So ruggier is one of those companies established not really a long time ago, but they are producing. Very very i mean i mean very rugged gear. Well, the name says it all, of course, so the drive takes me about another eight minutes to the office, and the nice thing is that my office is located just a few kilometers away from my house. So without any further ado lets drive to the office unwrap the packets do review on the rg 530, and let you know what its all about the 530 is is a device that has just been released in december. Actually this year it was on show at pmr, expo and marching half from i safe mobile and from rugger was very happy to speak with me later about that. But i want to tell you is that that we have seen recently such an influx of new devices. Rugged devices rocket smartphones and where is the line between smartphone and rugged smartphone, and how rugged must the smartphone be in order to be able to communicate in a rugged environment such as at airports, mining petrochemical industry and so on? Combining mcpt and smartphones is really an ideal situation. It doesnt compromise on the speaker, quality doesnt compromise on the way we interact with the screen, and what im just thinking about is that rugger won a lot of design awards as well on the devices thats kind of interesting to see how their design differs from.

All of the other manufacturers – okay, so its going to be busy here moving to the left – and this is a b road i like to take b roads so now and then and not driving all the time, the same road to the office. I, like change, so i also like new developments. New products entering into the market Music, all right, so this cardboard box contains two devices actually contains a december 2021 release, mcpt smartphone device that has received certifications from the gcf and from the ptcrb it has been tested. According to, for example, the trp tis rse cement sar the device uses android 10 and works on wcdma gsm td, scdma, tdd, lte, fdd lte, and it uses bt 5.0 le, and if that is not enough, it uses nfc gps, agps, glonass, galileo and baidu. It also comes with a 13 pin interface, it has a dedicated sos button and it has a dedicated ptt button right and if that is not enough, it comes with integrated software, in this case, with software from tester for mcpt solutions. Okay, so without a doubt it will be definitely a rugged smartphone. It will be definitely a rugged. Mcptt device lets, try it out in the office, and let me give you some more interesting details and an interview with martin howe from rugged Music right lets. Unbox this package first then im going to do the interview with martin half then im going to review the products lets see what they really put into this package.

I need to get my scissors wow Music, so here we are two packages. This is number one and Music number two Music. Okay, the big moment is here, and this is a brand new rg530. Nobody touched it and lets see what else is in the package. This is a short guide on how to set up and how to start your device. We got some cables, another cable thats, a programming, cable, i guess and thats a very nice rugged battery and it can be screwed onto the device. Well, of course, thats for the charger, and there is this little key or maybe to screw the battery onto the device. Good um lets now switch over to martin half martin talks about the development of the rg530 rug gear in general and the pmr expo where they were exhibiting all of their solutions lets quickly switch over to pmr expo few weeks back. Thank you for your time. Joining the call about about drug air isaf mobile, the rg350 – i just wanted to pick your brain a little bit about about a few things and ive written down a few things on a piece of paper um. What i just realized it it didnt, it all started at pmr expo your relationship with ruggier. Actually, because i can remember in 2000, i believe it was 2007 2008, maybe even a little bit later, that drug air was presenting their solutions at pmr expo. For the first time that was long time ago, right, yes for sure, definitely so um – this was starting more or less in 2008, 2009.

Yes, correct the officially um launch of isafe and rakia was then in 2011, but we already had some yeah business together before. Why did you pick or why did you pick one another specifically because there are so many other brands out there yeah so rakia? And i say if this is a really good match, because merakia has the knowledge of the ruggedness and latest technology based solutions for the lets say. Heavy industry and the topic on isafe is on top with atex certification, and this is a perfect match, and that was um from the beginning. A good synergy effect yeah because the name rug, gear isnt, just the name, because the devices are really extremely rugged right, correct, and this was also what i have got as feedback today from our customers so and they are really happy with um the ruggedness of the Device yeah, i can quickly show you and im not sure if it can be seen but um there is a dedicated talk button and on the other side, um there is a 13 pin connector. Yes, we can connect some accessories, like speaker, mics, wired, speaker, mics and and yeah whatever is needed, and you know here we have the faster client on it. Is this already the flagship model of of the rug air devices that are out there? That is one of it and because this is also ready for mission critical push to talk. Therefore, we have also some software solution partners providing the professional mcpt software for this.

