, my ipad cant reach the wi fi to the wi fi, because its quite far from my room into the wi fi and the downstairs in the room, but its okay, since it runs 9.

3.5. Many of apps are not compatible anymore, most of the apps. It needs at least ios, 11, 12 or 15.. So some still, some of the apps are support with new latest update, just like telegram and zoom video call other than that. Some of the app is still available for the update. This one is a better choice for who want to use as a online class and online meeting with big size of battery. This is your choice and its not so expensive on this use or secondhand model. So if you want to play game also, you can watch this or watching a video, but youtube is not working anymore, so for the ui, its still smooth. Also, you can use as a ipod music, its not so heavy and its very slim easy to bring on the outside or carry putting in your pocket im. Sorry its uh put in in your bag, not the pocket with this size, yeah, and so before. I end this video. You can give her feedback for this ipad mini 1 preview after 10 years in the comment below and so do so for me.