This is one, and then we have another one: the rg760. This is a device which includes also the band 31, its 450 megahertz for private lte um. There are not that many companies who are offering atex solutions for um for devices like these right, because theres only a handful in the world is that correct that its correct? Yes, even less than a handful yeah but less than a handful. So so the fact that that i save mobile picks raw gear for their devices is is well quite significant for riggier, i guess yeah exactly, and this is the lets say the only constellation in the world where a company can offer this right. Product range lets say from these from the rocket solution in the industry till the atex solution, so this is not existing anymore. Okay! Well, the world is your oyster. I i guess yes, of course, all right. Okay, well, im wishing you very good two other days at pmr expo this time. Pmr expo is not for me hopefully next year it is, and i wish you all the best at the show and the coming year going forward, and i wish you all the best and thanks a lot Music Music. So, in order to get a good understanding of the quality of the rg530, i have been using the device in my day to day communications over the last week, or so i have been using the device for just voice and data communications, and i have been testing The ptt functionality of the device using the tester application robin – are you there, hello, katyan, yes, im here nice to hear you.

Well, i hear you loud and clear: can you hear me yeah? I just connected my 13 pttrs, and here with my rg530 and yes, the quality is great. I didnt expect anything else, but let me ask you a little bit more about end users, so where do you see this device being sold? This is a great question thanks. So, as you know, the rg530 is designed for doing professional communication in extreme environments. But of course there are a lot of more use cases in the field, so, for example, in the logistics in the maintenance in the automation and, of course, also in the in the localization. You can do indoor localization revit, for example, you can do emergency alerts. You can do loan worker protections and things like that, but yes, as mentioned and as we are doing now, its perfect optimized for doing uh professional, also mission, critical communication robin. Thank you very much for this short call. I think i have a very good understanding of the quality of the loudspeaker im very happy with it and im looking forward to seeing the other features of the device. If you have questions, let me know perfect robin. Thank you very much good talking to you. Bye bye, take care, bye, bye and that was robin hartman whos. As i said, the business development manager of rogue and um lets check a few of the other features. Let me start with the most eye catching features of the rg530, and this is definitely the ruggedness of the device already.

When you just take a look at the device, it really looks rugged, and actually it looks a bit aggressive, so theres, no doubt that this is not just a rugged device. This is an ultra rugged smartphone, but theres, something else which is extremely important for ultra rugged. Use the 13 pin connector its really high for this device. Ultra rugged smartphones do use this connector as without doubt, and according to martin, have in our call. It is still the most secure and reliable way to connect, for example, your audio or any other accessory to the smartphone, basically thats. Another tech in the box im very much impressed by the quality of the 105 db loudspeaker. The loudspeaker is loud and clear enough. In most conditions – and it outperforms many direct competitors, as many of these competitors do have 100 or 95 db loudspeakers, and this is definitely one step further. I would like to congratulate ruggier with the removable battery, because, if you want to remove a battery, you should actually do it. This way the battery is built extremely rugged and is professionally attached with two screws on the back of the device, and another thing with the battery is that it has a standby time of 11 days. All in all, the rg 530 is superior to many of its competitors like the sony xp5s, the cross call action 5 or action x5. Actually, this device is lacking of a dedicated ptt button and a 13 pin connector and as well as the telox, 580 plus and in some features this device actually is superior to the samsung galaxy s cover fuel pro a device that lacks the 13 pin connector.

For example, and to my knowledge, that device also doesnt meet the mil specs, a rugged smartphone that meets the specifications of this phone might be the kyocera duraforce, but that one is also lacking of a 13 pin connector, but has some good glass in it? When focusing on the mil specs dedicated ptt button and 13 pin connector, i think that this ultra rugged smartphone can be seen in line with the motorola solutions evolve device and the high terra pnc 550, as both of these devices meet the so important rugged specifications. For ultra ruggedness, it goes a little bit too far to compare each of the specifications with other devices, but i hope this global review has given you some insights of the new rg530 compared to some similar devices that are on the market today. If you have liked this review, please click the like button underneath the video or, if you want to receive some other videos about rugged gear, dont forget to hit the bell icon.